The 365 Day Battery

The 365 Day Battery
The 365 Day Battery

Security systems are pretty critical, especially nowadays, when you have to keep your toilet paper stash secure, but installing security systems is pretty complicated. If you have a wired network running data cables and wires through a house that’s already built is pretty tricky, drilling through walls and patching walls isn’t something.

I want to do right now, so I did some research and found a company called you fee by an anchor that doesn’t require any of that complicated installation procedure since it has a battery that lasts for 365 days so,
I reached out to him and asked if they want to sponsor an article. They said yes as long as I took one apart to show how it works from the inside, which is kind of what we do around here, so this article is sponsored can get a 25 percent discount using the code in the description. You three security systems don’t just have cameras that also have you know the whole article doorbell thing and keypad an actual alarm system for your house.

They all interact sleep with each other, and I’ll explain more in a minute, but I think it’s time to install this thing, and we should be able to do it in less than 3 minutes let’s get started. So my favorite thing about this security system besides the fact that it’s easy to install with wires is that there are also no mandatory monthly fees it’s a one time purchase.

As I mentioned before, India is a full-fledged security system with alarms and a 2 K. resolution video doorbell but today focusing on the 1080 P. high definition outdoor security camera with their 300 65 day battery. A life I’m curious to see how big the batter

y is on the inside this box has two cameras and the base station.
And you can see that both of the cameras have a massively strong magnet on the back. Two types of mounts come in the box. An indoor mountain just the curved ball is looking where the camera can only magnetically sit anywhere on that half-circle and the other outdoor amount with a screw attachment. This screws into the back of the camera to hold it in a fixed position.

I’ll do a nighttime darkness test at the end of this video, but first, let’s see how this UV camp works from the inside. No getting inside of watertight security cameras pretty tricky, there are four star-shaped screws next to the micro USB charging port, which hopefully.

I only need to use that port once a year. The super-strong magnets here make guiding my screwdriver rather tricky, but once all the screws are out, I can start working my way around the lens of the camera. This thing is firmly glued shut and not designed to come apart, but that’s never stopped us before applying a ridiculous amount of pressure I can finally pull the camera cuts out of the watertight housing. And we get our first look at the large circular magnet at the base of the camera. We can also see the charging port.

As well as a portion of the internal battery, it looks like this thing is 13000 powers the way this battery can last an entire year is that it’s not recording consistently 247. it’s in standby until it notices motion you know either a person moving or some movement inside of the activities owns you create. And then it turns on the actual camera to send that footage or that highlight to the base station, so

it’s conserving energy by only streaming when you manually want to check the footage. When it senses something moves, you should be able to handle 10 of these security captures every day for 300 65 days without needing to recharge. Still, there’s always that option of getting a super inexpensive small micro USB solar panel and plugging into the camera permanently; then, you’ll never have to charge. Anything ever inside of the battery pack R. 418650 lithium cells coincidentally is the same type of battery of tests that we were using our electric car.

Except for instead of 4 cells Tesla’s using like 7000, but still, if it’s good enough for Tesla, it’s good enough for my security camera.
After digging a bit deeper, we can pull out the 1080 P. Sony camera sensor, and then what I assume is the lower power motion sensor that tells. The camera would start recording or not, and of course, there’s also the message speaker below that motion sensor for the alarm and allows you to communicate through the camera.

You know for when people come to steal your toilet paper, you can be like Hey wait no don’t do that through the camera. Finally, we have the base station now. I forgot that I still need this thing to do footage tonight. So I hope the base station still works when I put it back together after four screws removed. I can pull out the brains of the operation with install wifi antenna. This doesn’t need to be plugged into a matter of time. They can work on just why fight alone. And under this massive heatsink, we have a metal plate that covers the internal storage.

All of which is encrypted and none of it is ever stored on the cloud. I have read that the UC system can store footage on a nasty back up. Hence, I have to look into that some more I do plan on buying more of these cameras, and a hardware security system would have its perks, of course. But I’m sure glad that now I don’t have to tear apart my house to install let’s see how well the system works outside getting started takes a few seconds.

I’ll plug the base station into both powers, and my router, then download the free security app and pair the two together, then you add a camera to my system. I press one button on top of the camera. Ready to add device one is near the base station. The end device was added successfully now. We can see if this camera can be installed in 3 minutes or not. Either way, it’s going to be a lot easier than running wires throughout my house, connecting the cameras pretty quickly.

There is a very convenient little white sticker stencil that tells where to hold me to be thrilled for that outside now senator remove the sticker screw into screws. The whole of the plastic base to the exterior wall. Ones that secured little ball mount gets clipped in. And the whole camera can screw into place one cool thing about these cameras that if anyone ever tries to take course still the camera itself, it triggers a 100-decibel alarm.

This alarm can also be triggered manually. So this is what the audio and video sound like from the camera I’m about I don’t know 10 feet away. Back out. And the camera should auto-detect human faces as well as motions so you can set the menu. Kind of cool, so I usually would install a security system a little bit lower than that, but even at that height, it has excellent resolution. I’m pretty quick. This is what the forest looks like for the 2 K. resolution doorbell slightly higher resolution and.

The cameras this store has a six month once again because it’s not recording just. It’s nice that you he has designed a complete security system that doesn’t require a monthly subscription or complicated installation. Now I installed my camera underneath an eve. So be a little bit protected against the elements like snow wind-water all that stuff outside, but the camera itself is I. P. 67, so as long as it’s not submerged underwater, it should be resistant to weather. As long as the cameras are placed within a base station range, a base station can handle 16 cameras, which is a lot of footage. No, I tried out other security systems in the past ones that store all their information in the cloud.

I’ve always noticed that anytime I try to access that information, it takes forever for it to load on my phone. Still, since the U. fee is all located at one station on my wifi, I can access it relatively quickly, which is pretty beneficial. If you want to see precisely what set off the notification to your phone, here’s what the UV camera looks like at night. There are a few lights in my house. Still, it’s 11:00 PM, and very dark outside want to wait a little bit and see how long the battery lasts on this camera.

I’ll leave an update down in the comments after a couple of months or so, either way, and I’m super glad that I didn’t have to tear down my house to install a security system. Thank you for sponsoring this article you have any questions written down in the comments coming out me on Instagram and Twitter thanks for watching I’ll see you around.


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