Step By Step Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine Swap

Step By Step Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine Swap
Step By Step Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine Swap

So this is a jeep grand Cherokee Laredo that’s a 95 the jeep that threw a rod about two years ago and spins it around or sensing kind of sell the from the.

Went through the rock, the oil came off 3 of the. This is a down here into the air filter. So you can see there is a bunch of oil down inside of there. That’s what’s kind of a give away that it threw a rod needs a new engine for into the engine swap on it.

Started on the front grille as three screws here, and there is some screw those three things come up and off. Is it take out the radiator comes up in parts there’s a board here here here here. Times there’s four along the top, and then there’s two more underneath the bottom so on the front grille right above the license plate here and here. And the whole thing should just lift out.

The radiator’s funding out there’s a few more hoses and connectors that needed to come off as well there’s this one right here, and there’s two more at the very bottom of the radiator I’m big to be a little too. I’ll show you those are. So that top one was here and then the big too little too late to come off at the other end where it connects the motor that way S.

As you take apart fewer things as I’m taking out the engine. To get the whole thing apart, I did have to take apart the fan that made it the easiest and give me a lot more room to work with once I had the fan out in the plastic shroud out. The whole thing was giving more places to get to the radiator out to move the cables around the big houses.

I think you always have to make sure to put a hold back we got him just to make sure that there’s no chance of you losing them later on because you’re going to be a lot of leftover bowls and stuff like that if you do that so.

Thursday organized. We started taking apart the power steering pump for this the reservoir this is a way to get it the belt off of the engine you undo there are a few different slider bolts on the track down and say here’s.

There’s another one. On the back of their going to the slider volts and this and this. One up as well and this one star the sun is kind of in the way they’re. The whole system is some sort of shifts down a little bit you can see that it kind of. It tracks up and down on the small runners and then once the tracks down. The bill just kind of slides off the whole thing I remember where it goes.

So when you’re putting it back, all the components are turning in the right direction. That’s an easy way to damage some stuff right here above the radiator when all the pieces are intact there’s a little map always here on the jeep Cherokee that tells how the builders routed. I have another engine for this vehicle right here. And you can tell the tracks that are right here.

The records are right here in right here, and that’s where the reservoir contract into now and released the belt. So.

That is how you. Take off the serpentine belt. Jeep Cherokee. So as you can see, how we got off the power steering fluid was works started taking part in this thing for the AC very simple. This covers up a lot of these are 13-millimeter pollsters; I believe this was a 10 millimeter. These two twos are connected to it is pressurized so remember that when you take them off, there is also one little wire right here the F. to disconnect from the back for you simply just have to lift the small plug that goes in there and it snaps right out is pretty simple.

Then the whole thing just lifts up and away from the. So take off your alternator there are a few bolts on the top take off this one ‘s a 15 millimeter that one is also a 15 millimeter on the back of this bigger the longer one on theirs and not have to go through a 15-millimeter socket on leading to stretch it out. At the end of the alternator, there are a few different plugs.

There’s this guy right here. Which has four connectors on as you can see it. Scott. Should be on the back of the alternator then. Right here. Let’s get the solution was.

0 here I believe these 3 or 10 millimeters this one is a 7 millimeter, yes disconnect all those are pretty simple nothing has stuck on there too that. And that is the whole deal I believe there are these red wires one is connected to the. In this black section right here. Instead of taking out the old. All right, so now we’re taking all the wiring and electrical stuff off the engine. Kind of a lot is going on, so it’s kind of explain what I remember just this one comes out. These to come out. Yes, you just slide off surfaces on the wiring. Everything inside this harness right here needs to come off. This was always little clips on this connector. There is one.

This goes all the way down the bottom. And basically, it’s just anything that looks like it’s going to come off. Take it also doesn’t rip off the engine when you pointed out. Trying to think anything else I don’t know what this is what I’ve been doing I’ve just been taking a look at this engine and take a look at this one Justin you see what this one has what the other one doesn’t I’m just going off of there. So this one ‘s a white a little bit different than my other engines so,

I’m just taking this out replacing with the one I have these cables which shot some replace them with the ones that I have those are already in their sky like that. So pretty straightforward. Just start taking things for. Some on the underside of the Cherokee unless the starter motor I’m pretty simple to take off there’s a bolt here that’s a 14 millimeter believe both behind right here.

Thirty took office 15 millimeters, then we have this bill right here, which is an 8 in this bowl right here, which is a 12 millimeter. We take off these to get the electrical side. Of it off and then these people to the mounting bolts and the whole thing you can see just entirely forgettable such as what was often coming right out. Simple. Hearing him underneath the engine, this is the exhaust it connects to the driver; just make sure to take this off as well; it is 214-millimeter bolts. Things that are like that, and it’s disconnected and ready to remove from the engine.

It makes it a lot easier when way back there on the top of the bell housing right above for the transmission connects to the engine there’s to bolster 14 millimeters sitting at the top of that. Still, the way that firewall is seated over the transfer, it’s super hard to get the balls to turn, so what I found as these little wrenches right here with the right ratcheting socket.

At where they can spend at that angle, that’s the easiest way to get that pulled out. I’ve heard many people complaining that there are starboards on the back of this engine. You need a time that you can eat 12 sockets for, but on this engine, this is a 95 jeep grand Cherokee. There weren’t those starboards either just the 14 millimeters just the regular ones that are all around the bell housing, so just be ready for that. Still, yeah, without this tool, I could not have gotten those off, so that’s great for that.

Made some progress. That’s basically what happened is down there on my flight will. In the engine and cease, I wasn’t able to turn the flywheel at all to unscrew the torque converter. The site under here sure Hey what’s going on. This is an opinion.

This big round thing is a torque converter is the fly will. I’m on the flywheel. There are little bolts. Those are the bolts they go to the flight will. They were since it seems it wouldn’t stand so I can only get. Three of the four out, so I had to just pull the whole torque converter out the with the fly will.

Most people on the internet said not to do it that way, but. Thanks. Also, to pull it straight out, the motor mounts get in our way. So we just went ahead and just taught detach the more amount to make it a. Usually, those with a 15-millimeter pull. This came right out. And there’s as we went to his nature to disconnect all the extra wires and stuff there’s another down here by the will filter. The fuel line was also unison issues. What I did is I came in. To the fuel line. Right under this little screw.

I’ll show you this other engine. Sure. So the different need to undo this and release all the pressure inside, and I disconnected these. And then I disconnected the hose I needless to connected because it is pressurized, and I don’t want to deal with that attaching a wholly new close to it. Anyway, as far as connecting the engine to the voice goes, No minus use these big poultry here.

Little change and then Reilly auto parts are pretty close to its deposit with them, and they give me a lift 350 Bucks, and when I return the list, they give me back my deposit so I can like renting for free. Anyway other than that we’re just about to clear the whole thing, so it’s better. Who got the engine most the way others showed you some of the carnage right here’s this from it through the rod.

Moshe hole right in the engine there you can see ours. This isn’t supposed to be coming out of your engine is this spans of your flywheel spins make sure you just take off the flywheel bolts thank things a lot easier for you. See if there’s anything on the server. Little things good, holy crap. This is not supposed to be there. Maybe that.

The former right through that. All right, let’s get to sing it. All right now, it’s in the back of my truck that we can take apart the torque converter, as you can see. Down inside that crack is the bulls working there still isn’t spent in. Just because the ease engine is seized up, you can view this whole right here.

That would explain why it’s not turning the same here hole on the side. I can get my prints done there, though, and you can see them for animals, so hopefully, I get those turned enough to get the full torque converter off.


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