The Galaxy S6 Edge Screen

The Galaxy S6 Edge Screen
The Galaxy S6 Edge Screen

In this article will show you the internals of the galaxy S. 6 edge I’m going to give you a general idea of how everything inside can be replaced including the back of the phone the camera the charging port the mother board all of the good stuff but remove the sim card tray up at the top of the phone with your sim card removal tool all the parts and tools for this project will be linked in the article description below now the back of your phone is cracked.

it’s gonna be a little bit harder to remove it from the phone many wedding heated up with a blow dryer or a heat gun if your phone is not cracked you can take a suction Cup and section to the glass and once it’s warm the adhesive will allow the back glass to lift up a little bit from the back of the phone and make the removable back easier to remove now if your phone is cracked like.

it is on my device you’re gonna need to heat it up in the suction Cup won’t stick to the back because all the cracks allow air to get underneath the suction Cup so you take a little metal pry tool and kind of split it between the metal frame of the phone and the glass back. You will be really careful you’re doing this you don’t crack the back even more .

I just got a slight dip tool around the edge of the phone to kind of cut through the adhesive that’s holding it to the device and you get a better understanding of how it’s held down once you see what’s underneath 17 she added to that cutting with the metal pry tool I use a playing card which is a little bit thinner and doesn’t stretch the glass as much as the metal tool does end up being a little bit easier in the long run once the glass is mostly up I can cut through the last remaining adhesive with the card and pull the glass up away from the device so,

I think you want to watch out for is that black Q. Y. charger underneath the glass if you cut through that then it’ll stop working you won’t be able to queue I charge your phone anymore here’s a broken back I’m just gonna discard this as the replacement backs are pretty cheap I mean running through a camera lens replacement really quick down at the bottom there’s little groovy can slip your tweezers through or just any kind of metal pry tool you can lift up the lens if your lenses ever scratched or cracked you can replace it fairly easily is a pretty cheap on Amazon.

I will link these innovators scripture below as well pretty straightforward with the replacement you just pull off the adhesive from the back glass and push it down inside of the little metal frame making sure that you never ever touch the inside of the glass you don’t wanna leave any fingerprints or smudges or dust on the inside of the lens.

if there is any to breeze enter here your camera will not focus once you get the new lens installed to be super careful and make sure that it’s clean once the glass lenses in place on the little metal bracket you can just press it down and then when you get your new back installed in the phone.

it’ll hold it on to the mid frame so you don’t need to really worry about adhesive on the camera itself grab a screwdriver there’s 13 screws holding down the frame to the frame of the screen once you get those screws out lift off the queue I charging pad and then you can press against the back of the phone and push it out of the mid frame pretty straightforward.

I would recommend pressing up it at the. Top of the phone you can do the bottom but it does kind of get caught on the charging port as you can see a little bit right there was the mid frame is off you can see the Q. I. charging pad the camera lens and the buttons are kind of interesting right here you can see if your power but never stops working you can remove the button bracket and a little ribbon cable has just 2 little gold contact points.

That attached to the mother board as the mother board rests on top of the button itself. And you can just put it right back inside of its bracket. And then into the frame and all the buttons are pretty similar you can see the volume rockers on the other side as well so grab a plastic pry tool we’re gonna disconnect all these little ribbon cables some people call them waffle connectors from the mother board of the phone this one here is the battery.

20 sep previously was the fingerprint scanner this one ‘s for the earpiece and proximity sensor here we have the front facing camera. And you just gonna snap these from the mother board like the legos here’s the LCD and digitizer and then down here we have some wire cable connectors and these ones just on staff in the mother board as well.

It’s gonna pull those out your way and then you can lift the mother board up and away from the plastic frame and then the bottom of it is attached to the charging port ribbon cable connector so one snap that like a little lego and you’re good to go here’s the rear facing camera also has its own the ribbon cable connector and it is also slightly glued to the mother board. Here’s the rear camera.

I’m gonna push that back into place and snap it back into the mother board all these parts replaceable now for the batteries are batteries go out pretty regularly on these phones especially after you’ve had it for a year or 2 and if you’re gonna replace the battery and want to keep the screen in one piece your eyes and not break the screen as you’re removing the battery .

it helps if you heat it up a little bit and slide a thin metal tool not a razor blade because a little bit too sick. Between the battery and the frame making sure not to push or been to the screen at all or it will crack you want also make sure not to puncture the battery or it could you know start on fire explode we want to avoid that if at all possible so now that we’ve lifted the battery up out of the phone .

we do have to remove the mother board in order to get out the battery because it has that little black lip up at the top. Here is the vibrator motor we can lift that out as well so this is where you get all your notifications or if you know if your phones vibrating when it’s ringing this is what is causing that there’s little metal tab that is holding the proximity sensor and the ear piece down into the plastic frame and then down here at the charging port there’s 2 screws that are holding .

t in place we got one screw over here by the headphone Jack and then we have another screw over here in the center of the board. Once those 2 screws are out you can list the charging port away from the plastic frame of the phone the charging port is pretty interesting you know has the headphone Jack the charging port it does have the wire cable connectors on it .

you can see in the center there you have the home button where that presses down it has the 2 capacitive buttons on either side of the device you have the back button and the menu button you have the fingerprint scanner ribbon cable there the LCD cable and this is the entire screen of the device right here you can see as the LCD the digitizer and the black plastic frame that holds.

it all together and I would strongly strongly recommend that if this is the part that you replace if your screen is broken some people may attempt a glass only repair but I you know would bet that that’s pretty impossible with this phone. So I will link the entire screen replacement in the video description below you can grab that. If your screen is broken.

Not for the phone back together again you saw me put the charging port back in a place with the 2 screws here’s the vibrator motor as well as the front facing camera and the earpiece proximity sensor make sure to get that little. Top of it pinned down in the slot that’s in the plastic frame well here’s one more part so,

this is a little microphone that’s attached to the top of the phone with this little waffle connector little lego piece you can just click back into place there I like Sampson because most of their parts are modular and can be replaced on a whim.

if you need to so here is the charging port how it connects back to the mother board I find that it’s easiest to put it in place was lifted up like that and you can just set the mother board down to the frame take the battery and slide it underneath the mother board member that black plastic lip that’s up there at the top definitely needs to be below the mother board and just put it back into place snapping .

it down like a little lego piece. Here is the fingerprint scanner ribbon cable that I’m also going to click down. Appear the earpiece and the proximity sensor gets clipped to the mother board and the LCD cable right there. And then these are little wire ribbon cables that need to be closed down places well member not to push so hard that you been them like it will you know snap in and you’ll feel it just make sure not to put too much pressure and damaging the connections that’ll make it harder later on make sure that the ribbon cables also fed into little groups that is designed for it .

otherwise the back you know mid frame of the phone will not sit in a place like it is right here I said the charging port in first and then get those 13 screws back into place. Pretty straightforward and here are the replacement backs I will link these in the video description as well they are tempered glass I believe they are pretty scratch resistant and they do have the pre installed it he sieve on the backs you don’t have to buy extrait he sieve to put on to the under the phone so,

it makes it a lot easier when you’re doing these kind of replacements it does not have the I am me I or the information of the device on the back as like the original one does though I am going to put a blue back on a white phone just because it’s the only one I have at the moment and just pressing it down into place peel off the protection and you can see that it fits exactly like the original does.

It doesn’t stick out too far and matches exactly along with the edge of the device. Make sure everything still works on the phone. And I’m just gonna test out how scratch resistant it is. Just because that’s what I do. I have my razor blade. Scratcher right along the logo and it looks like we’re good to go there are 0 scratches on the back of the device.

So I’m pretty impressed with it anyway I did do a durability test with the galaxy S. 6 edge I will link that article here at the end of this one any questions in the comments don’t forget to like if this article.


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