A Bullet Proof Tesla

A Bullet Proof Tesla
A Bullet Proof Tesla

Behind me, I have a bulletproof Tesla no one has ever shot a shot proof, Tesla before we’re going to be the first let’s get started. She. So Tesla does not sell bulletproof Tesla’s is something that has to happen after the fact it’s an aftermarket upgrade you could say so with a bulletproof Tesla.

They have to add bulletproof glass for the windshield the driver’s side the passenger side the rear trunk, and they also add bulletproof paneling inside the metal doors so no matter where the projectile might enter into the vehicle, whether through the window or the door panel.

It’s going to stop the bullet in the car instead of letting it inside of you know the cabin area the goal is to protect the passenger area like a bulletproof cocoon windshield we have bulletproof a post-B. Post right here. Behind Starman and then see post back there, all of those have the bulletproof paneling inside them so since this particular model S.

Tesla has been bulletproof to withstand you know handguns it did add about 430 pounds worth of weight you know between the thickness of the glass in the body panels in the door if this Tesla was bulletproof to withstand rifles you know.

It’s a bigger bowl at meal more power. He would add about 700 or 800 pounds. Still, Tesla’s are already pretty heavy vehicles. You know that’s why they’re so safe they don’t roll over. Hence, adding 400 pounds isn’t that big of a deal it still has an insane amount of getting up and go, and it still looks almost the same as it did when it first came from Tesla, so one thing that is different with this armored Tesla is the bracket right here around the window.

There’s a little bit of structural integrity added to the glass because, on Tesla’s, it’s a free-floating panel. Hence, the armored portion is this thick part of the glass right here, and then this is a rebated edge if there were a projectile to come into this window this class would stop it if the project I would go into the thin portion it would be finished right here up in the A.

The frame you might be thinking to yourself what happens if someone shoots out the tires there is a solution for that Dan from the YouTube channel what’s inside made a video about how the tires can still keep rolling even if they’re flat a post a link for that video at the end of this one make sure each. Check it out so for this article.

I’m going to be using a Glock 19, a 9-millimeter handgun, so this is a regular at 9-millimeter bullet; it has a solid tip on the end. Still, we’re also going to be shooting with this is a hollow point 9-millimeter bullet and so when it hit something these little flanges on end spread out and has a little bit different of an impact area, and we’re going to see what happens with the bulletproof glass when hit with both of these bullets.

That is insane. I can still hear the grass cut. Listen to the glass. That’s crazy it right here in the center you can see that this top layer of glass shattered out and there’s no hole yet so pretty sure that the bullet didn’t go through we’ll hit a couple more times in just a second so on the Tesla right here we have the point of impact we have a little bit of pulverized glass.

Right here along the edge, so when the bullet hits the bulletproof glass, it just kind of disintegrates in dissolves into nothing and all the energy the forward momentum. Gets distributed into the glass itself and kind of like fractures are weird because it is made up of multiple layers. We open it up from the inside you can see the underside of the lens is entirely flat and smooth right here my fingers are not getting caught with any of the glass shards because this layer underneath is a poly carbon.

It’s kind of plastic of sorts that absorbs the energy from the bullet. Right now, we can see the different layers on the balls hit right here. The glass on the outside has a little ridge on end soon as it up like carbon. That’s when the boy stopped going in glass, so a lot of people think that bulletproof means that these like Superman, the bulls are going to hit it bounce off and leave no damage.

But there’s a lot of energy in a bullet, and so that has to be absorbed into the glass, and it’s going to be some damage. Still, the ball didn’t penetrate, and that’s what we’re after there’s a safe cocoon inside of the car that allows the person inside to be reliable so that the first shot was done with a 9-millimeter bullet this is the little guy right here.

It’s just a solid tip you know normal this is what you would buy to do target shooting or something like that now we’re going to shoot it with a hollow point this bill is a little bit different this one has a hollow tip with short flanges along the side of that’ll open up and hit the glass. We’ll see if it has a different impact radius or if it affects the glass any differently than the original bullet. 3. Do.

It is a smaller impact radius that’s interesting I would have thought for sure that the way the bullet expands after it hit something, it would have been bigger and because we compromise the glass the first time around, I thought for sure this next to the bigger. Still, it’s a smaller impact on that’s interesting this week. Thank you again yes, one more time. 321.

Right there, so that was another whole nonpoint, and it looks about the same, so I think the entire point to more for soft objects you can still hear the glass-like cracking right here’s a piece of glass. That’s awesome a lot more glass polarized lens down here at the bottom just disintegrated so no matter where a bullet hits on this Tesla.

It’s protected with the board has the glass obviously but also in the A. pillar the B. pillar the C. pillar, and inside of the door panels, the whole thing is just kind of like a cocoon of safety inside and not just for bullets you know the entire car is more sturdy as it is right now because of the added support and internal structure.

Whether it’s random acts of violence or a rollover, you know the test is a pretty safe as they are but you know little added protection never hurts can we have a case on your cell phone you don’t want to damage. The critical stuff inside so just like with regular glass here on the outside my razor blade won’t be able to do any damage, not leaving any scratches.

We had with the board a couple of times that’ll do the trick, but on the inside right here we can see you know it’s still it’s completely flat on the inside nothing’s getting caught on my fingers I can rub my hands safe on the inside of the car, but there is plastic. On the inside, he can tell that my razor is leaving a mark, and that’s because the poly carbon it inside of the Tesla, so the glass is glass and glass breaks, but poly carbon can stop bullets.

So is it possible to put the bulletproof glass on a cell phone not really with health ticket is you know a cell phone is to be able to sense where your fingers at and bulletproof glass with the thickness and the different layers, it just wouldn’t work.

It’s not financially feasible either bulletproof glass is expensive, so when companies are advertising bullet, proof screen protectors or explosion-proof screen protectors, that’s not the case on dance channel were seeing how bulletproof. The tires are only billing for that appear in the corner, and yet he thinks you are wrestling with shooting their Tesla.

I hope we back again someday with a future project it’s a different way of testing stuff, but I enjoyed thanks for watching, and I’ll see you around.


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