Making Custom Brackets For A 50 inch LED

Making Custom Brackets For A 50 inch LED
Making Custom Brackets For A 50 inch LED

Today we are going to be mounting a 50-inch light bar on my truck. Let me explain what I’ve done so far hi that piece of duct tape right there in the center is marking the center of the windshield. And as you can see. As you can see on life by myself, I’ve also put a piece of duct tape signaling where the middle of the light bar is so I can line those two pieces up. Then I built this contraption between 2 ladders to help support the light bar and so.

The light bars can be resting on top of this I’ve got the level in the center there too I can make sure that the standard is in the right place for the light bar the last person the scale when I mounted. Just hold up with wood duck tape and some scaffolding.

And now, my satellite bar and placed on the top no light bars in place position where it needs to be able to put the level back in front of it so that I can make sure that those boards always stay level. Right here in this is how we’re going to design the brackets for it within the top corner we’re going to screw the brackets and right along here and the frame of the truck and it just has to extend enough so that we can screw into the side of the light here. So.

The metal has to be at least 6 inches long—the mechanic curves it to go with the lip of the middle here. And then bend it out just a little bit so that all that. And our angle it out just a little bit like that tiny amount with the edge of the light bars so.

Now, if you are sure to light bar, you have to angle your bracket, and then the curve is. I’ve seen some of those with like the 40 inch light bar consensus once 50 just a little bit longer than my truck is we have to pull the angle it straightens it massive black cars will have similar scenes are creases in the frame on either side of the vehicle, so this crease right here is the same on the other side.

It’s you can use those to reference where you want to pre-placed metal bracket to hold up the light, so my is just going to go just a little bit over this line, and I’m going to make sure that it goes over the same distance on the other side keep it universal. Yes. Right now, it’s been entirely so that the Kerr. This one never touches the bottom part of the bracket. And I’m going to mark where I can bend it up so that it’ll connect with that.

We’re both into the light. There. Now given enough clearance for this and allowed to vote on that night. Suppose you need to bend it up along with this bottom part down here that now sort of the car. Correct real bit for the Baltic goes inside to hold up the light you want to bet that will cover up all of the threats you can see on this particular bit you can see some of the threads up at the top and the bottom.

Of the bed, Sir Michael had switched to a bigger bed. And that’ll make it so that the screw slides right inside. The slot without gripping on the threads is destroying any of the threats. Now I can drill a hole in the side of the mountain since I have it all pinned up against the truck is just like a rough placement right now when I finally put it on I’m going to put a bit of caulking between this and the bolts so that no water or anything seeps inside. I got pain and treatment, so it doesn’t look like it’s just a piece of iron. Print and down a little bit.

They sort of set the latter against. The light bar bolted in on this site, and right now, I have to get this whole lined up so that the light is on this level from the top, and it’s pointed straight forward. So I’m going to do that is to level it you know I’ve been down with the ground with the truck is pretty easy I just need to raise and lower the light bar until that little bubbles right in the middle of the level so needs to go up a little bit on this left side and then as far as pointing straight forward.

I’m just going to make sure that the gap between the windshield and the light bar itself is uniform on the whole side as well to do that both at the same time while I’m getting this in place to figure out where to drill a hole in this bracket. Ninety-four install the Finnish bracket at home. Which is this guy now that it’s all painted up I’m going to take some clear silicone sealant. And just go ahead and like put it on all the little holes that way.

It won’t leak in market water inside the truck no help kind of weatherproof that a little bit now the silicones in place and go ahead and install that bracket the man is mounted. Super sturdy. The reason I use a couple of different kinds of screws is that even though these are both 2 inches, there slightly different links, and I wanted to make sure that the nuts on the inside were able to stay on you can kind of see the notes right there the reason.

I use these to darker screws right there because there is harder most significant groups that are more durable, but they didn’t come in the 2-inch length that I needed. And those as well our guest tied in with notes there on the back so in the wiring harness this end right here with the black and red cables this is what attached to the ground which is somewhere on your frame, and then this connected to your battery terminal and then descends go inside the cab.

The end right there connects to the light bar itself and then this and connects a little switch that turns the light bar on and off Sherman do is I’m going to take these ends. And stick them inside and the fire was a little hole inside of there you can see that I already have one wire coming out from my car alarm. This is going to take both of these sticking through the hole, and I’ll end up inside of the cab underneath the dashboard as far as wiring goes I mentioned before that I came back out to the firewall and then I screw this on just you and mounting bracket.

Yes, you know that something else is mounted onto and I have a grounding screw here that some of my other things like my stereo and H. I. D. lights are grounded too, and then I just took power is wired into the power terminal of the battery and as soon as you do that. This guy will turn red, and you can just press the button. And the light will turn on and off. So far as the wiring for the legos as children another hole in the cab a little bit bigger than the cable and also silicone mat as you can tell and so the silicon okay keep the water out of the most beautiful job and clean it up the second.

On the inside of the cab, I have that big black wire coming down here. This is for my car alarm. Then I connect the wires there. Read it down underneath them is going to clean that all up and stuff, but when I meet the firewall and. The switch. Which is what turns on and off the lights. I’m probably going to mail down here come out of the way because that light is going to be on all the time. I don’t want to disappoint me so so down here; I can just reset and click it.

Whatever I want. Presently enough, the weather stripping went back on even though those nuts and bolts are in place. So the whole thing is still going to be. It is relatively quiet and waterproof because the weather-stripping fits on it wouldn’t fit our just cut here and there unless the weather is stripping on either side instead of right there where the bracket is right now for the Cotter pins on the side.

I assumed that this would rotate reasonably easily. When you clamp these down, I have a locking washer inside here as well. One on the other side, when you clamp down holds it tight, it’s not super worried about it, but the Cotter pin idea was that I could take a Cotter pin a long one and stick it inside of the hole right there. And then as it goes into the hole, it’ll go through the sides in the heat sink.

Just like that, receive news camera angle, but it’s going to rain between this little fender here and since there’s one on this side and one, on the other hand, is keep it level. Straight up and down or whatever position angle it out so I can take the pain out rotate the light down to put the pen back in obviously with this camera you can’t tell Paul Walker doesn’t pick up all the views from the headlight. But you can tell a huge difference when the fiftieth light bars on.

One more time in a cemetery, you can see that the standard headlights. It can show about you know the three headstones out. And then with the 50 inches LED light bar I see quite a bit are there. If you’re interested in buying a 50 inch light bar at least that down below the one I bought was about 250 Bucks appreciate getting questions don’t forget to leave them in the comments below.


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