First Impression Of Infinix Hot 10/Cover By Zubair Ali

Unboxing Infinix Hot 10
Unboxing Infinix Hot 10

Hey guys, and this is my books and review of the infinix hots tens. Yes, the hawks 9 already has the success, so barely 5 months later, are we about to find out.
And on the block, this is the amber color. It comes in black moonlight, jade, and ocean waves.
And a transference TPU case. Let’s see how this fits. You have to organize this recall town, and it protects the cameras adequately on the bottom compartment.
You have a 16-megapixel quad-camera sets off with what flash you have your fingerprints and so on something for next round on the left you have a 3 in 1 tree that houses to 4 G.
micro USB ports, and a speaker about to design the infinix hot sand sports.
I made it from plastic and discreet, and color houses exact parts, and that is not easy to see old cameras by the way this call is in Shelton like the hot pink 5 pros that I reviewed. It’s pretty so so this is a pretty big phone on its which is leaning towards the heavy side not ideal for 1 handed use I feel like that goes without saying on the front of the bezels and look at it it’s so thick, and it sparked a bit of a chance.
There is no option to hide the partial here because why would anyone do that anyway?
So you get about 53 gigs but the label storage we’re running on android too. Since we excel dolphin version 7.0
While I’ve covered most of what you need to know about XO was a dolphin in my note 7 reviews, I believe in a link-up of rules the hawks 10 uses the MediaTek hello G. 70 octa-core CPU clocked at 2.0 Giga hearts.
70 with a hello Pete that’s 5 C. P. U. L. E. R. If you haven’t seen that, I believe in the link above I could do a speed around management test between the note 710 to see how many apps 3 gigs of ram can keep open compared to 6 gigs of ram me know in the comments.
And which is my usual same, so maybe don’t but assets this 1 up here is how the speaker come past side by side the hawks might please.
So yeah, I’m probably playing with many books, but to begin, their performance is pretty smooth, just like note 7, which I did an independent game review for, unlike note 7. I
A 5200 medium-high battery powers the infinix hot sand. And I put you through my usual battery tests, including learning saying 7:00 hours of pop G.
I will follow this on the battery beast plus category.




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