HID Xentec Headlight System

HID Xentec Headlight System
HID Xentec Headlight System

A rumor she had installed Zantac lighting system comes with five main parts, so you have your bulbs right here. Make sure not to touch the glass part on the bold because the oil from your fingers can make it overheating break. So please, please make sure not feel that then you have what’s called the balustrade here and it’s got to connections that go into the bold and then a red bonds that actually.

Plugs into this other cable right here. And so on this end of the connection, we have one that plugs into the bowl one that connects into the ballast, and then this is a grounds you just going to boiled down to their friends somewhere usually use like an existing bold and Austria to do that in a second. And then on the other end.

We have a few more cables. This is what plugs into your existing wiring harness you know that comes out of the back of your bulbs. And then it’s the same kind of. Seeing over here with these, this goes into your ballast. This goes into the bold, and then that part goes into the ground, which is just bolted on your frame. And then with your built-in fuse right here on your last cable.

This needs to be connected to the reading of your battery. And that gives power to the whole system. And then this can be secured somewhere on your frames. Where is not going to bounce around or get? Wet or anything like that, and then the other side is just for the other headlight. Not sure how to install all right now right so here’s the original wolves you can see this is the connector that goes into the harness and there are two filaments in there there’s one in the back, and there’s one upfront, not your high and low beams so you can see that the H.

ID bulls also have the two filaments inside and are also reflecting straight up into the housing just like the old bolts do not have the same problem with reflection as they did with the old type of lights.

It was just this part that was sitting straight into the housing the reflector housing, and so the light would go out everywhere in blind everybody, and that’s why they added this part, so the H. I. delights are much safer than they used to be. This is what we mountain of the car first. Then you plug this in and lock it. Right, this is N. directly down into the back of the bold sums going to reaching here and unplug it. If.

No, its unplugged I’m going to get rid of this desk at the phone up on the bottom. The whole office up comes loose. And then. There’s. It depends on what kind of bold you have; some of them twist down this one with a little wire spring-type thing that’s in there, so I’m just going to on latches. When the bill comes out, this one just fell out. Try not to touch the glass, the boldest self. If you ever plan on reusing it.

You can see that the ball was right there. And I’m going to save these because you know the bulls still have a lot of life left him and if I ever decide to switch back to my old system in the next ten days around kind of expensive little guys take my old housing. It’s. Unlock it, and there are 3 small prongs on this thing. Right there and those are all going to fit .into their little slots to keep this straight up and down.

The little wires clip goes right back in and holds it in place just like that, so it’s 100 percent securely held intake the decibel dust boot. A little bit back on the floor. I got the dust boot on there, and I’ve kind of precedent in the center there to make sure that it’s. That sealed all the way around this and right here so that no water dust got inside of there right, so I took out my air filter box and had a little more room to work with the. May go ahead and stick the ball in there now.

No, that is locked in place. President looks too pretty right now because I’m testing it out, but everything plugged in right there. I have the ground that I showed you earlier just happened right next to the battery ground, and then I just took in theā€”the line with the fuse in it I detected directly into the battery lead. And later on, this, since I have.

This is the central part coming in from the other side. Where I have, that guy plugged into just where the old. Headlight harness used to plug into the bowl, but it’s plugged into that little guy. And then I came over here to this bold, and I have the ground hooked in right here to the frame. And then I’m going to find a way to check the balance and kind of mounted up underneath there want to have my air filter back in place I took it out to give you more room to work with.

Degree anyway right now they’re both on super bright super pleased with it with your head and try the bride. Authorizes a few quick little things it fry took me about a half-hour to get to this point right now I need to get in there and clean up all the small wires amounts of Dallas and everything like. That to take about a half-hour and plan for that, there are quite a few different bowls you can buy. There’s this based off of a color spectrum.

I would recommend that most people stick around a 5000 or 6000 maybe 7000 the more mid-range you stay, the more natural light it’ll look like, which also works better in like rainstorms and stuff like that because. When the roads are wet, I will reflect more the sun at you and not light up the way as much, so I recommend staying within their as well as like the blue lights most people associate with being blinded like I mentioned before it doesn’t have it’s. Reflects the light very well.

So it’s not you know being displayed all over the road and blinding drivers the other lanes that little reflective housing that assists in is pretty beneficial I got these lights off Amazon. I’m a link them in the description below along with any tools or anything else you need; if you have any questions, make sure even the comments I do respond regularly. Overall it was a fun project I’m pretty stoked with how it turned out.

You can see my before and after pictures keep in mind that these bulls are not legal in every state, so make sure you check your country. If the bolts are legitimate, know if it’s all right to have the H. ID boards installed in a car like yours; another super important thing is that once these boards are installed there, light reflects slightly differently.

So it’s crucial to adjust your headlights so that the lights aren’t reflecting either too high or you like into another lane or something like that you can check your local laws and stuff like that to see exactly how high and how far the lights can spread. Other than that, it’s a pretty simple operation mostly just plug and play all the little plugs can only fit in one spot.

So it’s not too rough if you don’t want to go through all the trouble of actually changing out your entire headlight system you can get this cool stuff on Amazon that cleans the lenses of your headlights basically if you just put it on your light.

Rub it on letting it sit for a little bit rub it off, and clean up your headlights thoroughly. So I’ll put a link for that the article description below and spike into being a little bit cheaper that way for yeah. Especially if your local laws don’t let you put in the H. idea headlights.


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