The BEST HTC One M8 Screen Repair

The BEST HTC One M8 Screen Repair
The BEST HTC One M8 Screen Repair

All right today we take apart the HTC M. 81 of the two cameras on the back Glenn turned the phone completely off grab a heat gun or hairdryer and heat the phone gently on the top and the bottom we’re not trying to hit. The screen trying to catch the little metal plates that cover the earpiece and the camera once they’re warmed up takes a small razor blade and slide.

It underneath the metal plate make sure not to put the razor blade down towards the phone because there is some stuff under there that you can damage to lift these metal plates doesn’t matter if you damage. They’re pretty cheap and expensive to replace there are 4 T. 5 Torx head screws at the bottom and to standard Phillips head screws up at the top tools, and parts will be listed on the article description below take out the sim card. There’s probably 2 in your phone so,

make sure you take out both sim card trays before you start private back off of the device. I’ve taken my razor blade because it’s a small thin little tool that can slide in between the screen and the backplate and unlatched each low class that holds the screen and frame into the backplate itself it is a pretty big pain trying to get this thing apart it is not easy. I did take a little bit he and he’s at the back of the phone as well just in case there was some adhesive back there holding the screen onto the metal frame itself the whole take apart process took about 10 or 15 minutes ago slow and took your time as you’re pulling that back played off here’s.

The backplate itself you can see little screw holes and the camera lenses at there is a glass camera lens off for the top camera so if that breaks your staff to pop that out of its little slot and replace it from the inside take off the tape that’s holding down a low ribbing cable connectors. There’s two those make sure you put this in a spot where it won’t get damaged because you will want to put it back on the phone again when we’re done lift up each of these little white class they can break so be very careful as you’re lifting them probably an as low plastic tool. And then you can slide small ribbon cables out from the little clasp itself once lived up.

Pretty straightforward, you can watch as I’m doing here in the video once again all replacement parts and tools we found in the video description below you can grab these little wire cables to lift them these are attached down towards the charging port. Then this one right here along with that side as well there’s some more ribbon cables appear along the top this is the most ribbon cables that I’ve ever seen in a phone so congratulations H. T. C.

Two screws are holding down the battery connector to the motherboard says lift that, and you can see it is kind of like a little lego connection once he lifted its own snapped three screws are holding on the motherboard to the frames to take those out two more wire cables up to the top. And the motherboard will slide away from the phone.

Here’s the motherboard. It’s got the Qualcomm processor in it as well as all the memory and ram and everything else that your phone needs to work none of it is read user-replaceable. Hence, unless you have some pretty sophisticated soldering tools. You’re just Alek here is the loudspeaker, which is user-replaceable sketches little ribbon cable connector that plugs into the motherboard.

And once again, the parts will be listed in the description below, just like the charging port lucky for us is replaceable. Usually, one of the things that go out first on a device the headphone Jack is also included with this part is that an excellent battery comes out reasonably quickly. There is a little bit of it he said that holds it to the LCD, so be careful when you’re sliding your pride to underneath because all of the pressure is going on the LCD as well and if you plan on reusing your screen. You want to be gentle to make sure you pull away from those volume rockers, so you don’t damage that cable when you’re removing the battery out.

Here’s a battery. It’s a 2600 Milan. Pretty decent size for cellphone replacement batteries hopefully will be found in the description as well as four screws holding down the daughterboard. If you’re smart, you’ll take out the little screw holding the camera as well, so when you pull that away from the board, it’ll come with it.

Remove the sim card ribbon cable as well as the front-facing camera in cord and the vibrator motor plug he just one unplug that from the little device itself, so the power button appears at the top is held down in a bit of slot so slide that up and out. It is also connected to the top of the front-facing camera to a grounding strap and make sure you pull that off as well.

The front-facing camera comes away once the motherboard is away from the phone, daughterboard, sorry. The 5-megapixel camera and then here’s the camera the dual camera on the back of the phone is probably the middle case because any variation in the distance would mess up the depth perception feature that the cameras used for with the phone.

It’s a pretty unique little thing that HTC has going on there is the earpiece and nowhere is the replacement screen see the screen comes with a metal frame as well as the two replacement brackets they go over. The front-facing camera and the bottom speaker, so if your replacement screen does not come with all of this stuff, you probably bought the wrong piece.

You’re going to want to get the whole replacement kit because the glass only repair is an entirely different repair and very very very difficult now to put. The phone back together hi a Khel lasted the rear-facing camera into the motherboard first daughter board and then set that into place along with the front-facing camera. Just plug those little ribbon cable connectors in like legos with the power button back down into a slot and grounded on top of the front-facing camera again and now.

I’m plugging back in the sim card trays where there isn’t this 1 and 1 more on the other side to be very careful when filling those back and get. The vibrator motor plugged in if you are replacing your screen. You’ll probably need to transfer the vibrator motor over from your old display to your new one. Don’t forget to do that unless you don’t like vibrations. Get those five screws plugged into the daughterboard.

And the battery can go back into place make sure you have all of the routing cables on the right side of the array you don’t want to be looking for those later on when you’re trying to put it all back together again. Get the charging port back into place. You are pleased that this is user-replaceable. It’s nice H. T. C.. Made it easy for us lift the rear camera a little bit when you’re sliding the motherboard back into place it does need to be sitting on top of the motherboard.

Then grabbed the ribbon cable connectors plug him in and then latch each of them down individually make sure their present as far as they can go there are little tabs on each of the small ribbon cables. That you can use to press in and plug it into a bit of slot, and these low wire cable connectors make sure it’s seated correctly on top a little plug before you push it in 3 screws on the motherboard plugins more wire cables in. Battery cable class has been like a bit of lego get those two screws back in place as well. It’s essential to keep your screws organized.

They’re all different sizes, so keep them grouped me, please label them on a piece of paper as you’re taking your phone apart. Pretty straightforward Faisal ribbon cables plugged in Latcham down. And keep on going this is a little short stubby little guy so you gotta kind of wiggling into place and then use the extra tabs and maybe some leverage you can plug in back in and have to stay there.

Get the wire cables to press back into place make sure you’re seated correctly; you don’t want to be a little connection on the mainboard because once that’s been, you don’t have a second chance. So get on their present a place in your good to go I’m going to test my screen. Before I put the backplate on because that is honestly. The hardest part of this repair getting that backplate on and off it looks like my monitor is good to go the touch sensitivity works color looks beautiful. If you have any lines or anything else on your screen, test the connections first.

If they’re still there after all the connections are right, you probably have a terrible screen to get the tape back into place over those ribbon cable connectors. Then I had a problem with my power button falling out. I don’t know if that’s going to be an issue with everybody, but make sure that’s placed. Well, into the frame and then start with the charging port end of the phone and then once that’s pressed, and you can push. The rest of the phone in place, my power button fell out again, but after some.

Convincing, I got it back into place. And snap the screen back into the middle frame, and you can see IT snap-in reasonably well. You can hardly tell the phone has been taken apart. Make sure to screw attack in bottom four screws on the top 2 screws now here’s the cool part: the replacement metal pieces for the top and bottom of the phone. They’re inexpensive so you it’s probably worth your time to buy the replacement once instead of trying to make the old ones work they come with their own it he said which is nice.

Just take it. President of a place I usually lined it up with the bottom of the screen and then snapped the rest of it in the area reasonably quickly pretty straightforward. I did find out that D. Lynes from my first piece and the second metal piece was different, so I had to take off the front-facing camera lens from the old. Screen and then use the new filter. Parts to just said over the top of it, and it worked a lot better.

You can see the old camera lens just sitting there on the bottom. This is as a new one is just fine to make sure there’s no duster anything down inside that when you’re putting it back together, get the sim cards in place. And there you go once again all parts and tools and everything. That you’ll need to be found in the description below, don’t forget to like if this article.


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