The iPhone 5s Screen Repair

The iPhone 5s Screen Repair
The iPhone 5s Screen Repair

Eunice small Phillips head screwdriver and then a pendulum screwdriver, it’s the same size that opens up all I. phones, a pry tool, and a suction cup.

But the suction Cup close to the home button. Take your pet to a screwdriver and undo the bottom two screws right next to the charging port. Please, your suction cup right next to the home. Button and lift with your finger while trying to put the price tool between the frame of the screen.

I found it a little bit easier to use a razor blade as it was more is more firm so could slide down between the frame of the glasses more comfortable lift of jailing kind of pariah them apart don’t stick you’re too into far though because there’s a ribbon cable you don’t want to read. Lift gently between the screen in the frame.

You can see right here that little ribbon cable that’s where the fingerprint sensor connects to the mainboard some inducement takes my small pry tool to reach it in there and it’s kind of like a little latch suit twister pry tool up a little bit. And on the latch on one side. And it will come apart here in a second you’ll see. As I lift the small ribbon cable connector non snapped at the top part of the latch comes off, which is fine, it goes back on previously as well. When I say quickly, I mean, you’re going to hate every second of it towards the end of the article.

Right here on this bracket, there’s going to be four screws. Take off each of the screws, set them in the location where they came out, and then put the bracket next to him to remember where they go in because they are different sizes. There’s the bracket, and then right here, we have different ribbon cables, Miskin, on snap on just like little legos. This is for the earpiece in the camera.

This one right here is for the LCD. And then this one ‘s the digitizer. But do you need to know what those are? But they on a clip and snap just like that. Here’s the screen we have the earpiece on the side with all the cameras and sensors, and we have the home button with the fingerprint sensor on the bottom Michelle take apart the first. And do little screws a little small super tiny metal piece it should stick to the screw as U. S. crude as minded just remember where that goes in the location of it so you can put it back in just in case it does pop off.

Then there are two screws holding on the home button. There’s a little metal bracket, so take that off, and the home button itself is stuck on like with sticky tape type stuff onto the frame of the phone you can take any pry tool I know like my razor blade. I find that it is pretty stiff and sharp enough to get under an insult tiny seems to be super careful around his ribbon cables looks if you rip one you know you have to buy a new part.

The ministry added gently before the home button. It’s a little bit on each side until the whole button comes away from the phone. Very gently. Any parts for this phone a list in the video description below so if you have any questions anything like that let me know if you have a specific part you need let me know and I can usually find a preachy Fauria.

And there’s the home button, and now we’re going to take off the earpiece, and the front-facing camera and light sensor serves two screws on either side of the bracket there. And the brackets interesting there’s a little metal clip on. The inside of the bracket, you have to be just ever so slightly outside of the bracket will come off. Smith has been that out. The whole bracket comes away from the phone.

And you can kind of see what I was talking about with a little tiny clip right there. So it very quickly clicks back into place when you’re done anyway once again be super careful with all these small ribbon cables. I wouldn’t mess around, and they were putting them all into one component 3 here. You can see M. lifting the connector for the earpiece as well as the light sensor. And then you can see the camera coming away. As well in that same ribbon cable group. And then the whole thing is kind of stuck down with little grounding sticker.

On to the back of the screen and so fuel up on that very gently once again, you don’t want to rip any of this stuff unless you break when opening your phone the better. So I always say. There you go. Now it depends on where you buy your screen from the mile also have to switch out the metal plate. There are just those four screws around the outside, and once again. This entirely depends on where your screen front.

I’m not going to do it on the screen just because it is super simple. Four screws pop it out good to go. And I want to place the. Group of ribbon cables camera sensor and everything back into place there’s only one spot for everything she’s kind of got a position it does take a little bit to get to everything in the right spot. The only fit in one way, so it’s pretty simple to figure out. Got a stuck back down on the screen again.

And then get the earpiece in there. Remember that your part acts like a little magnet, so let’s say you’re trying to pick up a screw with your screwdriver in your screwdrivers not magnetized you can easily attract on the back of the. At the end of the speaker, share does that once we get this bracket in the place. So my screwdriver won’t pick up the screw, so I touched it to the back of the speaker, and then boom screwdriver is magnetized pick up any screw. Almost too well, so my god with my tweezers instead in place at the end of the whole. And screw back into place—the same thing with the other screw. And you are done with the earpiece.

So the home button, however, this is where you need to remember what direction that little tiny metal bit was going in. With the home button pressed down into place. If the bracket over the top of the. Then, hopefully, your screw is still stuck into the top of the ribbon cables. You can screw it down in a place. I found there was a little bit easier to hold—it with my pry tool and the small screwdriver, like this.

We got that thing scrutiny again. Now get the screen back on. Mr with the digitizer ribbon cable. Click that into place once again just like legos; it takes a second to position it right over the top, but once it’s in place, you can just click it down.

You’ll hear a satisfying click with each connection. You’ll see me struggle a bit with this last one. It’s hard to find out exactly where it wanted to clip in. There we go—Grabill bracket. And once again, you should have your screws laid out so that you can remember where they went. Screw each one of those back into place. Once again, any parts for this, you know the screen.

Anything else you might need to be listed in the video description below and if anything else besides that make sure to asking in the comments or hit me up on Twitter either way. Hit me up on Facebook. Now I can answer any questions you have anyway here’s the fingerprint scanner cable we’re going to try to get back into place. You’re going to hate this thing.

I never want to do what you want to do, so I kind of position to place my finger, and I have the pry tool that I was going to sort of press it in just like little lego snaps we’re playing with before. Get it in place, and I have a low hinged bracket them in a slip down on top of there as well. Once you get into the site, you can press it down with your finger or with your price tool once again; it takes forever to get this thing positioned just right.

You’re going to love apple anyway. That’s what it looks like when it’s in place. And then position the top of the screen in first and you can kind of snapped up the edge of the phone make sure to press on the sides you don’t crack the screen again. And then click the bottom place as well, and then at this point, I like to turn the phone on to make sure it’s working. And then as I don’t have to undo the bottom screws more than I need to. It looks like it all turned on, so many get those bottom screw back into place.

Once again, if you have become any questions or comments or anything else, which made. The comments below like this article.


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