BlackBerry The Original Keyone Black

BlackBerry The Original Keyone Black
BlackBerry The Original Keyone Black

This would be bad because like what if someone came to rob him? You know what? I’m going to rob. Dom Esposito right now, because I might as well. I mean. I mean, let’s just get this money.

I mean, dollar bills, bills, bills, bills, quote, ceramic apple watches.

Yeah. Pianta. See what? I mean, if we got a whole G.V. thirties on an apple minus, we’ll get it. Let’s wake him up. Dump a patent to get OSA.

We’ve got his on. Oh, shit. All right. So here is the first thing that I got to see here at HFA, and this is the black condition, black, where a key one. You know, I really like the original key one. I like it a lot.

Actually had a legendary battery life and it was really, really nice. But here is the black one.

I think you might have seen the video on this already from a few people. It was launched in India, but now it’s going to come to the U.S.. So AT&T is going to be the exclusive carrier.

They’ll probably have a giant tramp stamp here on the back. Yuck. But that one will actually have the same specs. The AT&T version, it’ll have three gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigs of storage.

But there is an unlocked version coming and that one is going to have a specked bump with four gigabytes of RAM and it’s going to get 64 gigabytes of storage. So this is pretty much the same awesome BlackBerry key one. But just out in this murdered black version.

I really like it a lot, actually. I think I prefer this over the silver one.

What do you guys think about this? I mean, if you guys were, you know, really interested in a key one or getting a key one, this would be the time to do it in this black color.

So the AT&T version will be called Space Black. And then this one will just be called the black edition. So stay tuned for more coverage on this. I should be getting this in a few weeks.

Let me know. We think about it. I like it if you guys want to see a little bit of behind the scenes.

This is how high May Rivera shoots in the wild. Look at him. This is a fantasy. This is a phone in its natural habitat. Yes. And look at this giant ass screen that he has to shoot on to see himself. I hate that. That is a huge screen. And I need to show.

He’s a pro.. Though. Look at this. He’s a pro. He gets right off the plane and starts shooting right away. What a boss.

Twenty three. Look at that. Let’s see. It’s the battle of the wide angle. The wide angle battle. Wide angle battle. You see everyone here? Sure. It gets the everybody in this way.

I’m going to stop it. Stop it. See, that’s what you have when you don’t have a. I know. Flip screen. That’s what you got. Get. This is. This is a five year old. Camera’s gonna flip off screen.

You can see everyone. Yes. Pretty wide. Three wides. Good. Pretty good.

Not bad. You got boss himy in front, you know, running off. He’s doing the park in our daily right now and in the front seat. True story. I’ve done worse than I get. Cheesy bad on my back. I’m in Germany stepping on people’s houses.

I don’t care about. It’s easy. He can buy another beer. He’s rich. We’ve got this guy right here.

And some other people, too. What a fist bump. Boom.

So my second stop today is Samsung. I’m here checking out the new watches. The gear fit to probe. Look at this cool little setup they got in slo mo. See a full video on this on the channel. But then you got these clouds over here talking and all that is time.

That’s why we don’t get all these people here. Hello. All these people here. Hello.

Tons of people. You’re checking out Samsung. So let’s check out a couple of these new watches. Look what you think about this watch. Of course, pretty cool. I mean, what’s it got? Connectivity or anything. But that’s okay with me. I don’t care about that. That’s all right. But these are it right here. This is the sport.

This is like a mid ranger, I guess, compared to the fake all the gear three is still the flagship.

This is like the mid range thing. I think it’s in the fall, right between like two fifty. It is missing a few things, though. It does have a Samsung pay, but it doesn’t have MSD.

It only works by NFC. So some people might be a little bit bummed by that. But tons of new fans. There’s a ton of bands here. Take a look. I mean, look at the choice of all these bands. I mean, this is insane, right? I want to take all these home right here.

Those are the bands that you’re dealing with. There’s a newer, like, hybrid band, which I don’t mind at all. This is like a leather front with a silicone side.

I’m not sure exactly what they call. They got some kind of marketing name for it.

But this could be interesting. Like all in one band. So this is pretty cool. M. Specked eight. Of course, it’s waterproof. It is also actually sweat proof, I think. But actually that’s what. Sorry. It is salt water. But not that damage.

Also you get the new. Gear icon X. I’m not sure if anybody is actually a fan of these, they had terrible battery life before, but now they’re saying that the battery life could be up to five hours in playback, which would be huge for these, actually, because that was the biggest problem with these things.

And now they are improved and they have some touch functionality here that if you touched outside the year. But I think if you double tap, you can access like Bixby or Google assistant. So that’s kind of cool right there. So those are the new gear icon x 2018.

We got into the Samsung pre briefing. We’ve got to look at the watches.

This is kind of a cool area, man. Look at how artistic this place looks. This is really cool. I guess they picked this venue because they said it kind of represented Berlin best.

I mean, I kind of agree this place is awesome. Look at all the graffiti and stuff. And I mean, Ash Taylor would have a crazy, crazy day in here. I mean, this is like art to the max. So I know that he would love this a lot. I’m missing you over here, buddy, but this is a really cool area here.

But we’re going to now go back to the hotel and chill a little bit. To chop it up with IFJ, because that’s kind of brought us out here. And I’m going to see you guys in the next one.


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