Wifi Asus Lyra Review

Wifi Asus Lyra Review
Wifi Asus Lyra Review

Dead spots in home Wi-Fi suck, and chances are if you’re watching this article, you’re encountering that same problem.

And the truth is that most single router solutions are not enough for modern homes. So this is where mesh networking comes in. And this could change the way that you experience Wi-Fi. What I’m going to do is I’m going to gear this article towards non tech savvy people.

We all can be I.T. geniuses, everything in simple terms.

This is an easy way to fix your crappy Wi-Fi. I’ve tried a lot of products with no luck.

I’ve even tried Google, Wi-Fi, multiple extenders and repeaters. Now, those are good for actually boosting Wi-Fi signal, but they can actually cut your speeds in half, which is not good.

And none of the systems have compared to the results that I’ve gotten from the ACS Lyra, which they sent out for me to check out. If you pick one up, here’s what you can expect. Everything you need to get started and setup is here in the box.

All you need is a smartphone with the Lyra app installed. You get three Wi-Fi nodes which have a subtle and low key design.

So I think it matches well with most modern design homes. All the ports you need are on the back, including Ethernet, all the power cables you need, and a Ethernet cord is included, which is nice.

You really can’t mess up the setup. You just plug in your first node.

You fire up the app and it will tell you step by step exactly how to set everything up, including how to place your extra nodes. You can play with the no placements to get the best results. Just make sure you minimize the obstacles. It couldn’t be easier.

The entire process took me about 10 minutes. So if you have no idea what a mesh network is. Let me draw this out to show you how it works.

If you are on a single router system, you are only getting one source of signal that may not reach all parts of your house. Creating a dead spot in certain corners.

What mesh systems like Lyra do is take nodes and place them throughout your home. So you’ll get more extensive coverage and eliminate those weak signal areas. The liora can actually cover up to six thousand square feet. If you’re a baller.

So most normal houses like mine. It’s no problem. What’s cool about the Lyra is that it’s a tri band system, which means there are three bands altogether. One fast five gigahertz band just to be the backbone of the system.

So your nodes have a dedicated band just to talk to each other.

Then you also have a two point four gigahertz and a five gigahertz band for your devices.

So no matter if you have older tech that uses two point four or newer devices like your phone or TV that uses five gigahertz, that Lyra will automatically connect to the right band. Plus, if you’re moving along your house, it will automatically switch to the fastest and closest node.

So you will get the fastest speeds. If you’re having any problems at all, make sure that you have the latest version of the software within the app.

That takes a few minor problems that I was having after setup. Everything is controlled through the app. It shows you if everything is good and connected or if there are any problems, the app will let you know. There are some awesome extras here, like extra security protection to keep your network safe.

There’s real time monitoring. You can see how many devices are connected and see them individually.

And with this family member feature, you can limit the time on certain devices. So let’s say that if I want to cut off my son’s iPod one hour before bed, then I can do that right through that. This is genius. So all of this means nothing if it doesn’t work.

So let me show you the results after I installed it in my house.

So the biggest dead spot for me is my upstairs master bedroom. Frequent drops in signal and inconsistent speeds. But after I installed Lyra, I more than doubled my speeds. So you can see how much of a difference that made in my bedroom. Another spot that I have a weak area in is my back porch area.

I was only getting about 20 megabits per second down, but with Lyra I was able to double that speed. So I’m definitely happy with that.

I actually just took this to the next level and I went across the street where I had zero signal without libro and I gave it a test and I was able to get over 30 megabits per second down across the street, which is insane. So if you have a really large back yard or a garden, then this is going to be perfect for it. So you can get good signal strength out there.

So I hope you guys enjoyed the simple breakdown of mesh networking in general and the ACS Lyra. There are a lot of systems out there, but I think this is one of the easiest to set up.

And these are some of the fastest speeds that I’ve seen from a mesh networking system.

So this is perfect for people that have fast Internet speeds like gig, which I really miss. If you’re interested, I believe a link down below for the most update pricing and more information on the Lyra and make sure we hit that like button.


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