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Hackintosh The macOS
Hackintosh The macOS

In this hands-on, step-by-step article, I will show you how to install Mac OS on your hack into us using the parts outlined in the description in the last article here. I will cover every step one by one, so you have a working hack into ash at the very end.
So let’s check it out. So I just wanted to preface this video with a few words of warning number one.
I mean, this will work for you. Happy touches are, by nature, selective. And if you’re not experienced in doing this, it can be very frustrating and very time-consuming to get just right, so keep that in mind number 2. everything is going to work it would on an actual mac. a stop-gap solution until Apple releases real mac pros, so keep that in mind. For instance,
iTunes movies that this hack into us no. I could probably work around reiterating this probably isn’t something you want to use for work. It’s more of a hobby thing.
Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get started with the fun stuff you for the beginning of this tutorial. You will need a computer running Mac OS all ready to open up the mac app store and download mac OS Sierra.
This is a free download, and it’s a relatively large download, so depending on your internet speed, it’s going to go out. I could see it’s almost 5 gigabytes. So in this video, you’re going to notice a lot of times I’ve spent things up to get us through this tutorial in a nice amount of time, so the mac OS Sierra download is complete.
your USB drive makes sure there’s nothing on the drive you need and then select the industry in my case, this cruiser is media now click the erase button. And then give it a name installer. Make sure the format in the scheme match what I have here, then click erase.
which is in the other folder, and then you want to paste in this, and which will be in the post on 9 to 5 mac and then press return and then into your password and press return so this, and string loads. The mac OS Sierra installer on your USB drive takes a while, so relax and be patient.
But the M. series does take a long time, so you have to be patient. All right, so we are done. The next step you can close out of the concluding window okay, so the next step is to head over to the post a 9 to 5 mac download, the bootloader many kernel extensions in the audio. And graphics drivers you download those, you want to see them in a folder called hack into US files. it helps me stay organized. So I recommend using that so you can see my hack into the US files folder on my desktop here when I open that up and you can see the 5000 listed there, so the first thing I’m going to open is the clover bootloader, so here it is. When I click continue. Continue again. Change install okay Asian, and you want to select your install mac OS Sierra USB drive that we just created to make sure you choose the right one click continue to click customize and then select the first option to install for you few booting only.
I call you to see some people call you yes, and then click the disclosure triangle next to drivers 64 UC and then select a Weston apt you’ll fix drive – 60 for you.
When your screen looks like this, click install. Enter your password. We’re done, so we have the clover UEFI bootloader installed on the USB drive. Doing this will automatically mount, the USB drive, so now we want to open up the DFI folder on the F. I. partition. And then open up, which is clover. And then open up weird sense kicks in an open up 10.12 since that is mac OS Sierra open up your hack into US files folder and then dragged the 2 kernel extensions the text files directly to the 10.12 voter.
That is complete. I recommend going to the hackathons files folder. Click on the installer. And then remove the hack into the US files folder over there for easy access in safekeeping. All right. You are making good progress, so now plug the USB drive you just created into your hacking Tosh. In turn, when you see the boot logo, you and press the delete key on your keyboard to load the UV bios all right here.
We want to scroll overusing your keyboard over to where to say even exit and then go down to load optimized defaults press return on your keyboard select, yes, and press return all right so now we want to go back to words his peripherals. And then you want to go down to U. C. X. H. C. I. handoff you wish to press return to enable pressing return right now. We will go over bios features.
And then when I press return on the boot option one and then select your fee for a USB drive, and then press return, you know go over deceiving exit and then go up to save and exit set up and then press return.
And then press returns all right, so now we’re going to boot into the clover bootloader. Do you want to make sure you move your cursor because it will automatically boot selected if you don’t, so now we can go over?




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