Laser TV With Alexa And Google/Cover By Zubair Ali

Laser TV With Alexa And Google
Laser TV With Alexa And Google

And there were a new TV’s announced this year, so look for a full roundup of these amazing TV’s, including AK TVs. It was something that you had to see in person to believe. So I want to thank them for sponsoring this experience.


And it comes with built-in Amazon, Alexa. So this can be the hub of your entire smart home. Since this is a laser projection, you’re going to get up to 20000 hours of bulb life, which is awesome. So think about it. That’s 833 days of continuous movie playback or watching something for about 2.2 years straight. So that’s pretty crazy. You can get all of this at a fraction of the price of what the competition is charging for K ultra-short arrow systems.


And it comes with a wireless subwoofer all delivering 110 watts of audio powered by Harman Khadem. This opens up the possibility of consoles like the PS4 Pro and the X box one x four for K gaming. I hope I get to try this out in the near future. This looks pretty awesome.


There’s a 88 inch and 8 inches coming soon. Hisense showed off a massive150 inch four k laser TV. I got to check it out in a theater. The picture is absolutely mind-blowing. It was sharper than I ever thought it would be 450 inches. The colors were vibrant. The details were there. I didn’t want to leave. It’s the same laser set up the 100 inches same audio with a wireless subwoofer which filled that entire room, which was surprising.


. But my guess is that we’ll see a lot more of this in the next year. I have a feeling with these four ultra short throws over time with their convenient four factors, we’ll make projection more mainstream in the near future. I’m excited about it. Hisense announced a logit to their full TV lineup for 2018. My favorites are the flagship HD 10 E and the H 90 plus models. Of course, you get Fourcade resolution with the quantum dot. Why color gamut with their ultra LCD or you led tech with 1000 backlight and array local dimming. You get HDR 10. And now you get support for Dobi’s vision, which I think is a great inclusion.


There’s no pricing at this time, but they’ll be available in a variety of screen sizes. So lookout for some reviews when these TVs drop. Hisense refreshes their mid-range lineup with the H 90 and the H 80. These TVs will have the Hisense smart TV software but will come with Amazon Alexa built-in, which is nice.


There were some budget models announced here and some cool concepts like this, a retro TV. I really enjoyed this. I think they look cool. There was an AK tv. Seeing all of this really makes me excited for the TV market in 2018. They’re just getting cheaper. More features are getting packed in. This is a great time to keep your eyes open for a new TV.


In a round of fashion from here at C. S 2018. And I will see you guys in the next one.


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