Bose Soundbar Review

Bose Soundbar Review
Bose Soundbar Review

What’s up, everybody, And Up teamed up with Bows to show you both of their new sound Borrus The Sound Bar. Five hundred.

And also the Sound Bar. Seven hundred. So what I want to do is I want to break down the feature sets of both, and I want to compare them a little bit to show you the differences between them. So if you’re in the market for one of these awesome sound bars, that this should help you make that right decision when you pick one up.

So make sure you hit that link down below to check current pricing because you never know when these things will go on sale. First, let’s talk about sizing the bow.

Sambar 700 is a larger one, other two at thirty eight point five inches across and the bow sound bar 500 is thirty one point five inches across. So if you’re looking to put this on top of the console next to the TV where both suggested should be, then you should be fine with either of these.

But if you’re looking to fit one inside of a medium console, you might want to go with the 500, because this is the one that I was able to fit inside my VDI elements console where the seven hundred was a little too big to fit inside.

Both of these have Amazon Alexa built in with an eight microphone array setup.

So it picks up extremely well even if you’re further away in the room. My five hundred is inside of my slot Amidi cabinet and the voice picks up perfectly from there as well.

Now there is a mute button on top so you can meet the microphones if you don’t want to use Alexa. But I like that you can control your smart home setup and all of that with this. Now they did also say that airplay too is coming to both of these sound bars, including other voice assistance. So we’ll see that in a future software update.

The Sound Bar. Seven hundred has a glossy glass finish on the top where the five hundred has a matte finish.

They both look amazing, but the map finish is much better on resisting fingerprints. The bill faulty on both are fantastic nice aluminum grills with a simple modern design.

I really like how clean it looks. If your TV is wall mounted, don’t worry.

There is an optional wall mounted kit that you can buy to complete that look. The poor selection is the same on both, but they are arranged a little differently. The power input is on both of them, but on the five hundred you’ll get an external power supply since a smaller were on the 700. You don’t get that.

They both have HDMI ports with audio return channel, which makes things extremely easy to setup. I really appreciate this.

And there’s also support for enhanced audio return channel for the future, which is great.

Then you also get a USV service port. You get optical tost link. You also get either Ethan Airport and then you also have a few different ports here to expand the system if you want to, which we’ll talk about a little bit later.

There are a few minor differences in the box. So if you plan to pick up a sound bar, five hundred, it does not come with an optical cable where the seven hundred it does. So if you plan to use that input method on the five hundred makes you just pick up an optical cable beforehand.

The remotes are also different. On the 500, you get a simplified remote to control the sound bar and the 700 you get a full universal remote.

And I love the look of this remote. It lights up when you pick it up. It feels solid and heavy. So I love the bill quality of both. And I also love it because it only lights up the buttons for what you need.

So like if you’re controlling a TV, it only lights up buttons for the TV controls, which makes things extremely simple. If you want this for the sound bar five hundred, you can pick it up separately. Setup is really easy.

It’s all done through the Bose music app.

You download it and know basically walking through step by step on how you can set it up and connect it to Wi-Fi. And both of these sound bars come with this headband that is used for their adaptive technology.

You run this on the app and it basically sends out signals to your room and has you move around to different places to calculate the best soundstage for that part of the home.

So let’s get to the most important part. How do these actually sound?

So I’ve been using both of them for about a week now and they both fill up rooms and they both sound fantastic. So if you have some not so good speakers on your TV right now, it’s going to be night and day difference. You’re gonna get crispier vocals. You’re gonna get better mids. You’re gonna get a lot more bass.

Now, the sound between the two. They are both great. But I have to say to 700 does fill out the room a little bit more.

You’re going to get a little bit more bass. You’re gonna get just a little bit better vocals.

I think the mid range in the soundscape is a little bit broader. On the seven hundred. And it’s natural because it should. It has some more drivers in here is about 250 dollars more. So if you’re looking to fill up a larger room, I would look at the seven hundred.

But five hundred is absolutely no slouch. It should fill up most modern rooms with no issue.

And it sounds great, too. What’s great is on both of these, if you need just a little bit more sound, you can add to the system later with those ports that I showed you earlier, with both surround speakers and a bass module, or if you have compatible Bose speakers like I do already like this, both Speaker 500.

You can also multi link these speakers to complete your home theater setup to wrap things up.

Let’s talk about the compatible audio formats. They both support Dolby Digital, which is great, but the Sound Bar 700 can also decode. Yes. As well. So keep that in mind.

I was hoping for Dolby Atmos support on both Lee Sound bars, but they aren’t here on this generation, so hoping for that and D TSX on the next ones. So to recap, the seven hundred is a bigger sound bar with more drive.

First, it comes with the universal remote and an optical cable has a gloss design compared to the mat finish and has the ability to decode D2. Yes. So determine if those features are worth the extra two hundred fifty dollars for your setup.

There’s really not much more to say. They’re both great looking sandbars and they both sound fantastic and they’re really easy to setup and use.

And if you look at the pricing, especially with a competition like Sonas, they are definitely priced to compete.

I was really surprised on the pricing. So if you’re looking for a sambar right now, I would definitely look at these two before you make that purchase decision.

I’ll leave a link down below so you can check current pricing and look at more information on them if you need it. But definitely look at these two before you hit that buy button. So let me know which one that you like better or which one that you rather pick up in the comments section below.


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