OnePlus 5 Unboxing In All Colors/Cover By Zubair Ali

OnePlus 5 Unboxing In All Colors
OnePlus 5 Unboxing In All Colors

Today we’re going to unbox a secret package from one plus it’s going to be epic. Let’s get into this. So think of it ultimate oneplus 5 unboxings. Oh. Got some cool accessories here, too.

We’ll take a look at all that later. But what’s important is what’s in this box right here.

So let’s get into this. So this is a little bit of a special package because what I have here is the brand new soft gold one plus five, but we’re not going to stop there because what we’re gonna do is we’re going to unbox every single color here.

I have all three with a little blade out. And let’s go ahead and cut into this plastic real quick. Let’s go ahead and start with the brand new one first. They just announced this today.

So if you want to pick one up, I’ll leave a link down below for you.

And there is the soft gold right there. And both of these have black fronts on them. So this is the first oneplus 5 with the white front. I think that looks really nice. And wow, look at that gold color. This is beautiful.

This is the same soft gold that came out with three and three t looks really, really nice.

And then let’s go ahead and pull off this one. And this one is fine. Get another. This one is slate gray. And I’ve never seen this one in person either. I’ve always owned the Midnight Black one. So while that is really nice, I like that color. I prefer this over the black. And then let’s go ahead and pull off this one.

There we go. And now we’re looking at Midnight Black.

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of 1 plus 5 on boxing, but hopefully, this is the most epic one that you’ve seen. And if you haven’t seen a oneplus 5 unboxing before, then here we go. I’m going to only unbox one of these because the same stuff comes in, all of them.

You have this cool picture. And then you have a personal note from Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, you get Dasch Charger and you get USP type C core.

So you don’t get a whole lot in the box here. But dash charging is definitely a go.

And if you want to know what is in here, you get a QuickStart guide, Cemre removal tool. And you can’t forget about the one plus stickers here, all three of them right here. Let’s take a look at the one that is brand new. This is the soft gold. Let’s take the plastic off the back.

We’ll take this sticker off, too. And there it is. This is a very subtle gold, a different gold than you’re usually used to. I’m not a fan of gold, but this looks really, really nice. And I am digging that front white color, too.

It gives the one plus five a different look, and I like it. We’ll take a look at the slate gray. Now, I really like this color.

It’s like a gunmetal color. I’m digging this for sure. I’m used to seeing the Midnight Black, which I’ve been using now since launch, but this is a really nice color.

Let’s go ahead and split these two over so you guys can see side by side here. And then the last one we’ll take a look at is the midnight black. Take that. I’ll take this off too.

And there it is. So, people that love the matte black, you’re going to really like this color. But these two look kind of similar on camera.

But this one is probably like two or 3 shades. If you can see.

So let me know which one is your favorite out of these three? We can even make it a little crazy and bring the 4th one in. And this is my D brand Dragon Skin version. And that looks amazing. So we can save for.

So if you want to pick up a different skin, I’ll leave a link in the description for you. And this has been my daily driver since I love this dragon skin. Looks so good on the oneplus 5.

So if you’re not familiar with the one plus five, I did a full review on this phone and I did a dedicated review on the dual-camera system on the back.

So I believe both of those linked Downbelow if you’re interested. My thoughts haven’t changed too much since the original review, so I can still stand behind it. I think it’s still one of the best phones you can buy for under 500$ right now.

So when it comes to costs per performance ratio, I still think this is one of the best.

It hasn’t been perfect, though. There have definitely been software bugs along the way. But I have to give them props for pushing out software updates. I think since I’ve owned this phone, I’ve had like five to six software updates since then.

They’ve improved the camera quite a bit since then. And they finally added stabilization to four K video recording. So if you’re thinking about buying a one plus five, but you’re waiting on that soft gold model, go for it. It looks beautiful in person.

So that’s available now. And let me know which color is your favorite out of all of these you see here. And I probably don’t need all of these phones, so I will be giving one away.

Let’s just say that if this article hits a thousand likes, we’re going to have one of these away. So let me know what you guys think of the soft gold.

One plus five is the color that you were expecting or waiting for or do you want them to come out with some other colors?


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