HP Envy 13 Review/Cover By Zubair Ali

HP Envy 13 Review
HP Envy 13 Review

I have teamed up with HP to show you there in V 13 lineup for 2018. But a portable and powerful computer that is priced, especially for some of the things that your standard in here.


 So makes you check the link down below for all the different configurations and current pricing. The box that it comes in is nice.


I love the map. Black and dramatic packaging. There isn’t a box. You just get the laptop itself, the charger, and the power cord, and that’s about it. And some paperwork, too, if you’re into that.


So this could be perfect for both students and for business. And it has that unique hinge where you open it up. It elevates a laptop at an angle. And combined with that large ventilation area the display and underneaths the laptop, the machines stay nice and cool during use.


I’m digging the selection of this model on the left. You get a combo headphone and microphone jack USP A annual SB Type C, Gen one port you also charge with. But sorry, no Thunderbolt three support here and a micro SD card slot. I personally am a fan of the full-size SD card slots, but it is what it is. On the right side, you get a DC charging port, USB port.


So I love that. A fingerprint scanner for log in. It does work when you get used to it. It does help that the laptop is hinged. So if it wasn’t, it’d be much harder to get to when it’s on a flat surface. It did take me a little while to get used to, but you get used to it, it’s not bad.


But on a lap, it works perfectly. I wish it was integrated into the power button as I’ve seen on some other laptops I’ve used this year, but it’s nice to have a secure fingerprint scanner. The display is a13.3 inch full HD touch screen, while the hinge does have a little flex to it. It works well. I feel it’s seamless from the touch screen to the keyboard.


But overall, I really enjoy using it so far. I’ve been mostly using it for web browsing, scripting, and research. And the display isn’t the brightest in this class. So outdoor visibility in light situations could be an issue. But if you’re mostly using it indoors or in a coffee shop or in a classroom, you’re gonna be just fine. The viewing angles are decent. I even caught up on a few articles on this, and then I was really pleasantly surprised at how nice the Bang and Olafsson speakers sounded here. The speaker grill expands across the entire top of the laptop and there are 2 speakers at the bottom of the laptop. So when it’s on a flat surface, it gives you a very small surround sound effect. I felt like it was lacking a base off the bat, so makes you go into the settings and change that. But I think most people be very happy with the audio here.


 If you need resolution, there is a Fourcade touch panel available so you can look at that option. But if you don’t care about the resolution, you want to go with the Tenet P version because you can get up to four more hours of battery life on this version.


So HP says you can get up to 14 hours battery life with the 10 ATP and 10 hours with the four K version. But I wasn’t quite hit in that 14 hours. But you can definitely get between eight to 10 hours easy on this.


So it’s got battery life. So if you’re looking for all-day at school or all day at work type of battery life, this is it. You’re not gonna have problems. The keyboard is nice. It has great travel and feels soft, but has enough tactility so you can feel it.


And it’s backlit, which is nice. But the one thing that I had to get used to is the placement. There’s a row on the right side that includes a page up and page down, which I found convenient for web browsing and moving through presentations and some documents.


But it does shift the key slightly to the left. So there is a slight adjustment, but I got used to it pretty quickly and you should get comfortable.


But just be aware of that. The trackpad was decent. It is running Synaptics drivers, but it is nice and responsive. I do wish it was a little bit larger when it comes to the surface area, it does get the job done. There’s plenty of power here too because it comes with the quad-core 8th generation intel core ie 78550 U with a 1.8 gigahertz base clock and turbo.


 Up to four gigahertz. This version comes with the Intel 620 integrated graphics. From my data they use. The performance has been fantastic. It’s snappy and Windows Ten really runs on this. Now for gaming, you could probably play a few like titles, but I wouldn’t use this for serious gaming.


So you can hook up in AGP it, but we’ll see that on the next version. It does come with eight gigabytes of RAM, which will work, but it is the slower Didi’s or three rams. Even the 16 gigabytes of RAM upgrade is DDR three along with the invidia and makes 150.


So hopefully we’ll see faster DDR for models in the future. I really like that it comes with a fast 256 gigabyte and Vme SSD, the write speeds are quick. And even though the reach speeds aren’t fast, it’s nice to have fast storage for everyday use.


And you can use that micro SD card to get a cheap, easy expansion. You can put all of your movies and photos or else that you want in there. So it’s always nice to have that option. The icing on the cake for me is that Amazon, Alexa is built-in right into the laptop.


You do have the app here, so you can control it through that. But there is hot we triggering. So you can just say Alexa and trigger commands that you want. My entire smart home is connected with the Lexus, so this makes things convenient. You don’t have to use it.



 But I love that it’s there for people that are looking for something powerful. But in a small form, I think this machine could be something you can look into if you’re doing some life, photo editing, lots of weird documentation, spreadsheets, and presentations or if you’re a student.


folks might love the long battery life and porch selection at this price. And I really like the portability and bill quality of this laptop, even though there are a few shortcomings like this webcam. It’s 720 P. It’s not very good, but I really like the direction that HP is going with the N.V. 13. It gets a lot of things right with plenty of power. Nice keyboard. Versatile touchscreen. Great a poor selection and great bill quality.


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