Sony XZ Premium 4K HDR Display/Cover By Zubair Ali

Sony XZ Premium 4K HDR Display
Sony XZ Premium 4K HDR Display

Today I got to look at a cool phone at MWC, but there was one in particular that really drew my attention.

And this is the Sony XY premium. Sony released a bunch of phones, including the A one X one ultra, which is their mid-range, and then their other flagship, the XY. Yes.

But I got my hands-on time with those two, so I’ll make a separate article on those. But for today, let’s focus on the XY premium. There were reasons why I was so drawn to this phone. And the first reason is that this is the world’s first 5.5 inches four K HDR display.

This thing has a crazy 807 pixels per age. If you remember, the Zevi premium had a Fourcade display. But if you look at them both side by side, you can see that the HDR makes for better colors on the panel and the XY premium is much brighter.

I’m pretty sure that’s gonna be the same Z fi premium where the UI is probably intended DP.

And then for K content gets supported in Sony’s own apps. But this hasn’t been confirmed. The other feature that really drew me in is that this camera can shoot video burse up to a crazy 960 frames per second.

This phone is still in preproduction when I checked it out so I couldn’t get them to show me the actual premium itself. But they demo this feature on the XII’s and I got to play around with it and it was nothing short of amazing. If you look, you can see the blades on the propeller, even though recorded in 720 P.

It was incredible a mobile phone do this. So how this works is that this is a brand new Exmoor are a sensor is 19 megapixels F 2.0. And this is a stacked sensor.

So the stack has memory built into it. So that’s how these 960 frames per second burst happen. You just hit it on the UI. You’ll see it only takes about a stint of what’s happening right there. And then it translates it to the super slow-mo.

I believe this is an industry first. The camera’s loaded laser and face detection autofocus, an infrared sensor that allows a sensor to just wipe balance on the fly.

Some really cool stuff. I personally am super excited to try out this new Exmoor are a sensor. Of course, it can shoot four K up to 30 frames per second.

And the front-facing camera is not too shabby 13 megapixel F 2.0, 22-millimeter wide-angle lens. It doesn’t look like this phone will be out until the summer, but there’s plenty to be excited about.

The design is incredible. In stunning colors.

It’s all covered in Gorilla Glass five. Of course, it’ll be a fingerprint magnet. So I’m sure DeBrand is doing this right now. But there’s a black color.

If you want to be a little more low-key, both of them could be used as mirrors, though. So, no need to carry one. If you buy this phone when it comes to specs, this phone is load. It has the newest OCTA core, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor with four gigabytes of RAM.

It’s IP 68. Water-Resistant has a micro SD card slot for easy expansion beyond the 64 gigs of internal storage. It runs Android 7.1.

Newgate has a 30030 mPower battery front-facing stereo speakers, which is awesome, and a USB type C port Char’s 3.0.

And besides it being a little bit bulky and the design being a little bit last-gen, I think this phone could be the one to beat in 2017.

So what do you guys think of the XY premium? I think it’s really going to be here.

Are you going to love the design? You’re going to hate it. I think that it’s not the most futuristic design. It definitely has four heads and a chin. My hands-on time with it, though. It feels super solid, constructed. So I can’t wait to get this one in for review.

And check out my other coverage from MWC and a lot more smartphone coverage. It’s just that time of year.


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