The Gold Play Button

The Gold Play Button
The Gold Play Button

When I first got my silver play button for passing 100000 subscribers my first thought was is this real silver is the gold play button real gold if only I knew someone who was willing to destroy their play buttons I can help you with that.

So Dan is from the YouTube channel what’s inside and then what in the world drove you to destroy your buttons it was a tough decision but we do we got stuff open our channels so we got a silver plate and we thought that would be a really funny thing if we cut it in half and then hung it back up actually signifies our channel pretty well but then after we did that and we marched on 2000000.

I was a little nervous to do it but we took a look around the world so it was a fun trip and we had an opening Casey Neistat office so it was worth it but honestly was a little sad cutting in half. Where did you take this again so it’s a good thing to China Japan Australia India by the Netherlands Ireland England Paris New York Austin Texas it just by like 11 pounds in my backpack.

Well I know one place at this but has not been and that’s inside of this electron microscope what do you say we toss it in here and see what it actually made us. It’s funny because and my name have you think that I’d be okay with it but just as long as it doesn’t like turning purple or like that I’m good I can’t promise anything but let’s do it.

So use the back of the play button this is the gold one and looks like there’s a series of Phillips head screws all along the back and the back is made of wood then we got a wood panel right here in the middle played on the outside. Expect. That’s it yeah I’ve got these 4 screws right there but you want to take all this even more sorry fares more screws.

I got screwed out of this. Okay lifted up and then at the time that hold on the backside of the fallout. But because right now you’ve got the glass on the side but basically just have to take this pen along with. There you go now you gotta hold the frame.

That region closer full button right there it’s super dirty I think I watched it before I put back in the listing your prints on it. There it is. This thing is so heavy. Cheese.

The checker right along that screw line there all right so here in this is the electron microscope part of this microscope you can see the electron beams comes out of that little silver thing right there and then what tells us the make up of the actual item inside is this part right here in this is the energy dispersive X. ray spectrometry is now and that tells us what the play button is actually made up of. Let’s put it in here.

And we are good to go. All right and then you play button is now inside the machine has a filter filter back this is legit. This machine is a vacuum is sucking all the air out because in a lecture on microscope can’t work in normal air there used to be 0 airport to function and this is a live feed of different cameras inside a machine.

so this is top down you can see is kind of the error of the play button there is a side profile and this is zoomed in shot of the play button cell and then on this screen we have a read out of what actually the play button is made up of so we have this nickel right here and we also have a little bit of gold there’s a huge chunk of nickel and then we have the gold right below that at 15 percent and then we have busy can the copper and zinc in the covers kind of making up like a brass alloy but on the surface most of it is the nickel and nickel.

you can see here that is evenly dispersed across the but all of the nickel and gold are mixed together protesting the top part of it we just barely pulled out a machine and run a little bit surprised that it’s not I didn’t see as much gold as I thought there would be because right here show on the bottom that says 24 karat gold plated if you can see it just right there in 24 karat gold is known as pure gold 100 percent colder 99.9 percent gold so so let’s flip it over.

we’ll stick it back in there and we’ll see if it’s plated on the back that’s not a shiny you can see on there it’s just I was just not as any type of check the front now it’s shiny it’s glossy the back is just has scratches on it and it’s flat so it might be on his own look at this you can see the shine comes around the edge right here but then it’s not on this part .

so yeah let’s find out right now said machine we have the back of the gold play button here and this is the zoomed in portion of that button and we go over here to the grass of the composition we still see the nickel and then here we have the golden there’s actually a larger percentage of gold on the back of the bun then we saw on the front of the bus.

Which is very interesting the machine is working like a lot of different readings etcetera getting nickel are getting colder getting copper or getting one of the thing and we’re trying to like decide whether it’s just on the exterior the interior the only problem with that is is at the bottom is too big for the machine so there’s no way to get a reading on this cross section. Inside of that thing so much try to shave a little bit off and see if we can get enough of the sample. To make it work. So I just took a small fragment from that little screw hole there.

Putting it on this tape right here’s a look on the machine that particular fragments from the center of the gold play button right here will be able to see what’s inside of the button instead of just on the surface there’s the 80 bitty sample inside of the big machine and we are ready to go here’s the side profile of it and we got the team coming down from the top samples here this is the superzoom Dan electron microscope image of it so you can see all the detail we come over here to this monitor.

it’s got the center so the inside of the gold play button is copper and zinc and there’s actually no gold on the inside so we know that’s all part of the coding the 2 most common elements on the surface of the play button nickel and gold are not inside of the bus. So never check and see what the silver button is made of inside of the machine it goes.

So with the silver play buttons that machine you can see right here is the top down view side cross section this is the magnified image of the play button and over here we have this reading which is actually 100 percent nickel on the surface of that play button so might be something a little bit different underneath the surface but the service is 100 percent nickel. Tracy minimalist crash on the silver plate.

In a creek over here it actually has some conference I have it as well simply jump down here the copper is 6.3 percent. And the nickel is 93 so Nicholas definitely 100 percent the surface of the silver play button but it looks like an hour away underneath with a little bit of copper added to it so I was surprised that there wasn’t as much gold as I thought there was going to be I mean to you to discredit it 24 carat doesn’t rub off easily and I traveled to probably 6 different kind comments with it so,

it could some of the kind of rubbed off that’s your position like your pocket your backpack and everything like that and also on the front of the button where it’s all smooth and glossy there is 15 percent golden like 85 percent nickel but on the back of the bus and where there is those ridges it was actually more gold and I think that’s because you know it wouldn’t rub off as easily probably.

I mean we did do this part which I like that we did we took off that small speck they didn’t shouldn’t have been 24 karat gold plated do you do you go to give you to credit because they can easily send these things out because the metal that they send looks like gold already but they actually played it these call play buttons because we saw the front the back and we didn’t see it in the middle.

so it’s on there it’s real gold there the gold play button is gold which is cool one of the very well that we have really thought about yet as well is that the electron microscope when it looks at the surface of something is actually penetrating the surface just a little bit so that also might be whether some variance between the gold in the nickel on the gold play button.

so I think would be really interesting to see actually how these things are made and what the process is forgetting the gold on them yeah imagine like going into a building where they make these things and you just have like a pile of like hundreds of gold buttons everywhere and he’s so cool thank you for your pharmacy I would just grab one before I had 1000000.

I would just try to find the diamond play button some tackles like a kind of open. We’ll get it early if you take a look back here we have all the gold play button on the silver play button Zacks just stuff the silver plate right here he has no respect for. Take a look at it he put it backwards you. The rewind button now. That’s what happens and speaking of the silver play button it’s not actually silver and there was no silver inside of it which you know is fine .

it’s not plated silver anything the exterior was pure nickel and the inside was a nickel copper blend we got this in may of 2016 before we took a trip around the world with it and what I think is that the buttons are coming out now are a little bit different so they changed the gold play button a little so Zacks gonna get it soon you guys are helping him he is on the way in like 300000 subscribers in the last couple of months.

it’s gonna it’s gonna come soon enough as soon as you get yours I want to test that one out see if it’s the same 24 carat political you too probably watching this right now they’re like oh when we send that kids let’s put a little bit more gold on I’m fine with it you meet most goals you want if you want to see how well traveled this gold play button is and where some of the gold might have rubbed off go ahead and click this article right her.

I’ll take you to dance channel where he actually cut open with Casey Neistat it was once in a lifetime experience pretty cool so I’m excited to see it yours let us know if you want to cut it open I think I’m gonna keep mine in the frame and I’m gonna keep facing the right direction if you change your mind. Thanks for watching I see around the guys.


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