The TECH of CES Review/Cover By Zubair Ali

The TECH of CES Review
The TECH of CES Review

There is so much awesome tech at CBS this year, so it’s impossible for me to show you everything. But I want to show you five things that really impress me at this year’s show.

And the first one is Raiser’s Project, Linda. Now, you guys know that I’m a razor phone user.

Surles excited to see this. It’s basically a prototype blade. They’ll show, which uses razors, phone to power this thing. And the speakers are so good on the Razr phone.

They decided to use the phone’s audio, which I can’t hate on it docks into this cut-out with a mechanical connection. And the next thing you know, you have a full-on Android laptop experience.

There is a built-in battery to charge the Razr phone over 3 times USGBC on both sides, one for peripherals and the other side for power pass through.

And of course, that four RGV keyboard is here to give it that Razr touch. And I was really surprised just this thing work for being a prototype scrolling work using the phone’s display the trackpad.

It felt good and I hope this thing does come to market, but we’ll see since we aren’t sure if the Razr phone will stick to this form long to even see this happen.

This is just a concept and this concept isn’t new, but it’s one of the best executions that I’ve seen. And this means that the future of the Razr phone looks pretty like a company’s pipeline.

The second thing that blew me away was over at the Sennheiser booth. These are the new HD, 20. I’m a proud owner of the HD 800 which are opened back and to see these unique curved gorilla glass close back headphones displayed, I was immediately intrigued.

The bill quality is what you would expect is the same connection and cable.

Some metal mixed into a plastic form. They were comfortable. But the soundscape is very unique because they are close back, but they sound like a monster hybrid of both of them.

You get the same spatial effect open back, but a little bit more direct.

Sound like close back. So I fell in love with them. You will be mine this summer. Much respect to Sennheiser on the HD 820. Over at the LG booth, they had a canyon where you could walk to a hall of curved old displays.

Tons of people checking out. It was a sight to see for sure.

You really had to be there appreciate. So I wonder what the cost of that was. But anyway, they had cool new LEDs, which I will cover in my best teams of 2018 article, which I will link down below.

But I really like their new laser four K projector it at a standing design, which is nice because it makes it more flexible.

You can put it anywhere in your home or technically take it outdoors you want. It has 2500 lumens web OS, TV software built-in which I’m a fan of and it supports HDR, which is awesome and it looks like it will come in under 3000$, which is reasonable with these type of specs.

Also, LG had my next monitor on display. This is the 34 inch, five k ultra-wide 21 by nine display.

I’m a Mac user so I can’t wait to get this. My complaint about the five K ultrafine displays with a bulky bass which they change here to this beautiful slim and curved one, and the crazy large bezels were on the ultrafine 5K, but they did not include this in this new one, very thin bezels. So I really love the way this looks.

The specs look great. Also, 98 percent of DC IP three-color space 600 and NYTs of peak brightness, which is really great but doesn’t have just Thunderball 3 but has HDMI port. So you can use it with pieces, which is nice.

They had updated four K monitors here too, which look amazing for dual-monitor because these displays even have thinner bezels.

They look incredible. Colors in brightness were on. So these could be great for people that don’t need that five K resolution with the same type of specs. The coolest TV by far was the wall by Samsung.

This is a 146 inch K micro LCD TV. Everyone was crowding around to see what the hype was about. What makes this special is that this is a modular system.

So since this TV is built out of micro LCD panels, you could buy the size that you need in an expanded if you want to.

Also, this makes commercial applications possible. So let’s say that you wanted a weird aspect ratio to put a fireplace on a wall in a restaurant.

You could buy that specific size. There’s a lot of unanswered questions here, like if you can add the panels yourself or you have to send it in. But the two thousand Nizza peak brightness, AKCA, and HDR looks incredible, all built-in with his AK upscaling tech that they talked about.

So this year is gonna be an awesome year for TV. Last but not least is the Panasonic G.H. five s. I got a little hands-on time with this.

The body looks besides some red accents. The big key here is the new lower resolution sensor that is much better in light.

We did a little bit of testing here, pushing it. 10000 eyes, so on this micro fourth, third sensor, and it seemed really clean. So I can’t wait to get this to try it. They did remove in-body stabilization, which sucks. But let’s see if that really matters for the application.

Panasonic intended this to be used. Stay tuned for more. I’ll be getting this in the house very soon and I’ll be doing some more coverage. So that’s about it, guys. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know which products that you like best.

I missed a few key things, like the video phone with Synaptics built-in-display fingerprint scanner because honestly, I couldn’t find it.


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