My 5K Dual Monitor Setup/Cover By Zubair Ali

My 5K Dual Monitor Setup
My 5K Dual Monitor Setup

Welcome to my first set of articles. This is my ultimate 5K, dual monitors. This took a long time to build because I wanted it to be perfect. I went for a simple, clean, and natural look with a darker theme.

I think it looks amazing. So let’s jump right in. I’ve had this amazing deskin monitor for a while.

Then human scale gave me their freedom headrest and a monitor arm, an element disc test like to try and color where and Grove made came through on the keyboard and trackpad and the rest is history.

The foundation of the VDI sequel Lift Desk is the credible finish. I get questions about this desk all the time. This is a premium sit-and-stand desk with multiple programable settings.

And chose the desk because it has a very unique tempered glass, matte blacktop on it.

And I think the color combo with an incredible finish. The motor is incredibly smooth. It’s easy to control and it’s almost silent. It’s the best motor, I have used on a sit-in stand desk so far. Some people love them and some people hate them.

But I find it useful for breaking up long editing cycles and research sessions.

And I find that it makes me a little bit more productive at times. I do fight to get up sometimes because I think I found the most comfortable desk chair ever.

And this is the human scale freedom headrest all wrapped up in this beautiful dark brown leather. I’ve had office chairs and none of them have been this good.

Scott, the perfect lumbar support. It’s fully adjustable in every way, from the headrest to the back support. I’ve been using this for months now and loving it. And sometimes kick back and catch up on my favorite article and his chair is just too comfortable.

This is a high-end chair, and while it’s not the cheapest option, it’s worth every penny.

In my opinion, the dual monitors you see here are the LG ultrafine five K since this is a Mac. This was the perfect choice for me. This is the same panel pretty much in the five K IMAX.

It’s color accurate. It gets nice and bright. And while I admit they’re not the most attractive monitors in the world, I think they fit set up well to give it a cleaner look.

I took them off the stands and placed them on the human scale. Freedom, dual monitor arms.

The install was super easy. It’s just a clamp mechanism and it’s the very sturdy and fully adjustable angle you need for the best viewing angle. All of this is powered by the 15 inch MacBook Pro with a touch bar on a rain design space gray and connected with 2 Thunderball, 3 cables. And that’s it.

The MacBook is fully powered by those cables. So for video editing, this gives me real estate. I can see my final cut pro timeline on one display and see my article and color information on the other.

Most people struggle with cable management, but for me, it was super easy.

The cables from the monitor just got tucked into the built-in slots on the monitor arm and the BD icicle lift is unlike another desk that I’ve ever had.

There are so many cable management features that are built-in right on the leg itself.

Even on the bottom of the desk, cables for the motor are notched into the desk for a super clean look. The motor is tucked into the frame and all the cables are held together with built-In straps.

And there’s even a provided cable tray that you can mount on the side of your choice to pack away your power strip and all of your plugs.

So basically, the cable management is taking care of you if you want an all in one solution. You won’t be disappointed with the sequel lift. All you see visible is just one cable going into the wall to get more storage on my sequel Lift. I went for the optional draw.

You don’t see this much on sit and stand there. So I was excited to put it on.

I’m able to keep all of my accessories in here that I need right away. So with that MacBook Pro, you know, you have to have some dongles. That’s just a reality. I thought about keeping my MacBook in here instead of putting it on the stand because there are cutouts for cables.

But I was afraid of the ventilation and thermals where you can easily put Hub’s or Dotson here with no problems. I went with the side file cabinets storage option.

It matches perfectly and extends my desk area. And of course, instead of files, I keep a lot of my tech in here, stuff that I’m reviewing or miscellaneous stuff.

It’s really handy. You can extend the desk even more on the opposite side. But this room the desk is in doesn’t support that without blocking the door.

So I decided to use a secondary desktop. I have my Microsoft Surface book here.

Amazon Echo Dot. And my test headphones of the month. And above that, I have the nano leaf Aurora lighting system there. You have seen this in setups before, but if you haven’t seen it, it’s a modular lighting setup that can control with your phone and even has home kit support for voice control with your iPhone.

There are color options and presets. I like the unique look that it gives the office, especially in the dark. I added life in, light strip on the desk to give it the ability to add some color to it, depending on my mood.

But most of the time I just leave it off to keep that clean and natural look.

On the right is my wall. Audio headphone Stan. This is the black model and this thing is built like a tank with its full metal build. It’s easy to adjust the height of the stand it holds to headphones. And right now I am rocking the fan favorites.

The Audio Technica and 50 X with a sick black and gold D brand skin on it and one of my favorites of all time. The Opal p.m. 3s. For the inputs, I decided to go wireless for the cleanest look. I decided to stick with the Apple magic keyboard and the Apple magic trackpad.

Both of these are colored in matte black by color where they are incredible and match set up well. The walnut accessories for the keyboard and trackpad are beautifully constructed by Grove made.

They don’t affect the function of the keyboard or trackpad and tie in that walnut and black theme perfectly. But if you prefer, Maple Grove made has that available.

I made a separate article about this keyboard combo, so I’ll link that below if you want to see more about it. I wanted to add a lamp to complete the setup I think sometimes this is the hardest thing to do and I think I found the perfect one. This is De Jet-Black, human-scale element disc LCD Light.

It fits the modern look of the desk. It gives me the option to charge my smartphones or tablets with a built-in USB, port, and an AC plug just in case I want to charge my camera batteries.

It has a 330-lumen output with only using seven watts of power and you can turn on the lamp with the power button or change the brightness easily.

But the mode I keep it in is where it uses the built-in sensor.

So the lamp turns itself off when you’re not there. But when it senses that you are there, it turns on the lamp automatically.

This is an awesome feature. So what do you guys think of this black and walnut-themed dual 5K monitor? Let me know in the comments section below.


Moto G30 full review/Cover By Aliza


This year’s model has already come out with a bunch of mid-Rangers in its G. series, and the moto G. 30 is one of the latest let’s see what it’s all about in our full review.

It has a curved plastic unibody that tapers. Ours is in the past sky color scheme a gradient ranging from yellow to lavender of the color, so it looks like glossy plastic in the material feels plasticky.

The look and feel of the cheaper moto G. tech, which is plastic too but has an attractive wavy texture we’ve come to expect from a Motorola mid-ranger, the motor G. 30 has water repellent coating on its internals.

Which gives you peace of mind. but besides that, the screen is nothing too exciting it’s a 6.5 inch LCD with a 720 P. resolution and not for the selfie cat.

The pixel density of just 270 P. PI isn’t the sharpest screen around, and if you look closely, you can see some graininess here and there. However, The blacks here are some of the deepest.

We’ve seen on LCD colors aren’t the most accurate here do you can achieve some okay results if you play with the color settings and brightness is just average measured around 400, and it’s with the slider and a boost to nearly 417.

It’s automotive when the bright sun the refresh rate goes there are 3 modes to choose from 60 hertz and 90 hertz.

Which locks in the rates auto mode, which is adaptive. It will dial back to 60 when you’re not interacting with the screen. We suggest sticking to 90 a penalty, and battery life is pretty small.

For audio, the G. 30 has a single speaker on the bottom, and it isn’t too loud, scoring an average rating on our charts. The quality is just average here, too, although we did prefer the sound of the highs here over the cheaper moto G. tax.

We’re. You have a 3.5 millimeter Jack for traditional headphones, and you can listen to FM radio if you have headphones plugged in. You are waking up and unlocking the moto G. 30 is done with a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.

Which is stamped with the moto logo. It’s reliable, but the wake-up animation is on the slower side.

There’s support for NFC on the moto G. 30 for contactless payments, and connectivity and storage are expandable here on top of the 64 or 28 gigs built into a hybrid, not dedicated slot. One feature.

You won’t find just anywhere is a dedicated button for summoning the Google Assistant. It’s convenient to have, I guess, but it’s pretty high up on the phone and hard to reach the moto G. thirties interfaces near-stock android 11 with some need Motorola features sprinkled at the android experience here is smooth and straight forward.

And get Google’s newest additions. If you explore the motor lap, you’ll see pretty much of Motorola’s customizations laid out for you.

You can personalize the phone with many options for icons, colors and fonts, and wallpapers too.

I karate-chopping or twisting the phone. You can activate customizable shortcuts. Some display-related features to be attentive display disable screen time out while you’re looking at the phone.

And the peak display is an alternative to an always-on display showing you the time and notifications every time you pick up the phone. Behind all of these features, a snapdragon 662 chipset built on an 11-nanometer process.

It’s a relatively recent midrange chipset that prioritizes power efficiency. The G. 30 doesn’t blow away the competition performance-wise, and later games run.

The moto G. 30 has a sizeable 5009-hour battery, and battery life is impressive. It was able to score an endurance rating of 130 1:00 hours in our proprietary tests. This is less than battery champions like the moto G. 10 excellent. Charging speed is acceptable for the class.


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