The TECH of CES Review/Cover By Zubair Ali

The TECH of CES Review
The TECH of CES Review

There is so much awesome tech at CBS this year, so it’s impossible for me to show you everything. But I want to show you five things that really impress me at this year’s show.

And the first one is Raiser’s Project, Linda. Now, you guys know that I’m a razor phone user.

Surles excited to see this. It’s basically a prototype blade. They’ll show, which uses razors, phone to power this thing. And the speakers are so good on the Razr phone.

They decided to use the phone’s audio, which I can’t hate on it docks into this cut-out with a mechanical connection. And the next thing you know, you have a full-on Android laptop experience.

There is a built-in battery to charge the Razr phone over 3 times USGBC on both sides, one for peripherals and the other side for power pass through.

And of course, that four RGV keyboard is here to give it that Razr touch. And I was really surprised just this thing work for being a prototype scrolling work using the phone’s display the trackpad.

It felt good and I hope this thing does come to market, but we’ll see since we aren’t sure if the Razr phone will stick to this form long to even see this happen.

This is just a concept and this concept isn’t new, but it’s one of the best executions that I’ve seen. And this means that the future of the Razr phone looks pretty like a company’s pipeline.

The second thing that blew me away was over at the Sennheiser booth. These are the new HD, 20. I’m a proud owner of the HD 800 which are opened back and to see these unique curved gorilla glass close back headphones displayed, I was immediately intrigued.

The bill quality is what you would expect is the same connection and cable.

Some metal mixed into a plastic form. They were comfortable. But the soundscape is very unique because they are close back, but they sound like a monster hybrid of both of them.

You get the same spatial effect open back, but a little bit more direct.

Sound like close back. So I fell in love with them. You will be mine this summer. Much respect to Sennheiser on the HD 820. Over at the LG booth, they had a canyon where you could walk to a hall of curved old displays.

Tons of people checking out. It was a sight to see for sure.

You really had to be there appreciate. So I wonder what the cost of that was. But anyway, they had cool new LEDs, which I will cover in my best teams of 2018 article, which I will link down below.

But I really like their new laser 4 K projector it at a standing design, which is nice because it makes it more flexible.

You can put it anywhere in your home or technically take it outdoors you want. It has 2500 lumens web OS, TV software built-in which I’m a fan of and it supports HDR, which is awesome and it looks like it will come in under 3000$, which is reasonable with these type of specs.

Also, LG had my next monitor on display. This is the 34 inch, five k ultra-wide 21 by nine display.

I’m a Mac user so I can’t wait to get this. My complaint about the five K ultrafine displays with a bulky bass which they change here to this beautiful slim and curved one, and the crazy large bezels were on the ultrafine 5K, but they did not include this in this new one, very thin bezels. So I really love the way this looks.

The specs look great. Also, 98 percent of DC IP three-color space 600 and NYTs of peak brightness, which is really great but doesn’t have just Thunderball 3 but has HDMI port. So you can use it with pieces, which is nice.

They had updated 4K monitors here too, which look amazing for dual-monitor because these displays even have thinner bezels.

They look incredible. Colors in brightness were on. So these could be great for people that don’t need that five K resolution with the same type of specs. The coolest TV by far was the wall by Samsung.

This is a 146 inch K micro LCD TV. Everyone was crowding around to see what the hype was about. What makes this special is that this is a modular system.

So since this TV is built out of micro LCD panels, you could buy the size that you need in an expanded if you want to.

Also, this makes commercial applications possible. So let’s say that you wanted a weird aspect ratio to put a fireplace on a wall in a restaurant.

You could buy that specific size. There’s a lot of unanswered questions here, like if you can add the panels yourself or you have to send it in. But the two thousand Nizza peak brightness, AKCA, and HDR looks incredible, all built-in with his AK upscaling tech that they talked about.

So this year is gonna be an awesome year for TV. Last but not least is the Panasonic G.H. 5 s. I got a little hands-on time with this.

The body looks besides some red accents. The big key here is the new lower resolution sensor that is much better in light.

We did a little bit of testing here, pushing it. 10000 eyes, so on this micro fourth, third sensor, and it seemed really clean. So I can’t wait to get this to try it. They did remove in-body stabilization, which sucks. But let’s see if that really matters for the application.

Panasonic intended this to be used. Stay tuned for more. I’ll be getting this in the house very soon and I’ll be doing some more coverage. So that’s about it, guys. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know which products that you like best.

I missed a few key things, like the video phone with Synaptics built-in-display fingerprint scanner because honestly, I couldn’t find it.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G Full Review/Cover By Areeba

this is the show me 11 life 5 G. not to be confused with the regular me 11 light 5 G. network connectivity.

What’s the difference, and is this phone able to stand out from other popular mid-ranges from Shami? Let’s find out in our full review.

no-nonsense glass design, unlike most phones these days. The back isn’t curvy but flat, giving the phone a slate-like appearance. It’s the same looks-wise a regular me 11 light that the 5 G. version has a matte finish.

If you’re confused, you can read the names on the back. The mass finish is silky smooth, and the phone is super light for its size, just around 160 grants the glossy. Despite the quality-looking build, though, you won’t get waterproofing here, unlike some of his other midrange phones.

The new 11 life 5 Jeez display is 6.55 inches and allied with the 1080 P. resolution This move that you’re swiping and scrolling unlike the regular me 11 light the 5 G. version has HDR 10 plus support and is protected by gorilla glass 6 but otherwise, the screens are the same content looks gorgeous on this contrast the MLA and plenty sharp plus.

You have support for 10-bit color, and the brightness is good. He measured a maximum of around 510 minutes with the slider, and it boosts up to 814 it’s automotive went out in the bright sun for audio.

The Neil Levin live 5 G. has a pair of hybrid stereo speakers. There’s a bottom-firing speaker, and the other doubles the earpiece allowed Mrs balance, though. Overall the phone earned a perfect score on our lot distracts. The quality is decent with lovely meds, but highs are lacking,

There’s no headphone jack on the 11 like 5 G. or the 4 G. version either you need to use a dongle or connect your headphones wirelessly. There is something like an always-on display here showing your time and notifications without unlocking the phone.

However, it appears to tap the screen, and then it’ll disappear after a few seconds; otherwise, you can unlock the phone directly using the side-mounted fingerprint reader that is blazing fast and responsive.

And you get 100 28 or 2056 gigs of storage onboard.

Me 11 light 5 G. is showing his new wife 12 over into it a lot. It’s the interface we have seen on show me phones for quite a while now. One cool feature is support for awesome wallpapers.

0 men move you navigate through different parts of the why you have support for an app drawer to hold and organize all of your apps. And unlike other you wise me,

Since there’s an IR blaster, you can use it in the 11 light 5 G. to control certain appliances. Cynthia Levin, like 5 G., supports NFC for contactless payments and connectivity, the significant difference between the 11 light 5 G.

And the non 5 G. version is the chipset. This 1 run on a powerful Snapdragon 780 G. chipset built on a 5-nanometer process is the most powerful Snapdragon 700 series chip.

You can get on paper it looks similar to what you’d find in a 2019 flagship in CPU test them you love them like 5 G. tops the mid-range charts even besting the likes of the poco X. 3 pro with the snapdragon 860, and G. view wise.

It isn’t top dog is right up there in the number 2 spot behind the polka. This is 1 capable mid-ranger that can handle anything you can throw at it, and we didn’t notice thermal throttling in our testing either.

Powering the device is a 250004000 power battery, and even though this is smaller than what you find in many other mid-Rangers, the battery life is still great. The meal Levin light 5 G. scored an endurance rating of 100 and 6:00 hours, and our proprietary tests.

With the included 33 white charger charging speed is incredible.

it’s still pretty fast. We were able to capture the phone from 0 to 58 percent point 5 an hour.

All right, let’s move on to the cameras, which are the same on the non 5 G. model. There’s a 64-megapixel quad bear main cam, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, and a 5-megapixel tele macro cam.

Which has autofocus. Photos from the main camp come out at 16 megapixels by default, and they are stellar for this class. It was to resolve detail and punchy colors balance low sharpness noise,

and why you get a natural dynamic range.

If you have light portraits that look good with plenty of good colors, the technician does a decent job, which isn’t always on point around the hair.

The 8-megapixel photos from the ultrawide camera decent for the class with good contrast and a wide dynamic range. Close-up shots taken with the telematics Mar pretty get you to get nice contrast and great looking colors even though there is out of focus, we found ourselves off and having to take multiple photos to get a sharper sell.

However, it seems the mod hardly ever kicked in, nighttime photos come out without it; still, it seems to improve exposure in subtle ways.

So we leave it up. Overall low light photos look perfect for the class with a balanced exposure to life colors and low noise.

But it’s not flagship level. You can force the dedicated night mode, which takes about 2 to 3-second exposures. These are not only brighter, but you get lower noise and better-defined details.

With the white ocean camera at night, it doesn’t seem like auto night mode is doing much. The photos are dark, noisy, and soft.

Turning on manual night mode gives you a more usable result with writer exposure and why enemy Grange is still quite soft overall. So fees are taken with a 20-megapixel front-facing cam, and these are great. They are the sharpest southeast.

We’ve seen they are some of the most well-balanced and natural looking with a wide dynamic range.

Video can be shot with the primary camera and after 4 K. at 30 FPS, and the quality. There’s a ton of details on sharpness, low noise, nice colors, and a dynamic range that support ES 2.

The ultrawide records 1080 P. videos, which are OK for this class. The footage is sharp, even a bit over shopping, and colors are true to life. The contrast in endemic ranger is OK too. Just like the flagship shall mean 11, the lite version supports unique video modes you can play around with. These include magic soon.

Slow shutter. I’m freezing—end of the inception like a parallel world. However, the night mode time-lapse, which stitches together night mode photos into a unique 4 K. video.

So that’s the shall mean the 11 like 5 G. as a beautiful glass design and loud stereo speakers perfect battery life with decently fast charging.

And photo and video quality from the main campus, and compared to the 4 G. version, you get a much more powerful chipset is overall a perfect package that’s hard to beat, though.

You can find plenty of alternatives from shell me itself. Their mid Rangers are that competitive this year, I think that at this price, the combination of a fast chipset and a great camera is enough for the meal of my 5 G. to be worth its recommendation. Thanks for watching, guys. Stay safe, and see you on the next one.

Xiaomi Redmi 9T Full Review/Cover By Hiba

Hey, what’s up? Guys will hear for the GSM arena. This is the redmi 90, and it’s one of the newest entry-level phones available from show me.

It happens to be nearly identical to the recent poco and 3. What’s the difference, and this is the better phone to get? Let’s find out in our full review.

The redmi 90 en poco M. 3 are very similar entry-level devices. The redmi has a little bit more to offer, though, and is slightly more expensive at the time of this review. The redmi 90 would go for €140 well, the pogo 120 it’s not a difference.

But it’s noticeable compared to the total price of the phone. Despite a similar plastic build, the redmi nineties design is different.

And the vinyl-like texture on the back adds grip to 1 unique feature that the 90 brings to the table is splash-proof, even though it’s not I. P. rated it’s nice to have peace of mind the only fundamental differences from the poco or that the redmi 90 has NFC support. On the back, there is an additional 8-megapixel ultra-white camera.

But we’ll get to that in a bit. The rest of the features are the same so let’s start with the screen is a 6153 inch ITS LCD protected by gorilla glass 3 with a 1080 P. resolution and a doctor off a notch.

We’re happy to have a full HD resolution here since many entry-level phones offer 720 P. this screen looks decent enough.

And has good contrast for LCD colors is acceptably accurate depending on your color settings and brightness goes.

We measured over 430 minutes maximum with the slider. It’s might not be enough on a very sunny day. For audio, the redmi 90 is one of the few devices in this price range with a stereo speaker setup. Loudness measures perfect on our charts, and the quality is with full and clear socks. Something.

You have a 3.5 millimeter Jack for plugging in traditional headphones. At him, radio support waking up and unlocking the phone is done with the side-mounted fingerprint reader, which is fast and accurate.

And the redmi 90 has 6428 gigs of onboard storage, which is expandable through a dedicated micro SD slot. Under the hood of the redmi 90 is a snapdragon 662 chipset.

Which is built on an 11-nanometer process performance here is nothing special, to be honest. However, that is expected at this price invention marks the redmi 90 mostly holds its own against competition CPU wise but is GPU performance falls behind due to the demanding 1080 P. display things run decently.

You may encounter a hick-up from time to time while playing a game or swiping the U. Y. The chipset is relatively power-efficient, though, which works together with the device’s 6000 power battery life. Here are some of the best.

We’ve seen the redmi 90 was able to earn a score of 150 hours and our proprietary tests charging this massive battery is anything but fast. The phone supports up to 18 watts of power input.

And the bundle 22.5-watt charger was only able to charge the phone from 0 to 25 percent point 5 an hour. The redmi nineties interfaces meal Y. 12 based on android tat it’s a U. Y. pretty ubiquitous across recent Xiaomi devices one difference here from previous versions of media why said.

You get native support for an app drawer if you opt for it. Also, And thanks to an IR blaster, you can use the phone as a remote to control certain appliances.

We noticed that It may be a bit annoying it’s not that obtrusive helps to lower the cost of the phone.



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