The Future of PC Cooling/Cover By Zubair Ali

The Future of PC Cooling
The Future of PC Cooling

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So I was walking by the gigabyte booth and I saw something interesting and I had to let you guys know about it because this could be the future of PCI cooling.

And I just couldn’t help it. I came back so I could make an article on this. So check this thing out right here. You’re gonna see, like, how is an entire P.C. or server in the water? It’s kind of interesting, right?

So I wanted to come by and get to explain what is happening here. So what is this contraption here and how is this thing underwater? I mean, it’s super interesting.

So, first of all, does not water. It’s a floor chemical develop by 3M. They named it Novak.

So it’s non electrically conductive, non-corrosive, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. Technically, electronic device works and underwater under this liquid, not water. It’s contagious. All we have here is our two faces liquid emergency cooling.

We’re keeping the whole system cool by just immersing it in water. This method forth up to 4000 times better, more efficient than air cooling itself.

Wow. So all that bubbling here that we’re seeing now, that’s all the heat that’s dissipating and keeping us cool. So he said how this is boiling, it looks like.

Yes. So right now, when the cars are under full load, the processor, the chips get transforming the liquid into the state.

So transformed, the heat transforming liquid into gassy. It’s removing heat from the chip. And the gas is collecting up here in this space. Now, it’s collected enough, we have a condenser in the back that we kept keeping cool with the radiator in the back. It condenses the gas back into a liquid form. And that’s our second phase of cooling.

Wow, incredible. So this is warmer on the outside. I can touch here, but all of that is just being kept cool. So what do we have inside of her?

So there are our 2 systems. We have it and a rack mount. But right here we modified it. We took our order. He sinks and you attach 16 graphic cards in the system, 16 graphics cards.

Do you know what type of graphics card? I’m not allowed to say some news of it, but yeah. This is super interesting. So this 3M material. So this I saw a demo earlier where took some just like a dollar bill, took it out. So it just doesn’t stick to the material it’s in.

Right. So it’s right over here. This is the same liquid in the container. Take it out. Trip it out of it.

And you can see it’s almost complete. This is crazy. That is literally dry. It’s not. Wow, that Incredibles.

So what are the chances that this is gonna come to anything that’s consumer-related for gaming, for P.c a whole? I mean, this is built for servers, but do you think that this is going to come to the home? Possibly.

It’s just not affordable for consumers. Because big data centers today spent especially a lot more on cooling the whole Sistan, the whole platform than compared to the home user.

Would they just need to keep in their room or keep your room?

The method data centers can save up to 90 to 95 percent and electricity calls on just cooling. But for home use, it’s probably not efficient a may be able to overclock it more. But you’d probably need a better design, keep more space for the atmosphere, and a better radiator.

So for now, it’s more we’re gearing towards the data. We’re hoping for more customers and more companies, even competitors, to pick it up so we can expand and have a more environmentally friendly method, maybe expense enough will get to consumers in a more viable solution.

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OnePlus Nord N10 5G Review/Cover By Wahaj

Everyone recently, OnePlus has been expanding beyond flagships and flagship killers into midrange territory. The first attempt was the one postnord, and this phone proved to be very popular, but it isn’t available globally.

Writing on the tails of that success, they decided to release the OnePlus Nord and 105 G., and this 1 will be available in North America. But will it win over buyers in the mid-range and you for the GSM arena and this is our review of the OnePlus Nord and 105 G.

The north and 10 have a rather average design that seems at odds with 1 plus never settling. It has a plastic build, and the back is quite shiny E. fingerprint magnets and very slippery. The plastic seamlessly wraps around the phone through the frame is not the most comfortable to hold.

If you’re using it for extended periods without a case, the antenna has gorilla glass 3 on the front, which is less prone to scratching but more prone to breaking, so I guess you should buy a case tempered glass protector for this 1 that aside thanks to the material.

It’s relatively light in hand, and it’s a bottom-heavy phone so that it won’t tip out of your hands. It has tactile power and volume buttons, and you’ll find a card slot that can hold either 2 sim cards or a sim and a MicroSD card. What you won’t find is a physical alert later.

Which makes it the first 1 plus phone without 1. Honestly, you’ll find that its design language resembles opal in real me much more than 1 plus since the screen is an LCD panel, there’s no chance for this phone to have an under-display fingerprint reader.

This is why it’s on the back instead, to our surprise, and there were inconsistencies with reliability, and so a recent update fixed it though it’s still slow. That isn’t pleasant for a phone released this year and even more.

So for a 1 plus phone, which traditionally has had lightning-fast unlocking on the front, you’ll find a tall 6.49 inch IPS LCD with a full HD plus resolution, and he punched a hole in the upper left corner. It isn’t bad, but it is a noticeable step down from the north Abala display.

In general, it is average for the price range. It’s driving the point home that one plus is cutting costs everywhere they can. The display has a 90-hertz refresh rate that feels very smooth.

But it still doesn’t look good as an ola display. The screen got a Max brightness of 440 minutes which was all right, and the minimum illumination of 2.4 nights is for it not blinding you in the dark, so it was ability all right for the price far as the colors are concerned.

They’re pretty cool out of the box. You can make the phone’s color production more accurate if you bump the Slater 5 eighths of the way to the one option on the other side of media consumption. You’ll find a headphone Jack and a dual speaker set up here. I think you’ll find a speaker.

Because no channel separation would make stereo, it had good sound quality, and I got perfect loudness on our audio tests if you’re more into wireless headphones.

You’ll like the fact this phone supports Bluetooth 5.1. The Nord and 10 has a 4000 300000000 power battery and got a perfect 90 9:00 hours of endurance on our battery life tests. Charging is even better, and you can get a 66 percent charge in half an hour and a total order in 52 minutes 1 plus. The software has an optimized charging option.

Which allows the phone to learn your charging habits and can reduce your overnight charging loads. The end 10 has 6 gigabytes of ram and the snapdragon 690.

This supports sub 5 gigahertz 5 G. networks, it has a similar single-core performance to phones with the snapdragon 765 G. chipset, and its multi-core scores were identical to phones like the Reno 3 pro 5 G. day today.

You’ll find that this phone is snappy responsive. The processor is tuned for battery efficiency than performance, as a whole, it strikes a good balance between battery life and power. The north and 10 have entry 10 with Oxygen OS on top. Sadly 1 plus is only planning to update this phone up until 111, and then it’ll offer 2 years of security updates. This is something to keep in mind.

Suppose you’re really after longevity in your phones other than that. The software is mostly the as in other windows phones. There is no always-on display, but you can set the screen to activate.

When you lift the phone or get notifications, the launcher is simply straightforward, and you’ll find quite a few customization options you can switch from light to dark themes.

Choose your ambient clock style to select an accent color change of the icons and switch your fonts 1 thing we liked was hidden space.

Which lets you hide apps which you don’t want to appear in the app store. The OS supports similar apps. You can have 2 accounts on a single device.

The one plus more than 10 has a quad-camera set up with the 64-megapixel primary sensor with autofocus, an 8-megapixel ultra snapper, a 2-megapixel micro cam, and a 2-megapixel monochrome camera during the day.

The phone takes 16-megapixel snaps. A look good overall in ideal lighting colors is vibrant in detail is quite good and more challenging shooting conditions the image processing tries to compensate too much.

And you’ll get washed out colors and shaded areas that don’t look shaded. That’s why I would say that the camera was primarily consistent but not always white balance very between shots from time to time, and sometimes contrast was greats other times.

It wasn’t enough. There’s an option to shoot photos, and the full 64-megapixel resolution though you should know that you’re uploading to social media doesn’t get compressed anyway.

That said, the full resolution shots had more natural contrast, which we prefer sometimes. There’s no dedicated zoom camera, so if you want to zoom and you’ll be getting a crop from the primary sensor if you choose to go the other direction and use the old tried it.

You’ll get colors and white balance that are in line with the main cameras. The dynamic range is more limited, and the deed so is not plentiful, but that’s unsurprising since the toward sensor is smaller. The monochrome snapper isn’t just for depth sensing.

This isn’t always the case on mid-range phones. It produced more natural mid-tones and shadows than what you would get if you desaturated a photo shot by the primary camera. There is also a 2-megapixel macro camera shot that was for the Expos. They had about detail as you would expect from this type of sensor portrait shots local right.

But the ball okay looks better with more lights. The framing was expansive than what we’re used to, and there is no tighter crop option and the phone’s camera you why so you’ll have to do it manually after you take the shot when the light gets low.

You can use nightscape on both the primary ultrawide cameras. We found that they were a little cropped and when compared to regular low light snaps without nightscape.

The camera doesn’t do for Troy. The cameras aren’t suitable for low light photography, and nights gave didn’t help the Nord, and 10 has a 16-megapixel camera and a whole bunch on the fronts. It wasn’t great at metering exposure. There was less contrast than what we would have liked but overall structural right.

If you are keen on videography, you should know that the Nord and 10 supports 4 K. at 30 FPS on the primary camera and fully G. at 30 FPS on the twice. Yeah, yes is available for all video modes unless.

You’re shooting 2 times zoom videos or capturing footage at 60 frames per second 4 K. videos had the exposure that once again was too bright for our taste. The number Grange wasn’t impressive. Still, details are okay, and noise is relatively low police. The footage on the primary camera was pretty much the same but with less noise and slightly better than Emma Grange.



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