The Nexus 7 Tablet Review

The Nexus 7 Tablet Review
The Nexus 7 Tablet Review

Wrestling or showing you how to take apart the Nexus 7 tablet is not the old 2012 version. This is the 2013 version. It’s a different shape of different parts. So to start renting off the back and the back is relatively easy to take off, slide you’re either pry tool or I found it just went past my finger I could pop the backoff.

Relatively easily. I started around on one side of work my way up towards the top. And then down around the other side because it’s mostly attached down by the charging port. Cancerous form the back away from the tablet right here and make sure the pills off as well, so you don’t damage anything well the tablet is running.

So there are no wires attached the back casing such a set that off to the side. And then we’re going to go ahead and start with the bottom end of the phone the charging port here’s the screw layout of the dark arrows pointing towards where. The void sticker is on the scene is peel that off obviously on Google doesn’t want you working on their tablets by yourself, then sometimes you have to anyway so take all the screws and then keep them organized as the best advice.

I can give pull them all out and then set them in a place where you remember where they go right here. We’re going to disconnect the speaker. I just kind of like a wall outlet plug you just entirely unconnected. And then right here these little ribbon cables have a little flip latch am I just disconnected that too on the smaller side, and it has the big flip lock for the silver ribbon cable I’m starting on one end and then frying it up all the way crossing you sigh just for the top right there.

Once it’s flipped up, you have to pull them out, so what I did with the smaller ones they would set up this little spongy take. And once I got the tape up, I was able to slide my pliers are my tweezers underneath, and the to the ribbon cables pulled out of their slots. And that released—it from the circuit board. Then the circuit board is free from the housing at this point, so I lifted it this is the charging port says the party you’ll get parts are cheapest on Amazon so is that in the article description below as soon as they’re available.

Then we have the speaker at the bottom speaker right here in this fits right on top of the right underneath the charging port. Then we have this ribbon cable down the bottom of the black sticky tape list find the latch flip the latch for the room cable out pretty straight forward. And this is the screw layout for the top screws once again the solid arrow in the center there is where the void sticker is made sure you pull that off before you start unscrewing because if that gets pressed down inside this group makes it a lot more difficult for a.

And set the screws were going to remember they are different sizes. This is the ribbon cable connector for the volume and power buttons. Some is going to lift the latch slide the ribbon cable out of the connector. Pretty simple there. And then there’s one speaker up at the top as well, so is the same as the bottom one number’s going to pull that out of the plug. And that’s out, and there are 4 screws around the battery. I like the battery layout because the cells glued to the metal housing underneath and don’t have to on the sticker from the glue you unscrew those four screws and the whole thing lifts out of the super convenient tablet.

The battery can get next to the top motherboard Byron by miniature connector like this. You lift it straight up and out. Doesn’t slide out a list up and out so keep that in mind I did make a mistake right here the camera needed to come up with the motherboard, but it is glued down so remember before you pull the motherboard up on stick the camera and then it will still be inside this little latch there wasn’t any damage done to this tablet because it just slid out of the lock, but you know they could cause injury.

You have care with it anyway. There’s one this is the speaker of the tops in a pull that out. Once again, I try to list all the parts that have become available in the video description below. This is the screen the whole screen right here is the party you’ll be replacing if whatever cracks. There is a small chance that you would be able to replace just the glass on that that is complicated we try to avoid that you like he guns and you got a whole class out and stuff it’s a real big thing.

You are anyway putting the speaker on the motherboard back into place. Pretty straightforward, make sure all of the ribbon cables are on top of the motherboard. As well as the little speaker wire that way you’re not digging form later. Click the battery back into place. Then we have the bottom speaker setting that in. Making sure all the wires are up and out of the way so I can plug them in. It’s hard to position is just right. They do have two little tabs on either side of the end of it you can use to. Press it into the small latch by itself. And they are connecting the silver ribbon cable.

And then I clicked on the latches to kind of walk the ribbon cables in place. Same with these bottom too. Then I’ll. S. them using little tabs on the side like you can see right there, making sure they’re snug inside a bit of latch. And I was then launching them into place. Then we have the speaker cable going to plug that in for a little slot where it came from. All right. So’s the here’s a kind of a better angle of the speaker wire being plugged in too little notches go up at the top and it just slides into the Littles small.

And then here’s the ribbon cable for the power and volume buttons and it takes that kind of level that into place. All right, here’s a screw layout again, and then the better, if you kept the screws, organized the easier it will be to screw everything back into place. There are 21 screws, and now that we have all the screws and was going to go ahead, pop the back housing on start by putting in the charging port and of the tablet into the case first, and then you can kind of clip up in around the rest of it.

There you go everything works very questions make sure to leave in the comments below make sure to like this article if it helped you if you thought it was interesting.

Anyway, as I mentioned before, all those parts and tools and stuff you’ll need can be found in the video description below. Amazon is my favorite place to buy this stuff anyway, thanks for watching.


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