The DIY Project Valerie

The DIY Project Valerie
The DIY Project Valerie

Take a look at his view is pretty sweet. I try to stay as productive as possible when I’m traveling, so one thing I’ve done to help me stay productive as I’ve built a triple screen laptop you might have heard of project Valerie made by razor their triple-screen laptop the side screens don’t fold in the computer.

I’ve built a collapsible. Let me show you, so here is the mobile battle station. It’s got to extending monitors on either side. I’ll show you how to build these in just a second I want to show you that the screen is fully functional. I can make windows and drag it across and drop it on either side. The laptop is 100 percent portable. It’s got some new construction practices.

These hinges right here allow each of the monitors to fall completely flat. Digiday sentences about two blocks in the side monitors were around 100, so it’s a pretty inexpensive project comparatively.

I wasn’t spared myself project Valerie at CVS this year let me show you how I built my own, so this is the beginning of my triple monitor setup right now I’m using one of my old laptops these monitors. On the site here are entirely powered and receive all of their information from a U. S. B. cable, so there’s no power adapters or anything like. That these monitors are super awesome for gaming, they have an eight millisecond response time. They are still super portable because they only have that U. S. B. power connector and display connector.

They also do this weird thing where if you took him sideways, they would turn back on. The orientation of the screen will be a distraction instead, which would be excellent for browsing Reddit or you know working on something. On this computer and having information on the screen and your like editing videos are working on a project, and that’s where the triple screen laptop comes into play C.

They do have the visa amount on the back so you can put these on like a monitor extension arm, but since I have limited space on the back of my laptop, we’re going to have to use something else. I’m going to use these door hinges to hold the monitors in place allow them to flip out these clues right here these are called up Hoxie I’ve to brands I have locked tight in JB weld I’m probably going to use the JB well just because it has a higher PSI which means it has more strength in holding power so now.

I have some tape wrapping around the side of the monitor. Just holding in place and try to get an idea of where the hinges should be placed. The box is two different chemicals that mixed. When they’re combined, they form a chemical reaction that makes them hard in about 5 minutes this thing fully cure in about 2004 hours that’s why they’re still liquid inside of the tubes, but once they’re outside of the machines and expose with their and mixed, they’ll get tough fast.

Both genders are edible, and actually, it’s only been caring for about 2:00 hours, but the weight of one hinge can hold the whole laptop. So there’s a party is pretty strong I’m going to click on the first screen right now and buy clip-on I mean a proxy can tell someone to put some tape down, so I don’t get any glue stuck to the hinges with them over a minute set the monitor down in place right after I finish gluing it.

Right now, I have a stack on top of the book. You can see that the second monitor, which is this guy right here, is resting on top of the hinges. The hinge is recorded; it’s not going to stick to the laptop. Because there’s a piece of tape underneath, then I added some more weight on top of that can I add pressure to the glue and help drive better image there’s an even amount of room between the edge of the laptop and the top monitor. Hence, it folds out they’re still going to be even with each other.

Paris, I’ve taken off all the weeds. And it looks like. It’s been private an hour, and the instructions say the stuff gets tacking about 5 minutes it holds pretty steady even after just an hour of sitting there let’s see if it stands up on its own. At the door hinges on the back here. So the second screen that I’m an ad right here I guess you can call the third screen is a little more tricky because it needs to open up and it needs to sit on top of the second screen an added there.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to stick this henge. Just like that so that part is held to the laptop and then this part is going to fold up and attached to the third monitor’s side, there’s probably 2 of them says there’s more support. This one will have a flat surface for the hinge to attach to, so it should be just as secure as the other one since I had the curved area of the back. So this time around.

I’m making sure that the hinges are also straight with each other because if the straps are Kantor’s Qantas, they’re not going to fall in the same direction one my fault this way and the other one my full slightly. That way, which would give a direct swing to the monitor so this one I’m using the edge of the laptop and just pressing this bullshit the hinge right up against it the same on both sides, and that’ll make them both equal. This.

One of my favorite things about having a triple screen laptop is on long flights like this, and I can get three times as much work was done as I usually. Yes, I did see the real project, Valerie, on display, but apparently, it was misplaced or stolen, so razor, if you need a working prototype, I’m your guy. Thanks for watching you.


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