Macbook Pro With Some Accessories/Cover By Zubair Ali

Macbook Pro With Some Accessories
Macbook Pro With Some Accessories

This is the 15 inch MacBook Pro, and this is my machine of choice when I’m on the road. This is what I edit most of my article with. And even though it has four USP type sports, if you’re into video editing or kind of creative work, you need some legacy ports to make this work. So you’re going to have to carry around some accessories. So I’m going to show you my favorite accessories that I’m carrying around right now in early 2018. So let’s just get right into it. Today’s article sponsor is Webroot with Mac vulnerabilities at an all-time high.


For details on how to protect your MacBook Pro, make sure you stick around and click on the link in the description below.

The first thing you need is some type of hub to give you back all those ports.

I did a full article on that, so I’ll leave it to link somewhere so you can take a look at that

. But it gives you back all the ports that you need, including HDMI, micro, SD card, SD card to GSB, EHS, and even to USGBC one with power passthrough. So if you like this cable type design that’s built-in, then you’re going to like a case nuclear. But if you like this side-mount design, then this is the one that I’ve been using lately, and this is by, say, techy. And this one takes up to USGBC ports, but it does give you back Thunderbolt 3 ports. So if you’re doing AGP you stuff, you can definitely do that faster drives. And it has all of the other ports that the nucleus has to USP, a USGBC with power pass through. So they’re very similar, but they’re just two different designs.

But these are the two that I’m using right now.

The second thing you’re going to need is a good USP type C cable and not old cables are created equal. Trust me, a lot of them are frail, they break right away. But this one is from Nomad. This is new. And this is super thin. You can see how rugged this is. This is made out of ballistic nylon. It’s braided. And this thing is a tank. And you can see how thick this is. And this cable is pretty awesome. What makes this cable unique is that it supports USP 3.1 gen, two speeds. So you’re gonna get really fast drive speeds and things like that with it.

You got plenty of power delivery for that. And it supports the four K video. So with this one cord, you could kind of do it all. Plus, I carry around a lot of Android phones so fast, charging on all USP type C devices that I have is going to be able to happen with this cord. So I would definitely recommend this cable coming. Come on, this thing is super tough. I mean, you could try to pull it. You can do what you want. This thing’s not going to budge. The third thing you’re probably gonna need to get is some kind of compact storage because the storage options on a MacBook Pro are pretty ridiculous. But you can get some small SSD like this one. This is the Samsung T-3 and this is the older model. They do have a T5 out right now that supports USP 3.1 gen, two speeds. So they’re about the same price. I’ll leave that link down below.

I have a one terabyte version here. I can back up a lot of my files.

I can even edit for a video of this if I want to. I just really like the construction of this. It’s really small. It fits into a pocket very easily and I highly recommend one of these. So the sand from T5 comes in that really cool blue color too. And I’ll probably get one of those in soon, but I really recommend the Samsung SSD. They’re fast, they’re compact and they’re built like a tank. The next thing that I recommend is some type of headphones. And even though it’s got a headphone jack, you can use headphones you want. But my wireless choice, I know I get a lot of flack for this, but they are the Apple air pods.


So I really like taking these on the road. And yes, the sound quality is not the greatest, but it works perfectly for audio edits and things like that. So Apple Air Pods, I love a lot of you are probably wondering how I got this MacBook to look this fire. This is a D brand scan and this is the Red Dragon.

And Debrett has them all over the Web site

. So we should check that out if you’re interested. I will leave a link down below for you and installations pretty easy and I can give it a nice fresh look. And I even have the marble look on my 13 inch MacBook Pro. Not only does it freshen things up, but protects the metal one here because, you know, illumined scratches pretty easily. So highly recommended skins. I just love the way they look. The trackpad on the MacBook Pro is humongous and. Times I just used that.

But if you’re a fan of mice and you want something small and compact to take with you on the road, then this is definitely the one to get.

The first is super small, so it fits in a size bag. And second, the tracking is awesome. I love the first one, but this one is way more responsive and I feel like it’s the perfect size for travel or desktop mouse. The scroll wheel is nice and responsive to you have some easy to get to and programable buttons here on the side is very easy to switch between computers with just a click of a button on the bottom of the mouse.

If you’d like to take multiple computers with you, the last thing I’m going to show you is the sponsor of this video, and that is Webroot.

If you have a MacBook Pro, you’re going to want to protect it with antivirus software that works seamlessly in the background. I’m betting a lot of you that are watching this video right now have had some type of cybercrime happen to you, it’s a phishing scam or you’ve had your credit card information stolen.

It can scan your entire MacBook in less than a minute to check if there are malicious contents on your hard drive.And most importantly, its keeps web browsing secure. You can see it in real-time in the green checks, which give you that confidence that these sites are safe. And if that Web site is harmful, then Webroot is going to block it automatically. One of the best things about Webroot they have a database of known vulnerabilities. But there are new ones coming out every day.

So it’s gonna protect you from old and new malicious attacks.

If you’re interested in checking for your MacBook Pro or computer, click on the link below for more information and current pricing.

It just runs in the background and you never notice that it’s running.

So thank you guys for watching this article.


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