It’s Fast A Chromecast Ultra

It's Fast A Chromecast Ultra
It's Fast A Chromecast Ultra

I’ve been streaming on my Chromecast Ultra for about a year now. It’s fast, it’s easy. I can cast for KCR content directly from my TV.

And I paid seventy dollars for it when it launched. But I recently just picked up a me box s by show me in this tiny little box and it has a Chromecast alter a built in. It’s a full set top box and it gains and it costs less. So there has to be a catch.

Right. The ME box s retails for sixty dollars but I’ve seen it on sale as low as forty dollars.

Still makes you check the link below for current pricing. And at that price, this is really the king of Buddy’s streaming boxes. When you pick one up, everything that you need is in the box. The ME box is of course.

And you also get an HDMI cord, which you don’t always see in these type of packages, especially at this price. The power brick.

And you also get a remote, which is nice. And there are a few dedicated buttons on here and a microphone for voice control so you can control your TV and your smart home with Google assistant, which is a nice bonus.

The setup is really easy to is just step by step signing with the Google account, get it on the Wi-Fi network. And that’s pretty much it.

It is running the newest interface of Android TV at the time of this video. It’s running Android eight dot one, but with Project Trouble support. By the time you see this, it’ll probably have Android nine PI.

The interface is clean up a lot on Android TV and you will be happy to know that the performance is nice and snappy moving to the UI. And of course you have Netflix and Hulu and YouTube, but you can pretty much download whatever you want from the play store. Besides prime video, I’m not sure why.

Maybe you can side load it, but four k HDR content plays back smooth and I haven’t had any issues so far, even though this is the same quad core processor paired with the two gigabytes of RAM that was on the last ME box.

The performance is still adequate. If you have a Bluetooth gaming controller, you can definitely take advantage of it.

You have a decent selection on Android TV lighter titles. You’ll be just fine on the ME box s like Leal’s Fortune. This is such a good game still and is very smooth on this.

But some more demanding titles like The New Asphalt might not be the best experience, but it’s definitely playable. But that’s to be expected at this price point. Something like that article Shiel TV will gain better for sure, but will cost you more than double or triple the price of this thing. So keep that in mind.

So with all of the things that the ME box as offers has got to be an instant buy, right?

Well, for most people I say yes. If you’re looking for a four K set top box with the Chromecast ultra built in and you in the market for a Comcast Ultra anyway, then yes. But here’s the catch.

If you’re an ATV enthusiast, you might want to think about it first. The ME box s supports AFTRA 10 but does not support Dobi vision and it does support Dolby Audio and DTL HD, but he does not support Gilbee Atmos. So if you care about that then you might want to think twice.

The ports are limited, even though I think for a basic user it’ll be just fine.

There is a single USP 2.0 port that could be used for wired gaming controllers and better yet, external storage because this only has eight gigabytes of internal storage. But that’s pretty easy to expand for cheap.

I just wish that it was USV 3.0 or faster and USGBC would have been nice as well.

Also, for people that use it, it would been cool to have an Ethernet port back there, too. That basically is the catch. If you don’t care about those things.

This is one of those devices that just offer incredible value for what it is. If you’re in the market for streaming for K set top box with the Chromecast ultra built in, then buy this. Don’t buy the Chromecast Ultra. This does a lot more.

So if you think about it, you can probably buy four of these for the same price that you would pay for one for K Apple TV. And I know it’s not the same ecosystem. I get it. It’s not on the same thing. But think about it. You can put four of these in your house for the price of one. So budget goes to show you how good of a value this thing is.

I really hope Jammey makes more of these boxes in the future. I would like to see a slightly higher price model with more ports, more storage, faster processor options, and maybe a few options to please the A V community.

But I think Zami is going in the right direction, so I won’t leave a link Downbelow for you if you want to pick one of these things up. Michou, check current pricing.

You never know how low these things are going to get.

And these are great stocking stuffers or great gifts for any occasion. So I actually have an extra one that I don’t need.


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