Huawei Mate 20 Pro Battery Test/Cover By Zubair Ali

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Battery Test
Huawei Mate 20 Pro Battery Test

Instead of giving you just a straightforward battery life test and charging test of the while, we make 20 pros. I thought it’d be awesome if you spent the day with me and my family to show you what this 4000 million up our battery can do.


I took it off the wireless charger right after 9 o’clock. And of course, you can’t spend a day with my family without going to Disney. So we’re going to do that first. Are you guys ready to go to Disney? Yes, Ganey here.


We’re going to Disney. And after that, you’re going to spend the rest of the day with me and we’re gonna periodically check what the battery life is and give you a real-life test of this while we make 20 pro battery. I know how to get to the Magic Kingdom, but we’re going to navigate there just because I want to simulate what a person does when they’re going to Disney.


So navigate to Magic Kingdom. Just do it. It is ridiculously packed here since it’s the holidays. But I’ve been about two and a half hours on this. I’ve lost about eight percent power to 92 percent right now. I took the time. Lafley Sara Lee over there.


Are you taking a bunch of pictures and IGP just on the way here

? So 8% battery and two and a half hours. So it’s doing pretty good. So we’re gonna go in the park and take a bunch of pictures, write some rides with the kids, and then will check back on how the banners do. OK. So update here, it’s kind of a cloudy day, so it’s not really nice looking out here, you might go home, but we’re eating, taking a break. And I’ve been on this for about four hours now, a little past one o’clock. The battery’s still on 83%, which is pretty. So I’m using zero battery oppositions. I’m using auto. So the brightness of the screens adds almost 100 percent the entire time.


So if you turn it down, you can even get better battery life

. I think we ended up leaving but I took over 100 pictures here. . And don’t judge my parents, but I’m going to give my daughter the phone to watch YouTube because I want to run down this battery.


So we ended up taking a little bit of a detour. We ended up watching the parade, which was really nice. And then we ended up writing the monorail and coming to the Polynesian because my son decides what we do most of the time. He kind of dictates what happens.


All right. So. YouTube has been playing on here for almost 2 hours straight. So right now the batteries are 64 percent. So 2 hours of screen on time with just YouTube playing in the background.


So said the screens taking up 63%. So it just goes to show you how bright it was. And we’re almost at 3 hours of screen on time and being 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and I still have 64% battery left. So these batteries definitely Beeston.


I dropped the family off at home, but I and John are here at our favorite Rom├ín spot, Sapporo Roman. So if you’re in Orlando, may you check this place out. You know, the Food and Magic Kingdom, a little spotty. So we had to get some real food to eat before we go back out tonight. But right now, it is five times. It is five, 20. And I still have59% batteries. So I’m literally just trying to kill my battery at this.


So I still have plenty of battery for the day. I mean, it’s 6 o’clock right now. So we’re gonna head over to Hollywood studios to end the night. But 44 percent still in this battery. I can’t kill it. So Christmas mode is in full effect and Hollywood studios.


We just got done watching the fireworks show. Took a bunch of pictures with the May 20 pro. So it is almost nine o’clock at night. I still have 22 percent battery left and I have over five hours of screen on time. So I still have four hours and 10 minutes remaining. That’s what it says on the power consumption details.


But this battery, I just tried to kill it all day and I couldn’t. So whenever I deplete this battery, I’m going to show you how fast it charges. Wireless charging and supercharging that they have.


But I try to kill this matter in a day, and I couldn’t. So that’s what you can expect from the wall. We may 20 broke before we jump into the charging test. Here’s an example of the battery life that I got from the day after. This is an example of mostly content consumption.


I was able to get an insane 8 hours and 31 minutes of screen on time

. So like I said, for some people, this is a day and a half to a lighter used today battery.


This is not a U.S. plug, but I’m using a converter and it works just fine

. Both of these tests are from zero where the phone shut itself off after ten minutes. It’s already at 26% before I can even pick up to focus.


It was already at 27%, 20 minutes. It’s at 53%, which is really fast, 54% already before I could even focus again after 30 minutes, it says 79%. So we’ll definitely enough for a full day. It starts to slow down here at 40 minutes. And it finally hits 100%charge at 57 minutes with wireless charging that made 20 pro is the first phone, I believe, to support 15-watt wireless charging.


This is the dual fast wireless charger that I use every day. After 15 minutes, it’s at 10 percent. 20 minutes. It’s at 17 percent. And when compared to the 15-watt wireless charger, it gave me the same results at 30 minutes, a 17%. One hour later, it’s at 32%. 30 minutes after that, it’s at 47%.

So that’s what you can expect from the why we May 20 pr. Let me know what you think of this.

Samsung Galaxy A12 Full Review/Cover By Awais

Hey, what’s up, guys? Will you here for the G. S. M. arena? Samsung has been making headlines lately with these flagship phones but here on the opposite end of the spectrum.

We have the galaxy 812, which wants to deliver the Samsung experience on a budget for an entry-level price. What do you getting here, though? Let’s find out in our full review. The galaxy 812 is an entry-level device, you’d expect, its features aren’t competitive as most phones.

We usually review devices like this, Do you have an audience where some people want the basics and don’t want to have a lot of fun? The A. 12 is built from solid plastic, which looks and feels pretty good? The back is textured with diagonal stripes, which adds grip. Rather than having a rear panel in a frame, is this more of a unibody sort of construction?

On the front is a 6.5-inch display with a notch for the selfie cam. This is a PLS LCD, not an animal; I like most of Samsung’s phones, and the resolution is just 720 P.

It’s nice to have a large screen, but this combination means that the pixel density is pretty low, just 200 64 PP. I look closely at things like the text I noticed some graininess here.

It’s a bit noticeable when watching content. It’s not the end of the world that contrast here is all right LCDs go. The colors are accurate though there’s no way to treat them manually and brightness is nothing special. We measured 400 nits maximum with the slider and a slight boost to around 417. It’s an item out.

For audio, the Galaxy 812 has a single bottom-firing loudspeaker, but this below-average loudness score it’s 1 of the quieter handsets in its class. It doesn’t stand out with quality either, with absent lows and muted troubles.

At least you do have a 3.5 millimeter Jack for pulling in traditional headphones with an FM radio support. Waking up and unlocking the phone is done with the side-mounted fingerprint reader, which doubles the power, but it works well. And storage is expandable through the dedicated micro SD slot on top of the 3264 or 100 28 gigs built at.

The galaxy 8 twelves interfaces and wait for 10 with Samsung’s one Y. 2.5 on top we don’t have the new android 11 for now when you why is relatively consistent between devices, and its features here are pretty familiar.

You can keep your apps in an uproar, and while there are some proprietary Samsung apps like the gallery web browser and file manager, most features are handled through Google’s apps.

You are missing a couple of things here compared to some of the Samsung phones. There’s no always-on display since this is enamel, and you don’t get the edge panel shortcuts. Under the hood of the galaxy, 812 is a MediaTek Helio P. 35 chipset built on the 12-nanometer process.

It’s not a very competitive feeling behind in-the-charts CPU benchmarks. For example, the poco M. 3, which runs on a snapdragon 662, scores around 70 percent higher in CPU tests.

The A. 12 does hold its GPU performance, though, thanks to its lower Restos play in regular use, performance on the A. 12 isn’t terrible.

But we did experience hiccups from time to time, and gaming isn’t a great experience. Here 1 area in which this device is quite competitive is battery life. The A. 12 has a sizeable 5000 power battery and scored an outstanding endurance rating of 100 23 hours nonproprietary tests.

This is 1 of the more attractive features of this phone with a screen on time of around 15 hours of video playback or talks time upwards of 30 hours. You can use the A. 12 all day without worrying about running out of juice.

Once the battery does get low, though, it will take a while to top back up. The phone comes bundled with a 15-watt fast charger, and we did. We were only able to charge a dead battery to 20 percent and half an hour.

Now let’s go over the cameras. The A. 12 has a quad-camera setup featuring a 40-megapixel quad bear the primary camera, a 5-megapixel Oceanwide cam, a 2-megapixel micro cam, and it does censor. Photos from the primary camera come out in 12 megapixels.

And they’re sharp with relatively great detail, and the minimal noise dynamic range is quite broad, and colors look true to life.

The main can snap portraits in live focus mode. These are good with reasonably competent separation around the subject this subject faces exposed but since.

There’s no HDR take care not to end up with a brown background. 5-megapixel shots from the ultra-wide camera have a 123-degree field of view and have a wide dynamic range. They are pretty noisy, though, and don’t have a lot of detail.

There’s no distortion correction available, so objects near the edges of the frame will come out a bit curved.

The macro cameras used to take close-up photos are good if you don’t look at them too closely. The 2-megapixel resolution doesn’t hold all that much detail. In the light, the central cast performance isn’t spectacular.

You get a decent amount of detail and well-preserved colors, but that didn’t make the range is pretty narrow with blonde highlights and dark shadows, and the images are pretty noisy. There is no night mode available on the A. 12 either the ocean Y. struggles, even more, when the light is low, the exposure is quite dark.

You get plenty of softness and noise and narrow dynamic range. So fees are taken with the 8-megapixel front-facing cam, and these aren’t too bad. If there’s enough light, you get good detail, conservative colors, decent dynamic range with the help of HDR.

As far as video recording goes, galaxy 812 is quite essential. You can only record up to 1080 P. at 30 FPS, and there’s no civilization footage from the main campus about average for a phone in this class.

There’s not much fine detail, and there’s heavy shopping, but there’s hardly noise either, and colors are accurate, and the dynamic range is decent the ocean. Why choose the video that is okay for this budget class? It’s not super sharp.

But there’s no noise and get a relatively wide dynamic range of nice colors. So that’s a galaxy 812. It’s got a dazzling texture design, battery life, and a decent camera set up with an ultra-wide all for a budget price. However, it is worth considering that other budget champions from real me shall see me N. poco are out there.

In some cases, even cheaper, the improve upon some of the A. 12 shortcomings Mike is low res screen and underpowered chipset, so overall, unless you’re dead set on getting a galaxy phone is probably worth shopping around to get more bang for your buck. Thanks for watching, guys. Stay safe and see the next one.





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