Granite Inlaid Solid Wood Desk

Granite Inlaid Solid Wood Desk
Granite Inlaid Solid Wood Desk

Today I’m going to show you how I built my super huge granite inlaid solid wood desk each of these chunks right here pieces of granite that I got for free from a counter shop it’s just thrown away. The legs are made of piping explain a bit more about that as well this.

So here’s where I’m at so far I’m making a giant 7 foot long. Granite in late desk, I got these three-quarter inch thick ones just because it’ll take less wood at the office. I have some more significant granite pieces, but when you’re born that much would out of the total desk space, it’s going to be that pre structurally unsound, so the thinner and pieces of granite are. The more sturdy the desk will have a bunch more granite slabs over there as far as the positioning of the granite goes, I have.

This piece right here used to be 130 kinds of cool to spread out a little bit, and then as far as the restaurant goes, I want to keep the same grain of the granite even though these are entirely different chunks. That is broken off.

They have that dark street kind of going left to right. I want to keep that kind of uniform throughout the table to hold a general theme of it and then as I’m using my plunge router to cut out the holes. I have marked this with a pencil.

And I’ve left a little piece of wood right here so as a router out the space around here this will keep the router steady and even with the top of the table so I don’t end up with uneven chunks the bottom and I’ll show you what I mean later on. Now I have to do is finish rattling out the other slots for the other piece of granite. And I’ll figure out how to fill this gap between the grand in the woods.

I’ve started to seal the blocks down into the wood, but I’ve taken some liquid nails, and some wood glue and I drifted into the hole and then set the granite slabs on top of that to conceal the back of the wood, and then I started taking wood filler and putting.

It around the outside of the granite and the inside of the wood and had worked out pretty well so far one thing that helped me lay the wood filler. In between the ground and the wood was when I started using my finger and a nice and putting in between.

wood, and I’m afraid that’s going to look bad when I’ve finally stayed. So what I did is I bought one of these. Dollar ketchup dispensers from Walmart. And filled it up with the wood filler, and then I can take it and squeeze it into the crack between the ground and the wood, and that makes it a lot less messy I also try to experiment with the liquid nails, and liquid nails say.

It’s dateable, so we’re going to find that out I use these two front pieces. Entirely with liquid nails, Semitic those incentives down later clean him up, and then we’ll see how well the stain what’s friendly with the wood filler though is that I can take it. And it’s rough right now, but as soon as it’s going to dry it leaves a little bit tacking, you can just tap it down into the hole and kind of clean up that whole.

A lot better than it would normally. One block left and then let it dry for a day and then stand and see what happens, let me talk a minute about the base that I’m using for the desk. It is a pipe base. The whole thing is made out of pipes starting with this like here you can see I have to base than ever T. joint after a 4-inch square piece and that branches out and I’m going to link all of the different parts of this base in the video description below I’ll put a link there where other elements are.

So I have. This bar right here spaces the two legs, and I have another T. join up here that moves across, and he joined here that moves up, so there’s a total. At 4 pins around the side. Then you can see here and then there’s the one lake here. Up in the center that goes up towards the back next, my monitor stands. Going to be, so this adds another—a little bit. Of support in—the center of the end of the desk. And I’ve put all of my weight on them in it evenly distributes.

It down these leads over here which is lovely the desk is going to be pretty darn sturdy another thing that’s nice about the office is that the gross floor isn’t quite even you can see that there’s a little bit discrepancy between the concrete slabs but at each of the joints. You can see the base the 4-inch piece in the T. joint you can screw it in a little bit more a little bit less. And then the top of the exactly where you want. With.

To learn a couple of things will stay at the top of his desk. A. The stain does stick to granite. Some have to find a way to get that off after noticing that I did switch around and start taking off the pieces of granite, so hopefully, the rest won’t end up quite as marked up. No, it’s own covered and ready to be put in the office slash my bedroom.

So in the base, the table screwed. Into place, and all the tops are measured, so they’re all the same height she. So I’m pretty happy with how the desk turned out I used to different types of granite just to kind of see how they would differ so we have the white granite in the back, and that’s just like a matte finish is not super glossy or anything, and I think it looks alright, but I prefer the starker granite right here that is super glossy you can see the reflection of the light right there and the door frame so,

I think having a bunch of super glossy pieces embedded in the wood. It would look cool the one thing that I would do differently as I tried using liquid nails right here because it said it was stable. It did not sustain very well, and I don’t particularly appreciate how it looks. I mean, it’s not terrible but where I used to wood filler plans and a lot easier with the granite.

So next time I’ll use wood filler for all the granite pieces instead of liquid nails, so it’s not about the set up is I have my new desk here, and I have my old office here and if you remember this is the one I did the wireless charging through the bottom of the desk.

I’ll post a link to that article here as well, and so since it’s right next to my bed, I can just take my phone put it right on my desk and have it wires to charge through the office during the night. This is also where I do all my phone repair videos and set up my lightbox, but my camera mounts tripod here the second film those articles right next to my editing station.
So this is it, and you can tell she is pretty darn sturdy. Thanks for watching very questions make sure to lean down in the comments below.


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