Red iPhone With Black Display/Cover By Zubair Ali

Red iPhone With Black Display
Red iPhone With Black Display

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 I’m sure you’ve seen the crazy article where I’m taking my product Red iPhone seven plus and took another iPhone seven plus and took the Black Front and the logic board and the black home button and pretty much transferred it onto the red



So I can get that black and red combo with the black home button with full functionality

. And while it was an awesome project, it is completely impractical. It takes two iPhones to do. It’s ridiculously expensive.


And most people not even try to attempt this with all this assembly

. But what if I told you to get a similar look for less than15$, no matter the color iPhone that you have if you already have a black iPhone?


And these here are from Dee Brand. They’re about 10 bucks. So all you need to do is have a few patients and have a hairdryer and follow the instructions.


 And it can look like this. This looks really legit

. I even like this red color a little bit better. And this will give you the cleanest black and red look that you can get for only 10 bucks. But what if you bought a product, a red iPhone and you still have that white front and white home button?


One is a black screen protector that has full frontal coverage. And then we’re going to use a home button sticker that still allows touch I.D. in black. But first, I have to bring this up. I’m sure that’s supposed to say glass, not Gall’s.


 So, you know, my people have problems spelling. But, yeah, that’s supposed to be glass

. So if you’ve ever installed a glass screen protector before, the same thing. Dry wipes, wet wipes me. You get all dust off of there.


So if you can see this is just a small sticker with a black ring around it. So that should cover up silver. And pretty easy application, and that looks pretty good. OK. So it’s all on there now. The home button looks really good on there, the sticker.


But if you look really closely, you can see the white edges all over the place. So there is the D brand one and there is the one with the screen protector. So you can definitely see a white edge all around. Regardless, it doesn’t look bad, though, for 15 dollars at most.


 The only reason I paid five dollars for home one sticker was to get it faster

. But you can get them for about a dollar, dollar and a half, and then you can get the screen protector for about 10 bucks depending on the sale.


But this could be low as 11$. And you’re getting this look. Yes. You have the white edge, now you have a product, a red iPhone with the Black Front. So it’s not too bad.


What you guys think. But in the end, this is still the ultimate. But you still have to have two iPhones to do it. Way too expensive on a budget. I think these two are a great option. So to leave those links down below for you. So let me know what you guys think about this.


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