Huawei Mate 10 Pro Review

Huawei Mate 10 Pro Review
Huawei Mate 10 Pro Review

What’s up, everybody,I’ve been using the May 10 and Mates 10 pro for a couple of months now, and this is a beautifully designed and powerful phone which is enhanced by Android, a pointer orio, an E.M. UI, a point, though, which has a ton of software features that you probably aren’t even taking advantage of.

Today I’m going to show you 10 features that you can do with E.M. UI. A point, though, on the May 10 and May 10 pro that you probably don’t know about.

Let’s start this thing off with one of the most powerful features and that is p.c mode with just an inexpensive USGBC to HDMI cord. You can turn your May 10 pro into a full desktop experience. We’ve seen this before with Samsung’s decs for the Galaxy s eight.

Well, you had to pay extra for this doc. And with the May 10, you don’t have to.

You get a nice and clean desktop interface. You even have dual Bluetooth supports. You can wirelessly connect both a mouse and a keyboard at the same time. Or you can just use the phone’s display, which I think works really well. If you don’t want to use P.C. mode, you can just mirror your phone’s display and turn it into landscape mode.

This is ideal for playing your mobile games on a bigger screen.

This is very useful for your student on a budget and need to type up some documents and do research on a larger display.

And you don’t have a laptop and great for business if you’re responding lots of email and even using this for presentations in an office setting and was great, is that when this display is being projected, you don’t see notifications pop up on the screen, so your privacy is intact.

So that personal text that just came in doesn’t show up on a screen while you’re sharing.

That can be embarrassing. So this is genius. The second feature is small, but also genius. And this is the smart splitscreen. If you get a text message while you are watching a video and you need to respond, there’s a button at the upper right corner. It creates a quick split screen so it doesn’t interrupt your article.

You can see the full conversation and you can reply to that text message and then go right back to enjoying your article.

I really love this feature and I don’t know why this isn’t on every phone out there.

Number three is the neural processing unit or ENPI you built into the phone. This is a dedicated chip to keep your phone fast by prioritizing your most use apps and without getting too technical.

It’s working hard behind the scenes to make your life easier without you even thinking about it. But what you may not know is that it’s built right into the camera app with a I object and scene detection. You can see it happening right here in real time.

So if you’re taking pictures of your pet, it recognizes that pops up as an icon in the lower right corner and automatically adjusts contrast color saturation and more to give you that ready to share. Look right out of the camera.

It even does the same thing with landscapes. Sunrise, sunset. Food, flowers, plant life and more. And does all of this without mobile data sets is built in right into the pew. Another feature where the A.I. steps in is the accelerated translation feature.

This is one of the fastest and easiest translation solutions that I’ve seen.

You can also do this Off-line, which makes it even more useful. You just take a picture of the text and almost immediately you get a translation.

And this is very helpful for fliers or reading road signs or instruction manuals like this when you’re in another country. You can also do this with voice. So let’s say that you’re traveling and you need some help and you are lost. Hello. I am lost.

Can you help me, please? You can split the translator so you can have a more engaged, No. Two way conversation, this with all find support can be a very powerful tool for traveling, for communication. And it works surprisingly well.

The fifth feature is the navigation dock. The Matsen Pro has a beautiful 18 by nine Amila display.

And if you want to take advantage of all that screen real estate, you can activate the navigation dock right here in the settings and combine that with full screen mode to hide the navigation keys.

You can then move the circle anywhere on the screen that is most convenient. You can tap wants to go back press long to go back to the home screen and swipe across two recent open apps. And this can make navigation much easier for one hand operation.

Number six is the dynamic wallpaper with certain themes. You can get a different wallpaper every time that you turn on your phone.

You’d be surprised how much this livens up your phone experience.

Some wallpapers, you can shake it or move it around to see subtle movements to give it a more realistic effect. And some of them can even change with the time of day. So your wallpaper is always changing while your day goes on. Number seven is the front facing portrait mode.

The pixel to an iPhone 10 have made big splashes with their front facing portrait mode abilities, but they make 10.

And Matsen Pro also has this. Just hit the Porcher button and you will see it work in real time. You can even change the amount of artistic flair that goes into these shots. So that’s nice.

The images come out softer and more artistic than some of the competitors, but I feel like this is the way that Whiteway and Laika intended it to be.

There’s a unique look to the portrait shots. So let me know what you think. Number eight is the two X lossless zoom. And even though that the secondary camera is dedicated to the monochrome sensor, the phone is able to use both of the cameras to give you a two X lossless zoom.

So to activate this, you just pinch out on the display, set your zoom and just snap away.

If you go beyond the to assume, like any other smartphone, you’ll see a loss in quality. But a lot of people probably don’t even realize this is here. So go ahead and give it a try.

Number nine is a personal favorite and this is dark mode. If you don’t like white menus, which I’m not a huge fan of, then you can go into the settings right here.

It’s a little bit hidden away in the battery section, but after you activated, you get a dark menu theme. This makes most sense for the May 10, since it’s great for its ambulate display. And even though this is small, it can maximize your battery life on your May 10 Perreault. Finally, number 10 are the gestures that are built into Eum ui a point?

Oh, they’re a good amount of them here in the settings, but my two favorites involve knuckle gestures. Yes, your knuckles. E.M. UI is smart enough to know the difference between the interaction with the finger versus a knuckle and it sounds really weird at first, but check this out.

You can take your knuckle and run it across the screen to create a quick split screen, which is really easy to do. Just one swipe. It’s really clever.

And my absolute favorite is the double knock for screenshots. It’s one of the fastest ways to trigger a screenshot.

And you can also do scrolling screenshots if you want to save an entire article or a long list. I find myself doing this gesture on other phones. It’s really convenient.

Once you learn it, you can’t go back. So I hope these 10 tips help you enjoy your mate 10. Or make ten pro more. Let me know if you have any tips for me in eum ui eight point no and tell me what your favorite feature of Eum UI is or which features that I missed on this list.


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