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My 5K Dual Monitor Setup/Cover By Zubair Ali

My 5K Dual Monitor Setup
My 5K Dual Monitor Setup

Welcome to my first set of articles. This is my ultimate 5K, dual monitors. This took a long time to build because I wanted it to be perfect. I went for a simple, clean, and natural look with a darker theme.

I think it looks amazing. So let’s jump right in. I’ve had this amazing deskin monitor for a while.

Then human scale gave me their freedom headrest and a monitor arm, an element disc test like to try and color where and Grove made came through on the keyboard and trackpad and the rest is history.

The foundation of the VDI sequel Lift Desk is the credible finish. I get questions about this desk all the time. This is a premium sit and stand desk with multiple programable settings.

And chose the desk because it has a very unique tempered glass, matte blacktop on it.

And I think the color combo with an incredible finish. The motor is incredibly smooth. It’s easy to control and it’s almost silent. It’s the best motor, I have used on a sit-in stand desk so far. Some people love them and some people hate them.

But I find it useful for breaking up long editing cycles and research sessions.

And I find that it makes me a little bit more productive at times. I do fight to get up sometimes because I think I found the most comfortable desk chair ever.

And this is the human scale freedom headrest all wrapped up in this beautiful dark brown leather. I’ve had office chairs and none of them have been this good.

Scott, the perfect lumbar support. It’s fully adjustable in every way, from the headrest to the back support. I’ve been using this for months now and loving it. And sometimes kick back and catch up on my favorite article and his chair is just too comfortable.

This is a high-end chair, and while it’s not the cheapest option, it’s worth every penny.

In my opinion, the dual monitors you see here are the LG ultrafine five K since this is a Mac. This was the perfect choice for me. This is the same panel pretty much in the five K IMAX.

It’s color accurate. It gets nice and bright. And while I admit they’re not the most attractive monitors in the world, I think they fit set up well to give it a cleaner look.

I took them off the stands and placed them on the human scale. Freedom, dual monitor arms.

The install was super easy. It’s just a clamp mechanism and it’s the very sturdy and fully adjustable angle you need for the best viewing angle. All of this is powered by the 15 inch MacBook Pro with a touch bar on a rain design space gray and connected with 2 Thunderball, 3 cables. And that’s it.

The MacBook is fully powered by those cables. So for video editing, this gives me real estate. I can see my final cut pro timeline on one display and see my article and color information on the other.

Most people struggle with cable management, but for me, it was super easy.

The cables from the monitor just got tucked into the built-in slots on the monitor arm and the BD icicle lift is unlike another desk that I’ve ever had.

There are so many cable management features that are built-in right on the leg itself.

Even on the bottom of the desk, cables for the motor are notched into the desk for a super clean look. The motor is tucked into the frame and all the cables are held together with built-In straps.

And there’s even a provided cable tray that you can mount on the side of your choice to pack away your power strip and all of your plugs.

So basically, the cable management is taking care of you if you want an all in one solution. You won’t be disappointed with the sequel lift. All you see visible is just one cable going into the wall to get more storage on my sequel Lift. I went for the optional draw.

You don’t see this much on sit and stand there. So I was excited to put it on.

I’m able to keep all of my accessories in here that I need right away. So with that MacBook Pro, you know, you have to have some dongles. That’s just a reality. I thought about keeping my MacBook in here instead of putting it on the stand because there are cutouts for cables.

But I was afraid of the ventilation and thermals where you can easily put Hub’s or Dotson here with no problems. I went with the side file cabinets storage option.

It matches perfectly and extends my desk area. And of course, instead of files, I keep a lot of my tech in here, stuff that I’m reviewing or miscellaneous stuff.

It’s really handy. You can extend the desk even more on the opposite side. But this room the desk is in doesn’t support that without blocking the door.

So I decided to use a secondary desktop. I have my Microsoft Surface book here.

Amazon Echo Dot. And my test headphones of the month. And above that, I have the nano leaf Aurora lighting system there. You have seen this in setups before, but if you haven’t seen it, it’s a modular lighting setup that can control with your phone and even has home kit support for voice control with your iPhone.

There are color options and presets. I like the unique look that it gives the office, especially in the dark. I added life in, light strip on the desk to give it the ability to add some color to it, depending on my mood.

But most of the time I just leave it off to keep that clean and natural look.

On the right is my wall. Audio headphone Stan. This is the black model and this thing is built like a tank with its full metal build. It’s easy to adjust the height of the stand it holds to headphones. And right now I am rocking the fan favorites.

The Audio Technica and 50 X with a sick black and gold D brand skin on it and one of my favorites of all time. The Opal p.m. 3s. For the inputs, I decided to go wireless for the cleanest look. I decided to stick with the Apple magic keyboard and the Apple magic trackpad.

Both of these are colored in matte black by color where they are incredible and match set up well. The walnut accessories for the keyboard and trackpad are beautifully constructed by Grove made.

They don’t affect the function of the keyboard or trackpad and tie in that walnut and black theme perfectly. But if you prefer, Maple Grove made has that available.

I made a separate article about this keyboard combo, so I’ll link that below if you want to see more about it. I wanted to add a lamp to complete the setup I think sometimes this is the hardest thing to do and I think I found the perfect one. This is De Jet-Black, human-scale element disc LCD Light.

It fits the modern look of the desk. It gives me the option to charge my smartphones or tablets with a built-in USB, port, and an AC plug just in case I want to charge my camera batteries.

It has a 330-lumen output with only using seven watts of power and you can turn on the lamp with the power button or change the brightness easily.

But the mode I keep it in is where it uses the built-in sensor.

So the lamp turns itself off when you’re not there. But when it senses that you are there, it turns on the lamp automatically.

This is an awesome feature. So what do you guys think of this black and walnut themed dual 5K monitor? Let me know in the comments section below.

OnePlus 5 Unboxing In All Colors/Cover By Zubair Ali

OnePlus 5 Unboxing In All Colors
OnePlus 5 Unboxing In All Colors

Today we’re going to unbox a secret package from one plus it’s going to be epic. Let’s get into this. So think of it ultimate oneplus 5 unboxings. Oh. Got some cool accessories here, too.

We’ll take a look at all that later. But what’s important is what’s in this box right here.

So let’s get into this. So this is a little bit of a special package because what I have here is the brand new soft gold one plus five, but we’re not going to stop there because what we’re gonna do is we’re going to unbox every single color here.

I have all three with a little blade out. And let’s go ahead and cut into this plastic real quick. Let’s go ahead and start with the brand new one first. They just announced this today.

So if you want to pick one up, I’ll leave a link down below for you.

And there is the soft gold right there. And both of these have black fronts on them. So this is the first oneplus 5 with the white front. I think that looks really nice. And wow, look at that gold color. This is beautiful.

This is the same soft gold that came out with three and three t looks really, really nice.

And then let’s go ahead and pull off this one. And this one is fine. Get another. This one is slate gray. And I’ve never seen this one in person either. I’ve always owned the Midnight Black one. So while that is really nice, I like that color. I prefer this over the black. And then let’s go ahead and pull off this one.

There we go. And now we’re looking at Midnight Black.

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of 1 plus 5 on boxing, but hopefully, this is the most epic one that you’ve seen. And if you haven’t seen a oneplus 5 unboxing before, then here we go. I’m going to only unbox one of these because the same stuff comes in, all of them.

You have this cool picture. And then you have a personal note from Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, you get Dasch Charger and you get USP type C core.

So you don’t get a whole lot in the box here. But dash charging is definitely a go.

And if you want to know what is in here, you get a QuickStart guide, Cemre removal tool. And you can’t forget about the one plus stickers here, all three of them right here. Let’s take a look at the one that is brand new. This is the soft gold. Let’s take the plastic off the back.

We’ll take this sticker off, too. And there it is. This is a very subtle gold, a different gold than you’re usually used to. I’m not a fan of gold, but this looks really, really nice. And I am digging that front white color, too.

It gives the one plus five a different look, and I like it. We’ll take a look at the slate gray. Now, I really like this color.

It’s like a gunmetal color. I’m digging this for sure. I’m used to seeing the Midnight Black, which I’ve been using now since launch, but this is a really nice color.

Let’s go ahead and split these two over so you guys can see side by side here. And then the last one we’ll take a look at is the midnight black. Take that. I’ll take this off too.

And there it is. So, people that love the matte black, you’re going to really like this color. But these two look kind of similar on camera.

But this one is probably like two or 3 shades. If you can see.

So let me know which one is your favorite out of these three? We can even make it a little crazy and bring the 4th one in. And this is my D brand Dragon Skin version. And that looks amazing. So we can save for.

So if you want to pick up a different skin, I’ll leave a link in the description for you. And this has been my daily driver since I love this dragon skin. Looks so good on the oneplus 5.

So if you’re not familiar with the one plus five, I did a full review on this phone and I did a dedicated review on the dual-camera system on the back.

So I believe both of those linked Downbelow if you’re interested. My thoughts haven’t changed too much since the original review, so I can still stand behind it. I think it’s still one of the best phones you can buy for under 500$ right now.

So when it comes to costs per performance ratio, I still think this is one of the best.

It hasn’t been perfect, though. There have definitely been software bugs along the way. But I have to give them props for pushing out software updates. I think since I’ve owned this phone, I’ve had like five to six software updates since then.

They’ve improved the camera quite a bit since then. And they finally added stabilization to four K video recording. So if you’re thinking about buying a one plus five, but you’re waiting on that soft gold model, go for it. It looks beautiful in person.

So that’s available now. And let me know which color is your favorite out of all of these you see here. And I probably don’t need all of these phones, so I will be giving one away.

Let’s just say that if this article hits a thousand likes, we’re going to have one of these away. So let me know what you guys think of the soft gold.

One plus five is the color that you were expecting or waiting for or do you want them to come out with some other colors?

Wifi Asus Lyra Review / Cover By Zubair Ali

Wifi Asus Lyra Review
Wifi Asus Lyra Review

Spots home Wi-Fi suck, and chances are if you’re watching this article, Encountering the same problem. And the truth is that most single router solutions are not enough for modern homes. So this is where mesh networking comes in. What I’m going to do is I’m going to gear this article towards non-tech-savvy. We all can be I.T. geniuses, everything in simple terms.

I’ve tried a lot of products with no luck. I’ve even tried Google, Wi-Fi, multiple extenders, and repeaters. But they can cut your speeds in half, which is not good. And none of the systems have compared to the results that I got from the ACS Lyra, which they sent out for me to check out. If you pick one up, here’s what you can expect.

You get three Wi-Fi nodes that have a subtle and low key design. So I think it matches with most modern design homes. All the ports you need are on the back, including Ethernet, all the power cables you need, and an Ethernet cord is included, which is nice. You really can’t mess up. You just plug in your first node. You fire up the app and it will tell you step by step how to set everything up, including how to place your nodes. You can play with the no placements to get the best results. Just make sure you minimize the obstacles. It couldn’t be easier.

Let me draw this out to show you how it works. If you are on a single router system, you are only getting one source of the signal that may not reach all parts of your house. Creating a dead spot in certain corners. What mesh systems like Lyra do is take notes and place them in the home. So you get coverage and eliminate those weak signal areas. The Liora can cover up 6000 square feet. If you’re a baller. So most normal houses like mine. It’s no problem. What’s cool about the Lyra is that it’s a tri-band system, which means there are 3 bands. One fast 5 gigahertz band just to be the backbone of the system. So your nodes have a dedicated band just to talk to each other. Then you have a 2.4 gigahertz and a five gigahertz band for your devices. So no matter if you have older tech that uses 2.4 or newer devices like your phone or TV that uses five gigahertz, that Lyra will automatically connect to the right band. Plus, if you’re moving along your house, it will automatically switch to the fastest and node. So you will get the fastest speeds. If you’re having problems at all, make sure that you have the latest version of the software. That takes a few minor problems. Everything is controlled through the app.

There are some awesome extras here, like security protection. There’s real-time monitoring. You can see how many devices and see them individually. And with this family member feature, you can limit the time on certain devices. So let’s say that if I want to cut off my son’s iPod one hour before bed, then I can do that right through that.

So let me show you the results after I installed it in my house. So the biggest dead spot for me is my upstairs master bedroom. Frequent drops in signal and inconsistent speeds. But after I installed Lyra, I more than doubled my speeds. So you can see how much of a difference that made in my bedroom. Another spot I have. I was only getting about 20 megabits per second down, but with Lyra, I was able to double that speed. So I’m definitely happy with that. I just took this to the next level and I went across the street where I had zero signal without Libro and I gave it a test and I was able to get over 30 megabits per second down across the street. So if you have a really large back yard or a garden, then this is going to be perfect for it. So you can get good signal strength out there. So I hope you guys enjoyed the simple breakdown of mesh networking in and the ACS Lyra. There are a lot of systems out there, but I think this is one of the easiest to set up. And these are some of the fastest speeds that I’ve seen from a mesh networking system. So this is perfect for people that have fast Internet speeds like a gig, which I really miss. If you’re interested, I believe a link down below for the most updated pricing and more information on the Lyra and make sure we hit that like button.

Macbook Pro With Some Accessories/Cover By Zubair Ali

Macbook Pro With Some Accessories
Macbook Pro With Some Accessories

This is the 15 inch MacBook Pro, and this is my machine of choice when I’m on the road. This is what I edit most of my article with. And even though it has four USP type sports, if you’re into video editing or kind of creative work, you need some legacy ports to make this work. So you’re going to have to carry around some accessories. So I’m going to show you my favorite accessories that I’m carrying around right now in early 2018. So let’s just get right into it. Today’s article sponsor is Webroot with Mac vulnerabilities at an all-time high.


For details on how to protect your MacBook Pro, make sure you stick around and click on the link in the description below.

The first thing you need is some type of hub to give you back all those ports.

I did a full article on that, so I’ll leave it to link somewhere so you can take a look at that

. But it gives you back all the ports that you need, including HDMI, micro, SD card, SD card to GSB, EHS, and even to USGBC one with power passthrough. So if you like this cable type design that’s built-in, then you’re going to like a case nuclear. But if you like this side-mount design, then this is the one that I’ve been using lately, and this is by, say, techy. And this one takes up to USGBC ports, but it does give you back Thunderbolt 3 ports. So if you’re doing AGP you stuff, you can definitely do that faster drives. And it has all of the other ports that the nucleus has to USP, a USGBC with power pass through. So they’re very similar, but they’re just two different designs.

But these are the two that I’m using right now.

The second thing you’re going to need is a good USP type C cable and not old cables are created equal. Trust me, a lot of them are frail, they break right away. But this one is from Nomad. This is new. And this is super thin. You can see how rugged this is. This is made out of ballistic nylon. It’s braided. And this thing is a tank. And you can see how thick this is. And this cable is pretty awesome. What makes this cable unique is that it supports USP 3.1 gen, two speeds. So you’re gonna get really fast drive speeds and things like that with it.

You got plenty of power delivery for that. And it supports the four K video. So with this one cord, you could kind of do it all. Plus, I carry around a lot of Android phones so fast, charging on all USP type C devices that I have is going to be able to happen with this cord. So I would definitely recommend this cable coming. Come on, this thing is super tough. I mean, you could try to pull it. You can do what you want. This thing’s not going to budge. The third thing you’re probably gonna need to get is some kind of compact storage because the storage options on a MacBook Pro are pretty ridiculous. But you can get some small SSD like this one. This is the Samsung T-3 and this is the older model. They do have a T5 out right now that supports USP 3.1 gen, two speeds. So they’re about the same price. I’ll leave that link down below.

I have a one terabyte version here. I can back up a lot of my files.

I can even edit for a video of this if I want to. I just really like the construction of this. It’s really small. It fits into a pocket very easily and I highly recommend one of these. So the sand from T5 comes in that really cool blue color too. And I’ll probably get one of those in soon, but I really recommend the Samsung SSD. They’re fast, they’re compact and they’re built like a tank. The next thing that I recommend is some type of headphones. And even though it’s got a headphone jack, you can use headphones you want. But my wireless choice, I know I get a lot of flack for this, but they are the Apple air pods.


So I really like taking these on the road. And yes, the sound quality is not the greatest, but it works perfectly for audio edits and things like that. So Apple Air Pods, I love a lot of you are probably wondering how I got this MacBook to look this fire. This is a D brand scan and this is the Red Dragon.

And Debrett has them all over the Web site

. So we should check that out if you’re interested. I will leave a link down below for you and installations pretty easy and I can give it a nice fresh look. And I even have the marble look on my 13 inch MacBook Pro. Not only does it freshen things up, but protects the metal one here because, you know, illumined scratches pretty easily. So highly recommended skins. I just love the way they look. The trackpad on the MacBook Pro is humongous and. Times I just used that.

But if you’re a fan of mice and you want something small and compact to take with you on the road, then this is definitely the one to get.

The first is super small, so it fits in a size bag. And second, the tracking is awesome. I love the first one, but this one is way more responsive and I feel like it’s the perfect size for travel or desktop mouse. The scroll wheel is nice and responsive to you have some easy to get to and programable buttons here on the side is very easy to switch between computers with just a click of a button on the bottom of the mouse.

If you’d like to take multiple computers with you, the last thing I’m going to show you is the sponsor of this video, and that is Webroot.

If you have a MacBook Pro, you’re going to want to protect it with antivirus software that works seamlessly in the background. I’m betting a lot of you that are watching this video right now have had some type of cybercrime happen to you, it’s a phishing scam or you’ve had your credit card information stolen.

It can scan your entire MacBook in less than a minute to check if there are malicious contents on your hard drive.And most importantly, its keeps web browsing secure. You can see it in real-time in the green checks, which give you that confidence that these sites are safe. And if that Web site is harmful, then Webroot is going to block it automatically. One of the best things about Webroot they have a database of known vulnerabilities. But there are new ones coming out every day.

So it’s gonna protect you from old and new malicious attacks.

If you’re interested in checking for your MacBook Pro or computer, click on the link below for more information and current pricing.

It just runs in the background and you never notice that it’s running.

So thank you guys for watching this article.

Dual Screen Foldable Smartphone/Cover By Zubair Ali

Dual Screen Foldable Smartphone
Dual Screen Foldable Smartphone

It’s very rare that we see something different from the smartphone space these days. Now, don’t get me wrong. Smartphones are awesome right now.

Incredible, processors and great cameras. But when it comes to design, you can put some of these sides by side and you can’t even tell the difference. I don’t know about you but sometimes miss innovations.

I miss the factor. When you first see something. So today I partnered with ZTE to show you one of the most unique Android phones that I’ve seen in a long time.

This is the Axon M, a smartphone with not just one, but two displays. First, let me show you what inside the box.

And by the way, stick around until the end of the article.

There’s a little surprise for you. I want you to try this out for yourself. It’s pretty awesome. First, you get the phone itself.

Then you get some paperwork and some warranty stuff. You get some headphones, which is nice to see included in the box. A power break, a USB type C cord, and a SIM removal tool. And a micro USP to USGBC adapter. Let me show you what makes this phone so unique.

The axon end is foldable. So it looks like a regular smartphone. But when you open it, there are two displays. So when you fold it out. Now the two 5.2 inch, 10 ATP displays turn into one large 6.75-inch display. So now you can use extended mode and have more of a tablet experience.

There is a midsection in the way, though, but it’s caught nonetheless can do this with your smartphone.

There are some different dual-screen modes that you can access right from the navigation bar. I like to split-screen mode. I can see my desktop and my apps at the same time.

And what I like is that I can run two separate apps side by side. This is awesome. So if I want to be on Twitter and Facebook at the same time, I can do that. I can go crazy if I want to or more practical for me.

I can check my email, respond to comments, all kinds of stuff. This is awesome. One of the most that I didn’t think was going to be useful is the MIRA mode. And if you’ve ever wanted to share the article with and you to share the same screen, you have to get a little closer.

It gets a little uncomfortable, but with the X on M, There is a dedicated button on the side that has two functions. If you double-tap it, click, opens the camera or if you long-press it, it brings up the TV mode.

You can choose what app is launched in the TV mode menu, including direct TV now or YouTube. But I have mine set to Netflix since I asked my media app of choice. The sound on this thing is legit. It’s got, dual speakers.

There’s one on the bottom and one on the earpiece. There’s Dolby Atmos support and there’s a dedicated audio chipset with a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack.

So if you want to know what it sounds like this is Danny. Phones are just getting better and better and you can get free.

Sounds pretty good. This is perfect for my kids. They can watch the same thing while sitting across from each other and not fight. They can be cool.

So this phone already wins on that side. Parents. You know what I’m talking about. Gaming could be a possibility on this phone. Let’s say that you’re playing something like a battlefield or you’re playing a multiplayer game that shares the same screen.

You could probably hook up a Bluetooth controller to this.

The possibilities are pretty crazy. And there is something kind of cool about playing a game in this extended mode.

Even with this split in the middle, the gameplay is smooth, by the way, with some rates. The bill quality on this is very nice. It’s Gorilla Glass five on the front and back with a frame. The hinge is very satisfying.

It’s nice to know that no matter where you go, you always have a built-in kickstand for your phone.

And, if you buy this phone, you’ll end up getting into the passport program where you’re going to get a warranty for two years, where phones you only get one year.

Let’s take a closer look at the X on M. This is being powered by the Snapdragon 820 one chipset with four gigabytes of RAM 64 gigs of internal storage with a micro SD card slot.

There’s a 301080 power battery and there’s a fingerprint scanner on the power button on the side. It’s a little recess, though, which is kind of weird, but its works well. No problems there.

And you can see there’s only one camera on this phone, but that’s OK because you’re going to get the same quality from your cell fees that you would get in the main sensor.

So taking 20-megapixel selfies is kind of crazy. And here’s an example.

If you’re wondering how this works and if you want to take pictures, that’s not a selfie. The screen just flips to the other side. Here are a few camera samples that I took this week. Let me know what you think.

The Exon M can shoot for a video and has a manual mode to dial in that perfect shot.

If you’ve ever used an Android phone before, the software is very familiar. It’s running a version of Android 7.1 at this time.

ZTE stated that they are dedicated to the updates, including an update to Android Auriel. There are a few concerns that I have about this device. And even though it’s really nicely built and has Gorilla Glass on the front and back, it is glass on both sides.

So we have to see what durability is going to be like there.

There are a few software quirks and there is that bezzle down the middle and some people not like that. But what I’m excited about is the potential of the axon end.

And one other form factors in devices that may come after this. I can’t wait to see if the factor is going to succeed and it’s received.

I think it’s always hard for a company to take risks and come out there with something unconventional in this market, in this space. So even though I don’t think this is for everyone, I do commend ZTE for bringing out a product like this.

Your opinion is different than mine. So I want to give chance to try out the accent in me. And ZTE partnered up to give one of these away.

So what I want to do for this giveaway is something a little bit different.

Take it to Twitter. So the tweet that’s going to make this article live is going to be in the description section below. Find that tweet retweeted and favorite it and then comment on that. And let me know what gets you excited about the X on M.

And what is your favorite feature and how are you going to use it in your daily life?

And we’re going to pick a winner from that thread. So it’s really easy to enter. Make sure you do that now. And thank you for the support and thank you for watching guys.

Bose Soundbar Review/Cover By Zubair Ali

Bose Soundbar Review
Bose Soundbar Review

Today teamed up with Bows to show you both of their new sound Borrus The Sound Bar. 500.

And the Sound Bar. 700. So what I want to do is I want to break down the feature sets of both, and I want to compare them a little bit to show you the differences between them. So if you’re in the market for one of these awesome soundbars, that this should help you make that right decision when you pick one up.

So make sure you hit that link down below to check current pricing because you never know when these things will go on sale. First, let’s talk about sizing the bow.

Sambar 700 is a larger one, the other two at 38.5 inches across, and the bow soundbar 500 is 31.5 inches across. So if you’re looking to put this on top of the console next to the TV where both suggested should be, then you should be fine with either of these.

But if you’re looking to fit a medium console, you want to go with the 500, because this is the one that I was able to fit insides the VDI elements console where the 700 was a little too big to fit.

Both of these have Amazon Alexa built-in with an eight microphone array.

So it picks up even if you’re further away in the room. My 500 inside of my slot Amidi cabinet and the voice picks up perfectly from there good.
Now there is a mute button on top so you can meet the microphones if you don’t want to use Alexa. But I like that you can control your smart home with this. Now they did say that airplay too is coming to both of these soundbars, including other voices. So we’ll see that in a future software update.

The Sound Bar.700 has a glossy glass on the top where the500 has a matte.

They both look amazing, but the map is much better at resisting fingerprints. The bill faulty on both are fantastic nice aluminum grills with a simple modern design.

I really like how clean it looks. If your TV is wall-mounted, don’t worry.

There is an optional wall-mounted kit that you can buy to complete that look. The poor selection is the same on both, but they arranged. The power input is on both of them, but on the 500 you’ll get an external supply. A smaller was on the 700. You don’t get that.

They both have HDMI ports with an audio return channel, which makes things easy. I appreciate.

And there’s support for an audio return channel for the future, which is great.

Then you get a USV service. You get an optical test link. You get either Ethan Airport and then you have a few different ports here to expand the system if you want to, which we’ll talk about a little bit later.

There are a few minor differences in the box. So if you plan to pick up a soundbar, 500, it does not come with an optical cable where the700 it does. So if you plan to use input method 500 makes you just pick up an optical cable beforehand.

The remotes are different. On the 500, you get a remote to control the soundbar and on the 700 you get a remote.

And I love the look remote. It lights up when you pick it up. It feels and heavy. So I love the bill quality of both. And I love it because it only lights up the buttons for what you need.

So like if you’re controlling a TV, it only lights up buttons for the TV controls, which makes things simple. If you want this for the soundbar 500, you can pick it up separately. Setup is really easy.

It’s all done through the Bose Music app.

You download it and know basically walking through step by step on how you can set it up and connect it to Wi-Fi. And both of these soundbars come with this headband that is used for their adaptive technology.

You run this on the app and it basically sends out signals to your room and has you move around to different places to calculate the best soundstage for that part of the home.

So let’s get to the most important part. How do these sound?

So I’ve been using both of them for about a week now and they both fill up rooms and they both sound fantastic. So if you have some not so good speakers on your TV right now, it’s going to be night and day difference. You’re gonna get crispier vocals. You’re gonna get better mids. You’re gonna get a lot more bass.

Now, the sound between the two. They are both great. But I have to say to 700 does fill out the room a little bit more.

You’re going to get a little bit more bass. You’re gonna get just a little bit better vocals.

I think the mid-range in the soundscape is a little bit broader. On the700. And it’s natural because it should. It has some more drivers in here is about 250 dollars more. So if you’re looking to fill up a larger room, I would look at the 700.

But 500 is no slouch. It should fill up most modern rooms.
And it sounds great, too. What’s great is on both of these, if you need just a little bit more sound, you can add to the system later with those ports that I showed you earlier, with both surround speakers and a bass module, or if you have compatible Bose speak do already like this, both Speaker 500.

You can multi-link these speakers to complete your home theater to wrap things up.

Let’s talk about the compatible audio formats. They both support Dolby Digital, which is great, but the Sound Bar 700 can decode. So keep that in mind.

I was hoping for Dolby Atmos’ support on both Lee Soundbars, but they aren’t here on this generation, so hoping for that and D TSX on the next ones. So to recap, the 700 is a bigger soundbar with more drive.

First, it comes with a remote cable that has a gloss design compared to the mat and has the ability to decode D2. Yes. To determine if those features are worth the extra 2050$.

There’s really not much more to say. They’re both great-looking sandbars and they both sound fantastic and they’re really easy.

And if you look at the pricing, especially with competition like Sonas, they are definitely priced to compete.

I was really surprised by the pricing. So if you’re looking for a sambar right now, I would definitely look at these two before you make that purchase decision.

I’ll leave a link down below so you can check current pricing and look at more information on them if you need it. But definitely look at these two before you hit that buy button. So let me know which one that you like better or which one that you rather pick up in the comments section below.

The TECH of CES Review/Cover By Zubair Ali

The TECH of CES Review
The TECH of CES Review

There is so much awesome tech at CBS this year, so it’s impossible for me to show you everything. But I want to show you five things that really impress me at this year’s show.

And the first one is Raiser’s Project, Linda. Now, you guys know that I’m a razor phone user.

Surles excited to see this. It’s basically a prototype blade. They’ll show, which uses razors, phone to power this thing. And the speakers are so good on the Razr phone.

They decided to use the phone’s audio, which I can’t hate on it docks into this cut-out with a mechanical connection. And the next thing you know, you have a full-on Android laptop experience.

There is a built-in battery to charge the Razr phone over 3 times USGBC on both sides, one for peripherals and the other side for power pass through.

And of course, that four RGV keyboard is here to give it that Razr touch. And I was really surprised just this thing work for being a prototype scrolling work using the phone’s display the trackpad.

It felt good and I hope this thing does come to market, but we’ll see since we aren’t sure if the Razr phone will stick to this form long to even see this happen.

This is just a concept and this concept isn’t new, but it’s one of the best executions that I’ve seen. And this means that the future of the Razr phone looks pretty like a company’s pipeline.

The second thing that blew me away was over at the Sennheiser booth. These are the new HD, 20. I’m a proud owner of the HD 800 which are opened back and to see these unique curved gorilla glass close back headphones displayed, I was immediately intrigued.

The bill quality is what you would expect is the same connection and cable.

Some metal mixed into a plastic form. They were comfortable. But the soundscape is very unique because they are close back, but they sound like a monster hybrid of both of them.

You get the same spatial effect open back, but a little bit more direct.

Sound like close back. So I fell in love with them. You will be mine this summer. Much respect to Sennheiser on the HD 820. Over at the LG booth, they had a canyon where you could walk to a hall of curved old displays.

Tons of people checking out. It was a sight to see for sure.

You really had to be there appreciate. So I wonder what the cost of that was. But anyway, they had cool new LEDs, which I will cover in my best teams of 2018 article, which I will link down below.

But I really like their new laser four K projector it at a standing design, which is nice because it makes it more flexible.

You can put it anywhere in your home or technically take it outdoors you want. It has 2500 lumens web OS, TV software built-in which I’m a fan of and it supports HDR, which is awesome and it looks like it will come in under 3000$, which is reasonable with these type of specs.

Also, LG had my next monitor on display. This is the 34 inch, five k ultra-wide 21 by nine display.

I’m a Mac user so I can’t wait to get this. My complaint about the five K ultrafine displays with a bulky bass which they change here to this beautiful slim and curved one, and the crazy large bezels were on the ultrafine 5K, but they did not include this in this new one, very thin bezels. So I really love the way this looks.

The specs look great. Also, 98 percent of DC IP three-color space 600 and NYTs of peak brightness, which is really great but doesn’t have just Thunderball 3 but has HDMI port. So you can use it with pieces, which is nice.

They had updated four K monitors here too, which look amazing for dual-monitor because these displays even have thinner bezels.

They look incredible. Colors in brightness were on. So these could be great for people that don’t need that five K resolution with the same type of specs. The coolest TV by far was the wall by Samsung.

This is a 146 inch K micro LCD TV. Everyone was crowding around to see what the hype was about. What makes this special is that this is a modular system.

So since this TV is built out of micro LCD panels, you could buy the size that you need in an expanded if you want to.

Also, this makes commercial applications possible. So let’s say that you wanted a weird aspect ratio to put a fireplace on a wall in a restaurant.

You could buy that specific size. There’s a lot of unanswered questions here, like if you can add the panels yourself or you have to send it in. But the two thousand Nizza peak brightness, AKCA, and HDR looks incredible, all built-in with his AK upscaling tech that they talked about.

So this year is gonna be an awesome year for TV. Last but not least is the Panasonic G.H. five s. I got a little hands-on time with this.

The body looks besides some red accents. The big key here is the new lower resolution sensor that is much better in light.

We did a little bit of testing here, pushing it. 10000 eyes, so on this micro fourth, third sensor, and it seemed really clean. So I can’t wait to get this to try it. They did remove in-body stabilization, which sucks. But let’s see if that really matters for the application.

Panasonic intended this to be used. Stay tuned for more. I’ll be getting this in the house very soon and I’ll be doing some more coverage. So that’s about it, guys. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know which products that you like best.

I missed a few key things, like the video phone with Synaptics built-in-display fingerprint scanner because honestly, I couldn’t find it.

Sony XZ Premium 4K HDR Display/Cover By Zubair Ali

Sony XZ Premium 4K HDR Display
Sony XZ Premium 4K HDR Display

Today I got to look at a cool phone at MWC, but there was one in particular that really drew my attention.

And this is the Sony XY premium. Sony released a bunch of phones, including the A one X one ultra, which is their mid-range, and then their other flagship, the XY. Yes.

But I got my hands-on time with those two, so I’ll make a separate article on those. But for today, let’s focus on the XY premium. There were reasons why I was so drawn to this phone. And the first reason is that this is the world’s first 5.5 inches four K HDR display.

This thing has a crazy 807 pixels per age. If you remember, the Zevi premium had a Fourcade display. But if you look at them both side by side, you can see that the HDR makes for better colors on the panel and the XY premium is much brighter.

I’m pretty sure that’s gonna be the same Z fi premium where the UI is probably intended DP.

And then for K content gets supported in Sony’s own apps. But this hasn’t been confirmed. The other feature that really drew me in is that this camera can shoot video burse up to a crazy 960 frames per second.

This phone is still in preproduction when I checked it out so I couldn’t get them to show me the actual premium itself. But they demo this feature on the XII’s and I got to play around with it and it was nothing short of amazing. If you look, you can see the blades on the propeller, even though recorded in 720 P.

It was incredible a mobile phone do this. So how this works is that this is a brand new Exmoor are a sensor is 19 megapixels F 2.0. And this is a stacked sensor.

So the stack has memory built into it. So that’s how these 960 frames per second burst happen. You just hit it on the UI. You’ll see it only takes about a stint of what’s happening right there. And then it translates it to the super slow-mo.

I believe this is an industry first. The camera’s loaded laser and face detection autofocus, an infrared sensor that allows a sensor to just wipe balance on the fly.

Some really cool stuff. I personally am super excited to try out this new Exmoor are a sensor. Of course, it can shoot four K up to 30 frames per second.

And the front-facing camera is not too shabby 13 megapixel F 2.0, 22-millimeter wide-angle lens. It doesn’t look like this phone will be out until the summer, but there’s plenty to be excited about.

The design is incredible. In stunning colors.

It’s all covered in Gorilla Glass five. Of course, it’ll be a fingerprint magnet. So I’m sure DeBrand is doing this right now. But there’s a black color.

If you want to be a little more low-key, both of them could be used as mirrors, though. So, no need to carry one. If you buy this phone when it comes to specs, this phone is load. It has the newest OCTA core, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor with four gigabytes of RAM.

It’s IP 68. Water-Resistant has a micro SD card slot for easy expansion beyond the 64 gigs of internal storage. It runs Android 7.1.

Newgate has a 30030 mPower battery front-facing stereo speakers, which is awesome, and a USB type C port Char’s 3.0.

And besides it being a little bit bulky and the design being a little bit last-gen, I think this phone could be the one to beat in 2017.

So what do you guys think of the XY premium? I think it’s really going to be here.

Are you going to love the design? You’re going to hate it. I think that it’s not the most futuristic design. It definitely has four heads and a chin. My hands-on time with it, though. It feels super solid, constructed. So I can’t wait to get this one in for review.

And check out my other coverage from MWC and a lot more smartphone coverage. It’s just that time of year.

The Future of PC Cooling/Cover By Zubair Ali

The Future of PC Cooling
The Future of PC Cooling

This article’s brought to you by unboxing you’d go-to platform for everything tech, join creators all in one place with the link below.

So I was walking by the gigabyte booth and I saw something interesting and I had to let you guys know about it because this could be the future of PCI cooling.

And I just couldn’t help it. I came back so I could make an article on this. So check this thing out right here. You’re gonna see, like, how is an entire P.C. or server in the water? It’s kind of interesting, right?

So I wanted to come by and get to explain what is happening here. So what is this contraption here and how is this thing underwater? I mean, it’s super interesting.

So, first of all, does not water. It’s a floor chemical develop by 3M. They named it Novak.

So it’s non electrically conductive, non-corrosive, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. Technically, electronic device works and underwater under this liquid, not water. It’s contagious. All we have here is our two faces liquid emergency cooling.

We’re keeping the whole system cool by just immersing it in water. This method forth up to 4000 times better, more efficient than air cooling itself.

Wow. So all that bubbling here that we’re seeing now, that’s all the heat that’s dissipating and keeping us cool. So he said how this is boiling, it looks like.

Yes. So right now, when the cars are under full load, the processor, the chips get transforming the liquid into the state.

So transformed, the heat transforming liquid into gassy. It’s removing heat from the chip. And the gas is collecting up here in this space. Now, it’s collected enough, we have a condenser in the back that we kept keeping cool with the radiator in the back. It condenses the gas back into a liquid form. And that’s our second phase of cooling.

Wow, incredible. So this is warmer on the outside. I can touch here, but all of that is just being kept cool. So what do we have inside of her?

So there are our 2 systems. We have it and a rack mount. But right here we modified it. We took our order. He sinks and you attach 16 graphic cards in the system, 16 graphics cards.

Do you know what type of graphics card? I’m not allowed to say some news of it, but yeah. This is super interesting. So this 3M material. So this I saw a demo earlier where took some just like a dollar bill, took it out. So it just doesn’t stick to the material it’s in.

Right. So it’s right over here. This is the same liquid in the container. Take it out. Trip it out of it.

And you can see it’s almost complete. This is crazy. That is literally dry. It’s not. Wow, that incredibles.

So what are the chances that this is gonna come to anything that’s consumer-related for gaming, for P.c a whole? I mean, this is built for servers, but do you think that this is going to come to the home? Possibly.

It’s just not affordable for consumers. Because big data centers today spent especially a lot more on cooling the whole Sistan, the whole platform than compared to the home user.

Would they just need to keep in their room or keep your room?

The method data centers can save up to 90 to 95 percent and electricity calls on just cooling. But for home use, it’s probably not efficient a may be able to overclock it more. But you’d probably need a better design, keep more space for the atmosphere, and a better radiator.

So for now, it’s more we’re gearing towards the data. We’re hoping for more customers and more companies, even competitors, to pick it up so we can expand and have a more environmentally friendly method, maybe expense enough will get to consumers in a more viable solution.

I want to thank our channel sponsor, Unbox. This is a great platform to see all your favorite tech content in one place.

You can see what’s trending so you don’t miss what’s hot right now in tech. And you can see highlighted reviews from your creators. And if you like that product after watching, you can directly buy from the site, which makes things easy.

If you are a creator, can easily be part of this. Just hit the link in the description, claim your profile and get a landing page that gives you a one-stop hub for your audience to interact with and that automatically updates with new videos that you release.

The best thing is that it’s free, so go ahead and give it a try. It’s a great way to connect with your audience this year. So thank you for watching and stay tune a lot more from CBS 2019.

Galaxy Note9 Is A Fantastic Phone/Cover By Zubair Ali

Galaxy Note9 Is A Fantastic Phone
Galaxy Note9 Is A Fantastic Phone

I have no doubt that the Galaxy Note nine is going to be a fantastic phone, hasn’t been covered.

But what I wanted to do is I wanted to revisit the Galaxy Note eight after almost using this for a year on and off. And I need to do a lot more these articles because I think a lot of people are curious about how these devices hold up over long periods of time.

So if you want to see more of this kind of article, maybe you let me know in the comments section below. But let me go ahead and share my experience with the Galaxy Note8 in almost a year.

So first, let’s talk about hardware. It’s held up over time. I usually use skin on the back of this. I took it off for the article, but I don’t have scratches on the back or surprisingly on the sides.

But on the front, I do have some deeper gouges in the glass.

Now, I don’t usually put kind of keys or anything like that in my pocket. Sometimes I do put this in a backpack. That’s probably where I got it from. But even though the scratches aren’t bad as something like my iPhone 10, which is completely jacked up.

This is held up pretty in about 11 months’ time. The display is still gorgeous.

6.3 inch quad HD plus. It still looks amazing. It’s bright. It’s colorful. I still think that this and the Galaxy series have the best displays on the market. Peery, this phone is so good when you’re catching up on content and watching movies on it.

Now, my biggest complaint about this is the single speaker on the bottom is so easy to cover up, but the Galaxy Note9 is going to fix that. But, Elise, you have a headphone jack, though.

It’s almost said that in 2018. I am looking at this display and I can notice the bezels on the top and bottom because of phones like the Vevo necks and the Opal find X.

But it’s been a great experience so far. No, not of course. And you do have the iris scanner. So I’m using that most of the time.

Now the fingerprint scanner on the back. That’s one of the big complaints about me. And that’s going to be fixed with the Galaxy Note9 is just going back to this. I can definitely notice the placement I was using this phone regularly.

I got used to it. But going back to it, you really notice how bad placement.

So the Galaxy Note nine is definitely going to fix that when it comes to software.

I do have the unlocked note model here and I’m surprised how many updates that this phone has gotten. It did get a jump to Android 8-point no ORIO, which is great. It is not 8.1, which would have been better.

But what I’m assuming is they’re gonna jump straight into an android pie, which I’m hoping that’s what they’re going to do.

But when it comes to security updates to I have the July security patch on here it is early August, so I’m surprised well they’ve kept up with that. Now, when it comes to carrier stuff, I’m not quite sure because I’ve been using the unluck model the entire time.

But I am surprised that the note is getting that many updates over time.

So hopefully that continues even if you buy this phone today. I can see the keyboard just going off like crazy right now. What about that Samsung lag? And I really haven’t experienced it on the Note8.

And the great thing is the later Samsung phones that have come out, I really have an experience that they used to be terrible in the past.

So Samsung, like I haven’t really seen it on this phone. Snapdragon 835 with 6 gigabytes of RAM is held up well.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some stutters here and there when it comes to the interface. But over time, you would expect it to get worse.

But this phone performs really well. So I think even if you were to buy this phone today, I think that you would be very happy with it when it comes to the Espin. I have to tell the truth.

I forget that. Is there a lot of times and I don’t use it much as I should.

But when revisiting the device, I use it and really notice how powerful the Espin is. Like editing photos on this and having that precision is very, very nice.

So that’s the one thing that I’m going to do and I’m going to commit to myself on note nine and its review and its coverage that I’m going to use the pen a lot more. And I know some people that just cannot even live without the Espin.

They are hardcore Espin users. And I can see why, because it’s great. So I keep thinking, like, who else does a pen in a flagship device and who can really even compete with Samsung in the space right now? At least not in the US. So let me know in the comments.

I know there are some other notes, series type phones overseas. So let me know which one competes with the no series anywhere.

I mean, I think they pretty much have this market on lock the dual 12-megapixel cameras even after a year. I think they still hold up well. The images still look great. And even though the improvements have been made across the Galaxy s9plus, which I’m sure we’ll see that in the No.9, the note8 still takes a great image.

Shutter is still fast. You still get life focused, which is like portrait mode. So I think that even today, most people will be more than happy with this camera.

Those of you that are watching right now that have a Node8, let me know how your cameras held up over time.

Of course, there’s going to be improvements on a note, nine like probably HDR processing all the functions that come with the Snapdragon8. 45, like 4K 60 frames per second. But if you.

Care about those things, then you’re going to be perfectly happy with the notates camera. One of the biggest things that I’m looking forward to and they note nine is the bigger battery size. They note eight has a 30 300 million power battery.

And depending on your usage, you can probably make it through a full day. But if I push his phone hard, I couldn’t make it through a full day and it was made. So sometimes I would make it through and sometimes not. And that’s kind of weird for me.

I expect better from this phone. But with that large display, a lot of times I keep it at least 50 percent, 75 percent, and sometimes I just go crazy and do 100 percent, but I expect a little bit more. Now, what’s great is that you do have a lot of accessories so you can buy different battery cases and things like that.

And there’s wireless charging in here, too, and fast charging. So you can top up you want to.

So if that’s not any issue or if you work primarily at the office or something like that, or if you’re on a long commute and you can charge the phone, that’s fine. But that’s the one thing that I was kind of disappointed with. Note8 is the battery life.

So let’s just wrap this up by asking, is the note8 still worth buying in 2018?

And I’m going to answer that by saying yes because this is the great thing about phones is there’s a choice. So a good thing about the No.9 coming is that the note eight is going to become even cheaper.

So if you can pick up the note at a discount and you don’t care about all the new features that are coming to the Note9, then this is going to be perfect for you.

If you wanted a pen and that big display and that powerful processor and that nice camera, then I think the Note8 is still relevant in 2018. But of course, if you don’t own a node at all and you want to go to the note, of course, by the Note9, because it’s going to be their latest and greatest.

But I still think that the Note8 is going to be goodbye for a lot of people that don’t care about the new features and that are on a budget.

So let me know what you think. There’s going to be a full Note8 versus Note9comparison. I’m going to test everything and I’m going to let you know if it’s worth upgrading to.

There’s going to be a note night coverage. I’ll be getting that device very soon. So make sure you stay tuned. And let me know if you want to see more of these types of revisited videos and I’ll revisit some other phone. So let me know which phone that you want me to revisit in the comments section below.