Glass Only Screen Replacement On Samsung GS3


Entertainment show you how to fix this a crack screen on the galaxy S. 3 in the same process that you would use on any of the newer galaxy phones and the latest Samsung phones Respaut we’re going to take out the battery you need to take apart the phone for this.

Because the glass is not connected to anything on the phone is just glued on there. We’re going to take a heat gun and heat the glue separating that is holding together the glass screen. To the phone, it says sitting right above the digitizer sore heating that grew up little enough to let the glass separate away from the rest of the phone.

The temperature you want to get at is the point where it’s almost too hot to touch. If you heated too much of damage the LCD underneath and I made another video that you can check out here that’ll teach you some of the of what not to do when you’re separating the glass from the rest the phone, so I’ve taken a razor blade knife inserted it between the screen in the frame. You can see the glue start to separate.

And moved downward into the phone. Let that sit for just a second and pop one of my other tools in here to hold its place. And while I’m doing this, the phone is cooling down in the glue is going to start to harden again so periodically during this whole process I have to bust out the heat gun, and he still left the phone. Keep it warm so that the glue stays liquid enough for me to work around the outsides.

What’s careful about this is that usually when you crack your screen, you have to replace the whole thing is a unison cost anywhere from 100 to 250 Bucks depending on what kind of phone you have and how new it is. The glass pieces for these phones only require about 10 Bucks, so that I will list those in the video description below but $10 a whole lot better than 250. So here I am separating the clue again. Coming out from the other side after I was done receiving the phone.

And you can use plastic tools U. K. I prefer metal tools myself you sexy careful not to damage the frame everyone has their personal preferences. I just find that metal tools are a little more. There’s more have more structural integrity is they don’t bend around fluctuate as much today I have more control over what I’m doing. Some are heating the phone again, making sure the inclusiveness and heart touching it periodically, making sure not heated up too much.

kind of slide it down. He said separating them needs to be careful not to touch the digitizer underneath the glass screen digitizer is the next layer because it is incredibly fragile. Very much if you put any pressure whatsoever on it, it will crack, and you can check out the tips and tricks article that I made it’ll show you a little bit more about that.

And he had the phone again making sure the group stays nice and. One. You know the tips and tricks to do that in made show me breaking the phone in 3 different ways. So it’s a pretty useful article showing what not to replace the glass on your phone; check that out before you attempt to do this operation.
So smart I would ha

ve done this step a little bit sooner because the top of the screen and started to reattach itself so should a prop something in there like a bit of guitar pick worry another racer played they can keep the top of the screen separate from the rest the phone, so I wouldn’t have to. Right-back up again. Now that I have my red tool in there, it’ll hold the screen far enough up.
We will start to separate on its own when down towards the bottom. You see blue as the screen separates from the rest of the phone. He can move in. Keep on sliding my tools down just ran the screen up ever so gently that you know cracking your digitizer you’ll think to yourself man that was so easy to break I cannot believe how easy it was. Your best bet is just not to touch it at all.

The cooldown around the bottom of the phone because that’s where the touch-sensitive buttons are. And there is a little cable connecting those they’ll have to detach from the back of the glass no she had to do that in just a second. One little bit that still holds the phone together, some heated up, and you’ll see it move. Detach yourself just like them. They are so having the right amount of heat. That’s what makes this job. That’s what makes fixing the phone easy or hard.

Just finding that perfect balance Sir right here, this is the double-sided sticky tape that’s holding the screen down you want to reuse as much of this is possible. Unfortunately for this phone, most of that, but I just got off is not going to be reused. So she had to fix that in a second now. These are the buttons I talked about before ominously wished my plastic tool and pried those gently away from the glass screen. Because I have to reuse these, they have to connect to the new piece of glass; otherwise, you lose your menu in your back buttons.

Now, if you end up ripping this cable, that’s it you only have one shot at this if you end up damaging the digitizer cutting the wire you just have to buy a new screen there’s no fixing it, so there is a little bit of risk involved, but at the same time you end up saving a lot of money if it works. All right, get rid of the old glass number to go around the edges make sure there are no little shards of glass.

Anywhere you must get every single little shark to take as much time as you need and pick out every little bit because any bit of stuck down still inside of the phone will keep the new screen away from the phone body, don’t let it sit flush against the. The phone itself so I just cut away some of the sticky tapes. The stuff that was bunched up, I want my screen to sit flush against the phone if there is any little. Bubbles are ripples or anything like that won’t sit flush. No usually.

with the glass screen. But in this case, he said he was stuck down on the digitizer some very gently just kind of robin that back and peeling away, which is strange strangely satisfying. At least it isn’t super important to the phone; it only helps the old screen stay on the stay in place. We have a new way of attaching the glass menagerie that just a second this new tape down. This will take this whole thing cost about 3 or 4 books on Amazon, a link that in the description below as well.

It’s enough to last a lifetime. These new antagonisms unfeeling from the role and building kind of a framework around the actual screen itself. And this does two things: it holds the original piece of glass in place and creates a barrier from dust to see what the square of the screen is to be 100 percent sealed. Make a solid square or rectangle around the LCD so that when the glasses on top of it, there’s no way for dust to get between the glass and the digitizer.

Making sure there are no gaps anywhere. You can see right here on meet just meeting up with a piece of sticky tape that I was able to save on that top left side. And I’m also making sure that I’m not covering up any of the cameras or the speaker’s tape around. Those that I can still use them all right here I’m super careful in taking hold and free cloth and just running around the outside to get any dust that fell under the digitizer while we were working.

Being very gentle, Merete cracked the digitizer. No solution replaces the whole screen. It was gently picking up all the dust. Making sure there are no glass fragments anywhere. Now it is time to remove the upper side of the sticky tape. Stigmata razor blades separating the two layers of sticky tape are now stuck to the phone, and the other hand is ready for the screen to replace them. On top of it.

Making sure all the dust is gone, you only have one shot at this initiative system. Now I’m taking the screen and lining it up with the buttons down below. The back button in the menu button. A similar place lines the screen up and makes sure that the funds are stuck to the screen before setting the screen down and home. Once again, you can get these quest pieces for super cheap on Amazon anywhere from 5 to 10 Bucks and link those in the video description below.

Then I’m lining the home button up first because it has a little bit of play. You can wiggle around to make sure society, and then you make sure that the earpieces also lined up with the hole in the upper side of the class. Once you have those two pieces lined up, you can just president place. Now, this right now, it’s good to go. You can use the phones working 100 percent. I like to take the heat gun, and only one more time heat the phone just enough so that it’s hard to the touch.

Nick cannon of seals the double-sided sticky tape to the glass; it makes it a stronger bond than it would be without the heat. Building in about 6 to 7 inches away from the phone, it also just depends on you know how powerfully he again is. Thomas, to architecture, was good to go. Once you know, put all the parts you need for this project, the description below. Can phone can says find the whole thing only took me about 30 minutes.
I do have a bit of practice, you know. The most important thing is just taking time to go slow. And try not to break anything. You a pop battery back in. I can want that overheating then and just gone to the test to make sure that everything is working still.

And if you have any questions, make sure to leave in the comments below. Don’t forget to like it if this article helps you.
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