BlackBerry The Original Keyone Black/Cover By Zubair Ali

BlackBerry The Original Keyone Black
BlackBerry The Original Keyone Black

This would be bad because what if someone came to rob him? You know what? I’m going to rob. Dom Esposito right now. I mean. I mean, let’s just get this money. I mean, dollar bills, bills, bills, bills, quote, ceramic apple. Yeah. Pianta. See what? I mean, if we got a whole G.V. Let’s wake up. Dump a patent to get OSA.



So this is pretty much the same awesome BlackBerry key one. So the AT&T version will be called Space Black. And then this one will just be called the black edition. I like it if you guys want to see a little bit of behind the scenes.


This is how high May Rivera shoots in the wild. He’s a pro.. Though. Look at this. He’s a pro. He gets right off the plane and starts shooting right away. What a boss. Twenty three. Look at that. Let’s see. It’s a battle of the wide-angle.

See, that’s what you have when you don’t have a. I know. Flip screen. That’s what you got. You can see everyone. Yes. Pretty wide. Three wides. Good. Pretty good. Not bad. You got boss him in front, you know, running off.



True story. I’ve done worse than I get. Cheesy bad on my back. I’m in Germany stepping on people’s houses. I don’t care about it. It’s easy. He can buy another beer. He’s rich. We’ve got this guy right here. And some other people, too. What a fist bump. Boom. So my second stop today is Samsung. I’m here checking the new watches. The gear fit to probe.


See a full video on this on the channel. But then you got these clouds over here talking and all that is time. That’s why we don’t get all these people here. Hello. All these people here. Hello. Tons of people. You’re out Samsung. So let’s check out these new watches. Look what you think about this watch. Of course, pretty cool. I mean, what’s it got? Connectivity or anything. . That’s all right. But these are it right here. This is the sport. It is missing a few things, though. It does have a Samsung pay, but it doesn’t have MSD.


I’m not sure if anybody is a fan of these, they had battery life before, but now they’re saying that the battery life could be up to five hours in playback, which would be huge for these because that was the biggest problem with these things.


So I know that he would love this a lot. I’m missing you over here. but this is a really cool area. . To chop it up with IFJ, because that’s kind of brought us out here. And I’m going to see you guys in the next one.

Ulefone Armor 9 Review/Cover By Minhaj

You don’t think the phone is challenging enough, you can run with this rubber frame. It is even more shock absorbers and it has a handy belt clip carabiner. Another optional accessory the endoscope.

Which is attached to some pins on the side of the armor not. It’s water-resistant and comes with a 2-meter long cable and LEDs for lighting.

But we were able to try it out for a while. Let’s move on to the armor nines display. It’s a 6.3 inch I. P. SL CD with the 1080 P. resolution and, of course, shatter-resistant glass. The vessels are rather large here, and there’s still a notch cut out for this, so we can at least get a notification LED up there.

The screen is pretty good. Still, it’s plenty bright we measured up to a maximum of 515 is with a brightness slider one curious design choice on the number 9 is the positioning of the single speaker is located on the back of the phone.

This means that while you’re facing the screen,

the sound will be directed away from you, and if the phone were on his back.

The sound coming out of it would be silenced for this reason.

The speaker being rather loud and itself dumber 9 scored below average now let us test the sound quality is good though with presented minutes and even a bit of base.

Some see. 3.5 millimeter Jack for headphones FM radio support with them plugged in. far storage goes, there were 128 gigs onboard, and it is expandable to notice the thick rubber seal on the tray here.

And you can wake up and unlock the phone with the side-mounted fingerprint reader, separate from the power button. It works fine though the positioning is low and bit awkward. What is annoying is that it’s straightforward to accidentally touch this part of the phone with your hand when carrying the device. This causes missed activations of the reader, and you are going to put the fingerprint reader blocked by too many false attacks.

The armor 9es interface your phone launcher that’s pretty close to stock android tat it all looks pretty vanilla here except for the customer comes, and there are no ads.

Whatsoever your phone is sprinkled in a few changes here and there. However, for one, there’s no app drawer to get one. You’ll need to use a custom launcher, one helpful function a dedicated push to talk, or PTT Hardwicke. You can use the phone with various PTT apps or program the key to activate shortcuts with it.

And the custom toolbox app is quite helpful. It provides many functions in one convenient place, including a compass level from Bob in protractor. Under the hood of the armor 9 is a MediaTek Helio P. 90 chipsets. It’s a mid-range chip that’s already 2 years old, miss outclassed by newer hardware games. Aren’t these strong phone suits there.

You can get them to work all right if you turn down graphic settings. If you don’t care that much about gaming, the Helio P. 90 provides performance that’s enough to handle your daily tasks, and then so.

Battery life is awe-inspiring here though the armor 9 packs a vast 600006000 power battery and with it was able to score a 148-hour endurance rating in our tax, one of the best scores we’ve seen.

Because you can even charge that giant battery at a decent clip, the bundled 18 watch charger was able to take the phone from 0 to 35 percent charge in half an hour.

The armor 9 cameras set up includes a 64-megapixel primary camera with a quiet sensor and a 2-megapixel camera for depth sensing. There’s a special Fleer camera set up, which will go into a bit.

A regular camera app has its quirks by default; it opens up to the 64-megapixel note. Well, you’d expect better quality from the 16-megapixel photo mode this is from a quad Bayer sensor.

Anyway, 16-megapixel photos are lovely besides the complete transition. They have detail and noise-free. The contrast is average, though, and so is the dynamic range. We did notice a yellowish tint to the photos too.

The 64-megapixel shots aren’t good, and we’re not sure why this is the default mode. They take longer to shoot and take up more space. The depth sensor is there to help with portrait mode shots. These come out 8 megapixels, and they’re okay.

You do get an defocus background, but the subject attention is 4 by things like a print on a T. shirt and a contrast. In late photo quality from the primary camera is inconsistent sometimes. These look incredibly sharp with lots of detail, low noise, and preserve colors other times. They come out soft and smudgy.

There is a night mode available, and it produces shots that come out of 12.5 megapixels. The exposure is bright, and there’s low noise and good contrast. Sophie’s taken with the 8-megapixel front-facing camera aren’t too great.

They’re noisy with average detail, and they often look it’s had a focus probably because the emphasis we spot is not precisely an arm’s length. You can shoot video in up to 4 K. at 30 FPS, and the results are and get the detail level is poor.

The colors are off Dynamic ranges, just average, plus there’s no video stabilization available. Now let’s talk about the Fleer camera. The system has an infrared snapper and a regular 2 megapixel, which work together to provide you with a detailed thermal image. With this, you can see the world around you in a different way.

And you can use the filters to narrow down what you’re looking for. And you can use the flare candy to get a numerical temperature readout.

Overall it’s pretty intuitive and pretty useful. I would consider the I. R. cam one of the main unique features of this phone.

So that’s your phone number 9. You get an incredibly durable built that could last you for years without incident.

this is a phone primarily built for specific kinds of consumer professionals whose line of work might put.

But at the end of the day, your phone has accomplished what it set out to create a handheld tank that you can surf the web with if this speaks to you, and then the armor 9 is worth recommending. Thanks for watching, guys. Stay safe, and see you on the next one.

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Review/Cover By Guria

Hey, what’s up, guys will hear for GSM arena the mi 10 T. pro is one of the latest phones from Xiaomi, and it’s quite a different device from both his predecessor, the mi 90 pro, and the other me 10 models that came out this year so what’s the deal with this one let’s find out in our full review.

The mi 10 T. pro is the flagship-grade phone made of premium materials is covered in gorilla glass 5 on the front, and the back and the rounded frame are made from aluminum.

The back is slightly curved and feels comfortably secure in the hand R. 10 T. pro is in the cosmic black finish, seems more like a shade of gray is super glossy and shiny, almost mirror-like, and fingerprints and smudges are pretty visible here.

On the front is a tall 6.67-inch display with a 1080 P. resolution. Unlike the other means had models, this 1 is an LCD, not in LA. And while last year’s me 90 pros kept itself, you can hit it with a pop-up mechanism this year’s model houses.

There is a noticeable backlight bleed around the punch holes if there is something white on the screen. But even with these arguable downsides, this display is pretty awesome is the first time.

I show me a device with a super-fast 144-hertz refresh rate, swiping interface, or scrolling content that looks smoother than ever before the rate is adapted to the content on-screen .you can go low 30 hurts to match it.

It’s successful and sinking this up and is one of the best implementations we’ve seen. This LCD is one of the best out there. It has contrast, and it was blacked aren’t deep Olympic produce.

There’s still quite dark Max brightness is great too after 500 nits with the slider, and you can reach 630 minutes maximum in auto mode when in bright conditions colors are too accurate to specific color spaces but can be made to be acceptable if you tweet them and set.


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