OnePlus 5T Lava Red Unboxing/Cover By Zubair Ali

OnePlus 5T Lava Red Unboxing
OnePlus 5T Lava Red Unboxing

I’m back with another special edition, one plus five tea unboxing. Yep, another one. Another one.

Another 1 plus has been killing it with the special editions.

I can’t even keep up anymore. But to switch things up a little bit. I have the 3 latest colors that they’ve released right here so we can compare them. But today I’m going to show you specifically the new label, Red Color.

Black is always a staple in the smartphone game because it’s still. It looks nice, is very uniform.

And this is the Sanshin white, which I feel like whites kind of making a comeback this year. Right. The white kind of was whacked for a while. And now they’re bringing back white devices is classy. And then we have the love of red soul.

Let’s go ahead and take both of these out of the box. OK. There we go. This is taking a while.

Shake it. There it is. Let’s start with the red1 because it’s the one that I’m interested in seeing most. Oh, that looks really nice. It kind of looks like a candy red car, color paint. You can see how it’s kind of shifting here. Hues in light. That’s kind of nice.

I like that. So we’ll take a look at this in just a little bit and then I’m not going to lie. I have unboxed this one prior, but this is the sandstone white, and I really love the texture of this.

The best way to explain this is kind of like a really soft eggshell mat and it’s just really, really nice. I love the texture of this one. The most out of all of these colors here. So we’ll take a look at all of these up close and personal just a little bit. Let’s see if anything has changed in the box. It doesn’t look like it has.

You get a case with that and you get the SIM card removal tool. Of course, you get one plus stuff. And I think you still get the stickers on here, too, right? You can’t forget the stickers.

What’s a phone without the stickers? Right. No stickers on here. I don’t want it.

And of course, you get the dash charger and you get the USB type C cord and dash charging still is one of the farces out there, if not the fastest charging. So let’s go ahead and take the wrap off of this nice.

And go and take this sticker off of here well. And this is a small thing, but I love that one.

Plus put screen protectors preinstalled on their phones because my screens just get so scratched. And I love that they do that off. All right. So here they are from oldest to newest. And if I had to call, one is my favorite.

I think I would pick the Sanshin white. I think the problem with this now is that it’s sold out because they’re limited. So if you want to pick these up, you got to kind of move on them because I think Sanshin White is sold out. I just love the original sandstone texture. And while this is not quite that is just a unique type of texture that’s on here.

And I really love the red alert slider that looks so sweet on here.

And it kind of reminds me of the pixel to excel, but it’s pretty cool. I love the differentiation in color there. This should definitely be a trend in smartphones. Please make this happen.

This just looks so great with the black buttons, the camera hump, and the 1plus logo. It just looks super clean. And I’m a fan of this look. But let’s not forget the star of the show, The Lava Red. This has to be one of the nicest red colors that I’ve seen on a smartphone.

It’s really, well done. You do see the antenna bands, though, on the top and bottom, unlike the Sanshin white version, which I think does a really good job of hiding the antenna bands. But if you are into that red and black combo, you’re really going to like this phone.

Fresh new colors is always a good thing, but the experience is going to be the same across all of these. You’re gonna get that beautiful 6inch 10 DP Amila display.

It’s one of the nicest displays that I have seen at this price.

And you get that Snapdragon 835 processor,8 gigabytes of RAM. 128 gigs of internal storage, which is really nice. And this thing just got Orio, which is great. They’re a little bit behind on the timetable.

And I know updates can be a little bit of an issue 1plus, but the ORIO update is here, so that’s a really good thing. If you want to see a little bit more about Orio on the 1plus 5T. Let me know.

And even the beta program now has some iPhone ten type gestures on here. So if you’re kind of into that, then I know that’s available on the 1plus 5t you get the same camera experience here.

16 megapixel main Schreuder along with the 20-megapixel.

And the improvements to the camera have been pretty great since the beginning. And the release of the 1plus 5T. I feel like it’s improved quite a bit.

I think that the 1plus 5 tickets, a lot of flak for not having a great camera, but it is a pretty good camera. You guys should check out the updates. So I want to know from you guys which one of the three do you like best? I think if I had to call it I said it before.

I think I would call the sandstone white. But the red is a very close second. The white sold out. So if you guys want this red, it’s available now. Make sure I hit that link below to visit one plus.

And I probably don’t need three of these, so maybe we can do a giveaway. I’m not sure if you guys want that.


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