iPhone 8 Clone Unboxing/Cover By Zubair Ali

iPhone 8 Clone Unboxing
iPhone 8 Clone Unboxing

This article is brought to you by Squarespace Dot.com. And today I have something interesting for you. And in these boxes could be the representation of what the iPhone eight is going to look like before its release. If you look quickly at the boxes, you could be fooled that these are the brand new iPhones that did a crazy good job with the box, the font, and everything at is the point. But these are clones.


Not everything is perfect. So you’ll see on the back of the box is where it starts getting a little thuggish, though. You can see that the fonts were not good. This is all center says it’s 2016, but you can’t win them all. Let’s cut into this box real quick. All right, and let’s lift it out. Why is it can’t even get this on the right way?


But it does say designed by Apple in California. Do you get this lovely bubble wrap? Just like how Apple would present it, right. Get this out of here. Oh, wow. Look at that. This is. Wow. Look at that. Look at how close that this is to the leaked renders. And it’s very glossy, too, but very weighty. Leave this over here. This is the black model. And then you get the wall charger and you get some fake knockoff ear pods here.

I kind of dig it. So we’ll see if this makes it to this year’s final production model. But the biggest change that leaked everywhere is the vertical dual camera. And this is surprisingly represented here, even with the flash module. The camera bumped is pretty damn big, though.


So if this makes it to the final build, I’m sure we’re gonna hear tons of complaints about it. I have to admit, after seeing these in person, I don’t think it’s as it makes it out to be on the benders. It’s always like that, though. The vendors look ugly. But when you get it in the hand, it’s not too bad. But I do have to say it looks better on the iPhone seven plus.


Let’s do some quick comparisons here. Here’s the iPhone seven next to it, and it’s pretty identical in size. And when you flip it over, though, you will see that the home button is now gone because it’s rumored that the home button is going to be embedded in the display. And what’s funny is that this clone has a capacitive home button to mimic that functionality.


And there’s even a touch I.D. section where you can register your fingerprint. But I’m sure that doesn’t even work. And I don’t want to try it if it is embedded in a display. That would be awesome, though.


I know some companies have already shown this tech off. So hope Apple will pull through. Also, you’ll notice that the screen is supposed to represent the taller aspect ratio as we have seen on the Galaxy s eight or LG six. But this thuggish clone has black bars on the top and bottom. This looks terrible, but this is an early clone.


I’m sure later clones will show the displays that are closer to the leaks. Now with the sensor cutouts at the top. But what is impressive is how close they got this android skin to look like OS. I wish they would have skinned Iowas eleven instead of Iowa’s 10, but we can’t win the mall.


But from the center to the notifications, this looks pretty good. I love how close the apps look to the stock. IOW, one’s just going through them all. It’s kind of amusing. But some of them are hilarious like podcasts open on YouTube.


We really don’t know what resolution we’re going to get with the new iPhone.


But I would love to see a quad HD flat panel like the rumors are pointing towards similar to this Galaxy. This factor is just so nice. Don’t go out and buy this phone to use buy it for novelty purposes only. It’s got crappy internals. It’s pretty laggy.


The camera does work, but it’s only a single sensor. The two X really doesn’t do much and I’m not sure how comfortable I am with putting accounts on this phone. I am impressed on how good hardware feels, though. It’s plastic, but it feels solid. If dimensions are correct on this, it gives me excitement about the new iPhone coming up.


Of course, we will see a faster processor with better performance, better camera, and possibly new features and IOW 11 that are specific to this iPhone model and maybe better water resistance. It’s all toss-up for now, but this has me hyped up. I hope you guys enjoy this fun little video.


Let me know what you guys think about the iPhone8. Are you hyped? Not hype. You don’t care. And let me know what you think about this iPhone. A clone. Maybe I should give one of these away. I don’t need them both.


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28—Motorola Edge full review


Everyone for the past couple of years Motorola has really made a name for itself with its budget and mid range phones while the other major brands battled it out in the more expensive side of the spectrum motor did its own thing now that’s changing with the Motorola edge duo the plus version of the phone is focused on the more premium and expensive side of the market well the vanilla Motorola Angie is focused on being a flagship killer so it hasn’t succeeded I’m introducing arena and this is our review of the Motorola edge. The moral edge is a looker with a waterfall display that curves halfway around the side until it meets the aluminum frame. Now for many people crisscross of falling out of favor to the touch and that mistake some phones in the past so whether you like it or not depends on personal preference that said we didn’t find it to be an issue on this particular phone also it’s a company holds though a bit thick and it’s not too heavy. The top and bottom bezel are quite small the screen is a nice one at first glance and there’s an optical fingerprint reader on the front it’s fast and reliable and that’s not something that every phone boasts even fractured once. The display is protected by gorilla glass 5 and the phone is splash resistant the back is made of high quality plastic in our unit has a gorgeous dark blue coloring in fact at first it’s a bit difficult to tell that it is plastic the cameras are almost flush with the back so there’s no wobble when it’s on a desk it also has a neat hattrick it can be left standing up without anything to support it the 6.7 inch OLED screen has an extended full HD resolution. It has a good but not amazing pixel density of 385 PTI supports HDR 10 but not HDR 10 plus like the moto edge plus this is strange because the 2 phones have the same display fortunately the Motorola and retains the 90 hertz refresh rate which should make everything feel much faster than a regular 60 hertz panel it’s nice to see this great feature picking up this year because it definitely adds to the overall experience. Right now it’s one of the 416 it’s a manual mode and 595 it’s an auto however the auto brightness is active only when you’re using the screen with the higher refresh returned on color production was very good but whites and greys are a little bluish nothing too extreme though. The edge has a standard stereo speakers set up with the finish your piece of top and a bottom firing speaker surprisingly next to the speaker you’ll also find a 3.5 millimeter Jack you also have the option of an FM radio if you’re using wired headphones. The stereo speakers tuned by a company called wave deliver high level as an alpha quality in our tests however they had below average loudness and while the quality was quite good the high sounded a bit muffled and not as crisp as the edge plus. The phone has a large $500004000 battery got excellent insurance rating 500 in 2:00 hours with the 90 hertz refresh rate turned on. With it turned off you got an hour or 2 more but with the battery life being so good we recommend simply enjoying the phone with a higher refresh rate. The first surgeon was less impressive in you’ve got from 0 to 37 percent half an hour not sluggish but definitely not the fastest we’ve seen. Speaking how fast the edge sports a snapdragon 765 chipset it’s a very recent midrange Qualcomm chipset complete with 5 G. connectivity and it came out on top of every other mid range chipset the only caveat is that slightly more expensive phones like the OnePlus 8 or the real me XP pro how the flagship snapdragon 865. The phone also offers 46 gigs of ram and your first one storage instead of the U. FS 3.out that you find on the edge plus it does have an expandable micro SD card slot though. The Motorola edges running and 310 and moto version of it is a very stock android experience with some extra features bundled into the mobile app the motor actions are clever and you twist to launch the camera and dual karate chop to start the flashlight which should be familiar to you if you’ve ever used a Motorola device before. There are also add lights to take advantage of the water full screen and light up the side of the display for calls and notifications a bit like an LED light but much of last year there’s an edge touch which is new and includes useful shortcuts the floating action bar on the side that you can move to either the left or right side of the phone. What a game time is not new but it packs a new features in the past it allows you to filter out notifications turn on audio enhancements and disable adaptive brightness among other things. For the moto X. series it now allows you to add virtual triggers on the edge of the phone for in game use. The navigation use a bar on the bottom and it’s quite easy to get used to swipe in from the side to go back swipe left to right on the bar at the bottom to switch between apps and swipe the Agnelli to launch the Google assistant the annoying part is that you can’t hide the bar and it only disappears if you’re gaming or watching a movie. The Motorola ad has a quad camera setup there is a 64 megapixel quad Bierman snapper a 16 megapixel toward camera and 8 megapixel telephoto with 2 times magnification and a time of flight camera. Can they like the main camera photos were very good they had excellent contrast and dynamic range and no visible noise detail was alright though not spectacular and colors were true to life though a bit on the cool side the auto HDR is triggered often during the day and it definitely boosted the number range while reducing noise there was a small loss of detail though. You can take photos and the full 64 megapixel resolution but they’re pouring diesel and they look up skilled in comparison to a regular photo. With the auto white colors were a bit on the warmer side and as a whole we quite like them they have enough detail superb contrast and dynamic range and low noise you can also use the old Ford for super macro shots and performed pretty well here the 8 megapixel telephoto camera skills all of its images to 16 megapixels if you want to shoot in his native 8 megapixel you have to go into manual mode and shoot an auto there photo shot this way you have natural detail rendition but let software enhancements like HDR and the dynamic range was underwhelming. If you shouldn’t 16 megapixel with the telephoto camera like moto intended detail takes a hit contrast and the number cranes are good though the colors are nice but are also a bit off from the other cameras.





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