The Future of PC Cooling

The Future of PC Cooling
The Future of PC Cooling

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So I was walking by the gigabyte booth and I saw something extremely interesting and I had to let you guys know about it because this could be the future of PCI cooling.

And I just couldn’t help it. I came back so I could actually make article on this. So check this thing out right here. You’re gonna see, like, how is an entire P.C. or server in water? It’s kind of interesting, right?

So I wanted to come by and get somebody to actually explain what is happening here. So what is what is this contraption here and how is this thing underwater? I mean, it’s super interesting.

So, first of all, does not water. It’s a floor chemical develop by 3M. They named it Novak.

So it’s non electrically conductive, non corrosive, nontoxic and environmental friendly. Technically, any electronic device works well and under water under this liquid, not water. It’s contagious. All we have here is our two face liquid emergen cooling.

We’re keeping the whole system cool by just immersing it into water. This cooling method is forth up to 4000 times better, more efficient than air cooling itself.

Wow. So all that bubbling here that we’re seeing now, that’s all the heat that’s dissipating and keeping us cool. So he said how this is boiling, it looks like.

Yes. So right now, when the cars are under full load, the processor, the chips get so hot that’s transforming the liquid into a gas state.

So when it’s transformed, the heat is transforming the liquid into gassy. It’s removing a heat from the chip. And the gas is collecting up here in this space. Now, once it’s collected enough, we have a condenser in the back that we kept keeping cool the with the radiator in the back. It condenses the gas back into a liquid form. And that’s our second phase of cooling.

Wow, that’s incredible. So this is warmer on the outside. I can touch here, but all of that is just being kept cool. So what do we have inside of here, actually?

So this is our two system. We normally have it and a rack mount. But right here we modified it. We took our order. He sinks and you can we attach 16 graphic cards in the system, 16 graphics card.

Do you know what type of graphics card? I’m not allowed to say some new of it, but yeah. This is super interesting. So this 3M material. So this I saw a demo earlier where somebody took some just like a dollar bill, took it out. So it just doesn’t stick to whatever material it’s in.

Right. So it’s right over here. This is a same liquid as in the container.Take it out. Trip it out of it.

And you can see it’s almost complete. This is crazy. That is literally as dry. It’s not. Wow, that is incredible.

So what are the chances that this is actually gonna come to anything that’s consumer related for gaming, for P.c as a whole? I mean, obviously, this is built for servers, but do you think that this is going to come to the home? Possibly.

It’s just not affordable for consumers. Because for big data centers today spent especially a lot more on cooling the whole Sistan, the whole platform than compared to the home user.

Would they just need to keep in their room or keep your room condition, air condition.

This and this method data centers can save up to 90 to 95 percent and electricity calls on just cooling. But for home use, it’s probably not as efficient as a may be able to overclock it more. But you’d probably need a better design, keep more space for the atmosphere and a better radiator.

So for now, it’s more we’re gearing towards the data center. We’re hoping for more customers and more companies, even competitors, to pick it up so we can expand and have a more environmental friendly cooling method, maybe once expense enough will get to consumers in a more viable solution.

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