Comparison Between OnePlus 5T vs OnePlus 5

Comparison Between OnePlus 5T vs OnePlus 5
Comparison Between OnePlus 5T vs OnePlus 5

What’s up, everybody?I have here a very special package from one plus. And this is the brand new one plus five T.

There are some notable changes here. So let’s compare it to the one plus five and see what’s changed and see if it’s worth buying.

Opening this special box gives me the reviewers guide, which I’m going to set to the side. And what’s amazing is there a ton of cases here, including the classic sandstone, red, silicone, ebony wood, rosewood and carbon bumper case.

So if you’re interested in seeing these, let me know. Let’s get to what all of you want to see.

Let’s get to the new phone. The box looks pretty much the same. Similar color scheme and quality and in the box. You get the phone, of course. This is the midnight black model. Stealthy looking as usual.

Of course, you get that incredibly fast dash charging brake and the USP type Secord.

This remains one of the fastest charging phones that have ever tested. And in the middle slot, you get a case which is like a glossy smoke, black color. And what I like about it is, is that it’s suddenly raised on the Four Corners.

So when you put it face down, you won’t scratch your screen.

You also get a SIM card removal tool. Some paperwork and of course, some one plus stickers. The first and most notable change is that new six inch eighteen by nine optic amila display.

What’s fantastic is that it’s only slightly taller than the older one plus five, but it gives you a bigger display. So I can’t hate on that. Plus, you get smaller bezels on the top and bottom, so this looks more like it belongs in 2017 and 2018. It’s 10 ATP in resolution, but to be honest, it looks fantastic.

It’s sharp. It’s colorful, nice and bright and has fantastic viewing angles.

This could be the same panel that’s in the walkway May 10 pro. And I love that display as well. And even though that I would like to see a higher resolution panel, if this gives me better battery life and performance, I’m perfectly fine with this to give it its eighty point five percent screen to body ratio.

They move the fingerprint scanner to the back. I have no problem with this for it’s placed well, it’s easy to get to.

And of course it’s lightning fast like all the other one plus phones out there. But there’s an extra way you can unlock your phone. And that is facial recognition. This is not the first to do this, but it is the fastest that I’ve ever seen on a phone to unlock my face.

I literally can’t believe how fast it works. You look away and as soon as you look at it just for a split second, it works. I’m going to test this some more in the dark and different scenarios.

So I will follow up to see how this face on lock holds up over time in the full review when it comes to button placement. Everything looks the same power button on the right hand side.

That’s super handy. Alert slider on the top left, volume up and down below it.

And yes, you still get a three point five millimeter headphone jack. A microphone, USP type C port and a single speaker. The speaker is nice and loud, but I wish there was a dual speaker setup of some sort.

It’s pretty easy to cover up. So I hope they’ll enable the earpiece, at least by software.

Please, one plus if you’re listening, I would love this. Overall, the one plus five T is a little thicker, but that doesn’t bother me. It feels very premium with this all metal build is suddenly curved on the back. It’s a simple but effective design.

There’s still plenty of power underneath the hood. It’s being powered by the Snapdragon eight 35 with either six gigabytes or eight gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes or 128 gigabytes of fast internal USFS two point one storage.

It also has the same battery size of its predecessor at three thousand three hundred million up hours.

The phone remains dual SIM capable, but no upgrades to the connectivity from the one plus five. The software on this right now is Android seven point one point one with Oxygen OS four point seven, but I’m sure Orio is right around the corner.

There are also a few new software features, like a gallery map to group your photos by location. Also parallel apps, which allows you to sign into two different social media accounts at the same time.

So I’ll be using this to sign into both of my Facebook accounts.

Great for both my personal and fan page and all the stuff I love about oxygen. OS is still here. One of the most customizable and usable skins on Android. In my opinion, one of my favorites. You can change the way the icons look.

You can even install third party icon packs, change the homescreen layout and have control over icon sizes and grid tons of gestures.

If gestures is your thing like swiping down on the fingerprint scanner to get your notifications and long pressing on the fingerprint scanner to take a picture. I believe these are new and I love the dark theme. It looks great on this ambulate display.

The dual camera system returns on the five tee ball, you still get the same Sony IMX 398 16 megapixel sensor for the main camera at F one point seven aperture.

The secondary 20 megapixel camera. Now gets an upgrade to the Sony IMX 376 K with an F one point seven aperture also.

So that should help big time with low light. Here are a few samples from the camera. I’m going to be taking a ton of pictures and I’ll also be comparing this camera to many of the flagships out there.

So let me know, which phone do you want to see this phone compared with first?

Let me know in the comments section below and I’ll get to work if you have a one plus five. I say you should hold on to it and wait for the next one. Since these are so similar.

But if you’ve been waiting to buy a one plus phone or maybe you have something like a one plus two or one plus three and you were on the fence, then this is a great time to get one. This is, of course, the best phone that they’ve ever made.

So for the price, the five T is a beast compared to some of the flagships out there.

So save yourself some money and go with the five T.I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Thank you for watching, guys.


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