BlackBerry The Original Keyone Black/Cover By Zubair Ali

BlackBerry The Original Keyone Black
BlackBerry The Original Keyone Black

This would be bad because what if someone came to rob him? You know what? I’m going to rob. Dom Esposito right now. I mean. I mean, let’s just get this money. I mean, dollar bills, bills, bills, bills, quote, ceramic apple. Yeah. Pianta. See what? I mean, if we got a whole G.V. Let’s wake up. Dump a patent to get OSA.



So this is pretty much the same awesome BlackBerry key one. So the AT&T version will be called Space Black. And then this one will just be called the black edition. I like it if you guys want to see a little bit of behind the scenes.


This is how high May Rivera shoots in the wild. He’s a pro.. Though. Look at this. He’s a pro. He gets right off the plane and starts shooting right away. What a boss. Twenty three. Look at that. Let’s see. It’s a battle of the wide-angle.

See, that’s what you have when you don’t have a. I know. Flip screen. That’s what you got. You can see everyone. Yes. Pretty wide. Three wides. Good. Pretty good. Not bad. You got boss him in front, you know, running off.



True story. I’ve done worse than I get. Cheesy bad on my back. I’m in Germany stepping on people’s houses. I don’t care about it. It’s easy. He can buy another beer. He’s rich. We’ve got this guy right here. And some other people, too. What a fist bump. Boom. So my second stop today is Samsung. I’m here checking the new watches. The gear fit to probe.


See a full video on this on the channel . But then you got these clouds over here talking and all that is time. That’s why we don’t get all these people here. Hello. All these people here. Hello. Tons of people. You’re out Samsung. So let’s check out these new watches. Look what you think about this watch. Of course, pretty cool. I mean, what’s it got? Connectivity or anything. . That’s all right. But these are it right here. This is the sport. It is missing a few things, though. It does have a Samsung pay, but it doesn’t have MSD.


I’m not sure if anybody is a fan of these, they had battery life before, but now they’re saying that the battery life could be up to five hours in playback, which would be huge for these because that was the biggest problem with these things.


So I know that he would love this a lot. I’m missing you over here. but this is a really cool area. . To chop it up with IFJ, because that’s kind of brought us out here. And I’m going to see you guys in the next one


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