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OnePlus 5T Lava Red Unboxing

OnePlus 5T Lava Red Unboxing
OnePlus 5T Lava Red Unboxing

What’s up, everybody? I’m back with another special edition, one plus five tea unboxing. Yep, another one. Another one.

Another one plus has been absolutely killing it with the special editions.

I can’t even keep up anymore. But to switch things up a little bit. I have the three latest colors that they’ve released right here so we can compare them. But today I’m going to show you specifically the new label, Red Color.

Black is always a staple in the smartphone game because it’s still. It looks nice, is very uniform.

And this is the sanshin white, which I feel like whites kind of making a comeback this year. Right. White kind of was whacked for a while. And and now they’re bringing back white devices is classy. And then we have the love of red soul.

Let’s go ahead and take both of these out of the box. OK. There we go. This is taking a while.

Shake it. There it is. Let’s start with the red one, because it’s the one that I’m interested in seeing most. Oh, that looks really nice. Kind of looks like a candy red car, color paint. You can see how it’s kind of shifting here. Hues in the light. That’s kind of nice.

I like that. So we’ll take a look at this in just a little bit and then I’m not going to lie. I have unbox this one already prior, but this is the sandstone white, and I really love the texture of this.

The best way to explain this is kind of like a really soft eggshell mat and it’s just really, really nice. I love the texture of this one. The most out of all of these colors here. So we’ll take a look at all of these up close and personal just a little bit. Let’s see if anything has changed in the box. It doesn’t look like it has.

You get a clear case with that and you get the SIM card removal tool. Of course, you get one plus stuff. And I think you still get the stickers on here, too, right? You can’t forget the stickers.

What’s a phone without the stickers? Right. No stickers on here. I don’t want it.

And of course, you get the dash charger and you get the USB type C cord and dash charging still is one of the farces out there, if not the fastest charging. So let’s go ahead and take the wrap off of this nice.

And go and take this sticker off of here as well. And this is a small thing, but I love that one.

Plus puts screen protectors preinstalled on their phones because my screens just get so scratched. And I love that they do that off the bat. All right. So here they are from oldest to newest. And if I had to call, one is my favorite.

I think I would pick the sanshin white. I think the problem with this now is that it’s sold out because they’re limited. So if you want to pick these up, you got to kind of move on them because I think Sanshin White is sold out. I just love the original sandstone texture. And while this is not quite that is just a unique type of texture that’s on here.

And I really love the red alert slider that looks so sweet on here.

And it kind of reminds me of the pixel to excel, but it’s pretty cool. I love the differentiation in color there. This should definitely be a trend in smartphones. Please make this happen.

This just looks so great with the black buttons, the camera hump and the one plus logo. It just looks super clean. And I’m a fan of this look. But let’s not forget the star of the show, The Lava Red. This has to be one of the nicest red colors that I’ve seen on a smartphone.

It’s really, really well done. You do see the antenna bands, though, on the top and bottom, unlike the sanshin white version, which I think does a really good job of hiding the antenna bands. But if you are into that red and black combo, you’re really going to like this phone.

Fresh new colors is always a good thing, but experience is going to be the same across all of these. You’re gonna get that beautiful six inch 10 DP Amila display.

It’s one of the nicest displays that I have seen in this price point.

And you get that Snapdragon eight thirty five processor, eight gigabytes of RAM. Hundred and twenty eight gigs of internal storage, which is really nice. And this thing just got Orio, which is great. They’re a little bit behind on their timetable.

And I know updates can be a little bit of an issue for one plus, but the ORIO update is here, so that’s a really good thing. If you want to see a little bit more about Orio on the one plus five T. Let me know.

And even the beta program now has some iPhone ten type gestures on here. So if you’re kind of into that, then I know that’s available on the one plus five t you get the same camera experience here as well.

Sixteen megapixel main schruder along with the 20 megapixel secondary shooter.

And the improvements to the camera have been pretty great since the beginning. And the release of the one plus five T. I feel like it’s improved quite a bit.

I think that the one plus five tickets, a lot of flak for not having a great camera, but it actually is a pretty good camera. You guys should check out the updates. So I want to know from you guys which one of the three do you like best? I think if I had to call it I said it before.

I think I would call the sandstone white. But the red is a very close second. The white sold out. So if you guys want this red, it’s available now. Make sure I hit that link below to visit one plus.

And I probably don’t need three of these, so maybe we can do a giveaway. I’m not sure if you guys want that.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Battery Test

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Battery Test
Huawei Mate 20 Pro Battery Test

What’s up, everybody, Instead of giving you just a regular, straightforward battery life test and charging test of the while we make 20 pro.

I thought it’d be awesome if you spent the day with me and my family to show you what this 4000 million up our battery can do. I took it off the wireless charger right after nine o’clock.

And of course, you can’t spend a day with my family without going to Disney. So we’re going to do that first. You guys ready to go to Disney?

Yes, Ganey here. We’re going to Disney. And after that, you’re going to spend the rest of the day with me and we’re gonna periodically check what the battery life is and give you a real life test of this while we make 20 pro battery.

I know exactly how to get the Magic Kingdom, but we’re going to navigate there just because I want to simulate what a person might do when they’re going to Disney. So navigate to Magic Kingdom.

Just do it. It is ridiculously packed here since it’s the holidays.

But I’ve been about two and a half hours on this. I’ve lost about eight percent power to 92 percent right now. I took the time. Lafley Sara Lee over there.

Are you taking a bunch of pictures and IGP just on the way here? So eight percent battery and two and a half hours. So it’s doing pretty good. So we’re gonna go in the park and take a bunch of pictures, write some rides with the kids, and then will check back on how the banners do.

OK. So update here, it’s kind of a cloudy day, so it’s not really nice looking out here, you might actually go home, but we’re eating, taking a break.

And I’ve been on this for about four hours now, a little past one o’clock. The battery’s still on 83 percent, which is pretty insane.

So I’m using zero battery oppositions. I’m using auto brightness. So the brightness of the screens might add almost 100 percent the entire time. So it’s taking about fifty five percent of the battery consumption.

So if you turn it down, you can even get better battery life. But one o’clock in the afternoon still have eighty three percent battery life. That’s insane. I actually just dropped one eighty two percent.

I think we ended up leaving but I took over 100 pictures here. And I also took like 20 articles.

So batteries that 80 percent now. And don’t judge me parents, but I’m going to give my daughter the phone to watch YouTube because I want to run down this battery. So I’m going to go and give this to her and we’ll see what it’s like. Right. Take us about forty five minutes. Get on the park here at.

So we ended up taking a little bit of a detour. We ended up watching the parade, which was really nice.

And then we ended up writing the monorail and coming to the Polynesian because my son decides what we do most of the time. He kind of dictates what happens.

All right. So. YouTube has been playing on here for almost two hours straight. So right now the batteries are 64 percent. So two hours of screen on time with just YouTube playing in the background. And the display has probably been at about one hundred percent the entire time that we were out there.

So I’m going to take a look at the screen on time right now.

So said the screens taking up 63 percent. So it just goes to show you how bright it was. And we’re almost at three hours of screen on time and being three o’clock in the afternoon, and I still have 64 percent battery left. So this batteries definitely Beeston.

I dropped the family off at home, but me and John are here at our favorite Rom├ín spot, Sapporo Roman. So if you’re in Orlando, may you check this place out.

You know, the Food and Magic Kingdom, a little spotty. So we had to get some real food to eat before we go back out tonight. But right now, it is five times.

It is five, 20. And I still have fifty nine percent batteries.

So I’m literally just trying to kill my battery at this point. And John’s iPhone is actually only at 22 percent. So what I’m going to do is I’m gonna use reverse wireless charging and I’m going to give him some of my battery right here.

It took us about 30 minutes to eat, and that gave him about 10 percent charge on the tennis max. And the while we now is at 44 percent.

So I still have plenty of battery for the day. I mean, it’s six o’clock right now. So we’re gonna head over to Hollywood studios to end the night. But 44 percent still in this battery. I can’t kill it.

So Christmas mode is in full effect and Hollywood studios.

We just got done watching the fireworks show. Took a bunch of pictures with the May 20 pro. So it is almost nine o’clock at night.

I still have 22 percent battery left and I have over five hours screen on time. So I still have four hours and 10 minutes remaining. That’s what it says on the power consumption details. But this battery, I just tried to kill it all day and I couldn’t.

So whenever I deplete this battery, I’m going to show you how fast it charges as well.

Wireless charging and super charging that they have. But you could definitely make it through a day at maybe even two days if you’re really good with your phones. But I try to kill this matter in a day, and I couldn’t. So that’s what you can expect from the wall.

We may 20 broke before we jump into the charging test. Here’s an example of the battery life that I got from the day after. This is an example of mostly content consumption.

I was catching up on a ton of videos that day. I was able to get an insane eight hours and 31 minutes of screen on time.

So like I said, for some people, this is a day and a half to a lighter used to day battery.

Let’s start with the walkway supercharge. The brick comes with the phone with 40 watt charging. This is not a U.S. plug, but I’m using a converter and it works just fine. Both of these tests are from zero where the phone shut itself off after ten minutes. It’s already at 26 percent before I can even pick up to focus. It was already at 27 percent, 20 minutes.

It’s at 53 percent, which is really fast, 54 percent already before I could even focus again after 30 minutes, it says 79 percent. So we’ll definitely enough for a full day.

It starts to slow down here at 40 minutes. That’s at 90 percent, 97 percent by 50 minutes.

And at 55 minutes it’s at ninety nine percent. And it finally hits 100 percent charge at 57 minutes with wireless charging that made 20 pro is the first phone, I believe, to support 15 watt wireless charging.

I bought a bill can charge that supports 15 watts, but in my testing, it didn’t make any difference.

This is the dual fast wireless charger that I use every day. After 15 minutes, it’s at 10 percent. 20 minutes. It’s at 17 percent. And when compared to the 15 watt wireless charger, it gave me the exact same results at 30 minutes, a 17 percent.

One hour later, it’s at 32 percent. 30 minutes after that, it’s at 47 percent.

One hour later, it said 80 percent. And a total of three hours later, it’s at 93 percent. And it finally hits 100 percent. At three hours and 30 minutes. So that’s what you can expect from the why we may 20 pro. Let me know what you think of this.

Best Freephone Event Ever

Best Freephone Event Ever
Best Freephone Event Ever

What’s up, everybody? Tax time is here, which usually means you have a little bit of extra money in your pocket. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. That means you go out and buy some fresh new kicks. You can go out and have a few fancy meals.

You go out on a mini vacation, whatever you want to do. But the last thing you want to do is spend a bunch of money on a brand new smartphone.

So if you’re looking to switch to metro PCOS, they’re having their best freephone event ever.

There are a ton of phones to choose from and you don’t have to worry about getting a phone from a manufacturer that you don’t know. You’re going to get Samsung, LG, all the good stuff.

Not only did Metro P.C. a sponsor this article, but they sent out five of these phones for me to show you. These phones have a good balance of features and power, unique variety of phones. You should have no problem picking one up that fits your lifestyle.

They all have large displays, all 4G, LTE, capable, and come with 32 gigabytes of one more storage. All right. So let’s switch things up.

And I’m going to go around town and show you what these five phones are all about. And they will do a life speed test to see what the Metro PCM network can do. Let’s go.

So my favorite phone out of the bunch is a ZTE blade ze max. It’s got the biggest screen out, all of them.

So you get a six inch display and you also have B type C on the bottom with fast charging. And it also has a dual camera system on the back. So it gives you portrait mode and stuff like for manual controls, which you don’t get on other phones in this price range.

And it’s got a huge four thousand eighty million power battery. So, you know, you’re gonna be good to go the whole day. Also, like the bill quality feels really solid. And I love the texture on the back. It’s really grippy. And you also get a fast fingerprint scanner.

So my second favorite phone out of the bunch is the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime.

Now, I feel like this one has the best form factor overall. It’s got the cleanest look. With this 5.5 inch HD display.

And it’s really bright, super colorful as well. It’s got that home button on the bottom. So a lot of people will feel familiar with this. And it’s got an eight megapixel camera on the back.

And when is the last time that you saw a Samsung phone with a removable back, removable battery and an SD card slot at the same time? This is pretty cool. The most unique phone out of the bunch, in my opinion, is the LG Stilo three plus it has a large five point seven inch display.

It has a fingerprint scanner on the back, has a 13 megapixel camera. But that’s not what sets this thing apart. It has a stylus here in the upper right corner and it’s tucked away.

That means you can write notes if you want to. You can draw if you want to.

And you can kind of just navigate around the UI this way. So it’s kind of cool to have this. And when you’re done, you can tuck it away in the corner and that means you won’t lose this pen.

So the most stylish phone for sure is the LG K 20 plus. And that’s the thing I like about this the most, even though it has a great five point three inch IPSC display.

It’s really nice looking. It’s got a fingerprint scan on the back, 13 megapixel camera. But what I love is the design itself. It’s got nice curve 2.5, the glass on the side.

And what’s cool is that it has a nice metal, glossy black band and it kind of fuzes right into a rolls gold band. So this is a really, really nice looking phone. It’s striking, right when you look at it.

It’s got nice grip to it, too. So if you’re looking for style, I think you should go for the K 20 plus.

All right, so the last phone I’m going to show you is the Alcatel 830 fierce. It has a five point five inch screen. It has a fingerprint scanner on the back, 13 megapixel camera and at three thousand millionth our battery. But there’s two cool things about this phone.

It has a front facing speakers. So sounds better when you’re watching content. And it has Amazon, Alexa built into the home screen. So if you’re a fan of Alexa, you’re going to really like this, Alexa. I need to buy some diapers.

Based on your order history, I found Huggies diapers sized for 150 pounds.

So that’s pretty cool. I mean, believe it or not, those diapers enough for me. But no matter which phone that you pick up, you’re going to find one that fits your lifestyle.

I’ve been using these phones for the last couple of days and I live in the Orlando area. So coverage is superstrong. No problems with data or phone calls whatsoever. Now, if you didn’t know, Metro PBS is powered by the T-Mobile network.

So that’s the reliability that you can expect. I mean, a residential area right now. So what I’m going to do is do a life speed test to show you what kind of speeds that you can expect from the Metro PCM network.

Florida weather is so unpredictable. It’s about the storm outside. So we’re in the car.

We’re still going to do this live speed test, though. So let’s see what kind of speeds that we can get out of the Metro PCOS network and the download speed his. Wow, that’s really fast. Look at that. So 90 megabits per second here.

So this is probably faster than most People’s Home Network. And the upload speed is. Starting to get there over 20 megabits per second, so that’s really fast. So I can upload a video on this. I wanted to at that speed. So this is the kind of speed that you can expect out of the Metro PBS network.

So I don’t blame you if you don’t want to spend a whole bunch of money on a brand new smartphone.

You have way better things to spend your money on. So if you switch to Metro PCOS, you can pick up one of these free phones with no data caps.

That means you can stream Netflix. You can binge watch if you want to. You can stream music from wherever. This is a win win situation, a major go.

I’m on leave a link to metro PCOS as Web sites.

You can check out all the phones that they have available. And I suggest you jump on this so you don’t miss this. This is a limited time offer. So let me know which one of these phones are your favorite and leave that in the comments section below.Follow me on social media. You’re gonna want to.

It’s Fast A Chromecast Ultra

It's Fast A Chromecast Ultra
It's Fast A Chromecast Ultra

I’ve been streaming on my Chromecast Ultra for about a year now. It’s fast, it’s easy. I can cast for KCR content directly from my TV.

And I paid seventy dollars for it when it launched. But I recently just picked up a me box s by show me in this tiny little box and it has a Chromecast alter a built in. It’s a full set top box and it gains and it costs less. So there has to be a catch.

Right. The ME box s retails for sixty dollars but I’ve seen it on sale as low as forty dollars.

Still makes you check the link below for current pricing. And at that price, this is really the king of Buddy’s streaming boxes. When you pick one up, everything that you need is in the box. The ME box is of course.

And you also get an HDMI cord, which you don’t always see in these type of packages, especially at this price. The power brick.

And you also get a remote, which is nice. And there are a few dedicated buttons on here and a microphone for voice control so you can control your TV and your smart home with Google assistant, which is a nice bonus.

The setup is really easy to is just step by step signing with the Google account, get it on the Wi-Fi network. And that’s pretty much it.

It is running the newest interface of Android TV at the time of this video. It’s running Android eight dot one, but with Project Trouble support. By the time you see this, it’ll probably have Android nine PI.

The interface is clean up a lot on Android TV and you will be happy to know that the performance is nice and snappy moving to the UI. And of course you have Netflix and Hulu and YouTube, but you can pretty much download whatever you want from the play store. Besides prime video, I’m not sure why.

Maybe you can side load it, but four k HDR content plays back smooth and I haven’t had any issues so far, even though this is the same quad core processor paired with the two gigabytes of RAM that was on the last ME box.

The performance is still adequate. If you have a Bluetooth gaming controller, you can definitely take advantage of it.

You have a decent selection on Android TV lighter titles. You’ll be just fine on the ME box s like Leal’s Fortune. This is such a good game still and is very smooth on this.

But some more demanding titles like The New Asphalt might not be the best experience, but it’s definitely playable. But that’s to be expected at this price point. Something like that article Shiel TV will gain better for sure, but will cost you more than double or triple the price of this thing. So keep that in mind.

So with all of the things that the ME box as offers has got to be an instant buy, right?

Well, for most people I say yes. If you’re looking for a four K set top box with the Chromecast ultra built in and you in the market for a Comcast Ultra anyway, then yes. But here’s the catch.

If you’re an ATV enthusiast, you might want to think about it first. The ME box s supports AFTRA 10 but does not support Dobi vision and it does support Dolby Audio and DTL HD, but he does not support Gilbee Atmos. So if you care about that then you might want to think twice.

The ports are limited, even though I think for a basic user it’ll be just fine.

There is a single USP 2.0 port that could be used for wired gaming controllers and better yet, external storage because this only has eight gigabytes of internal storage. But that’s pretty easy to expand for cheap.

I just wish that it was USV 3.0 or faster and USGBC would have been nice as well.

Also, for people that use it, it would been cool to have an Ethernet port back there, too. That basically is the catch. If you don’t care about those things.

This is one of those devices that just offer incredible value for what it is. If you’re in the market for streaming for K set top box with the Chromecast ultra built in, then buy this. Don’t buy the Chromecast Ultra. This does a lot more.

So if you think about it, you can probably buy four of these for the same price that you would pay for one for K Apple TV. And I know it’s not the same ecosystem. I get it. It’s not on the same thing. But think about it. You can put four of these in your house for the price of one. So budget goes to show you how good of a value this thing is.

I really hope Jammey makes more of these boxes in the future. I would like to see a slightly higher price model with more ports, more storage, faster processor options, and maybe a few options to please the A V community.

But I think Zami is going in the right direction, so I won’t leave a link Downbelow for you if you want to pick one of these things up. Michou, check current pricing.

You never know how low these things are going to get.

And these are great stocking stuffers or great gifts for any occasion. So I actually have an extra one that I don’t need.

HP Envy 13 Review

HP Envy 13 Review
HP Envy 13 Review

What’s up, everybody,I have teamed up with HP to show you there in V 13 lineup for 2018. And there are quite a few models out there, but this one in particular is the HP N.V. H zero zero one zero and R, that is a mouthful.

But this is a portable and powerful computer that is well priced, especially for some of the things that you get standard in here.

So makes you check the link down below for all the different configurations and current pricing. The box that it comes in is nice.

I love the map. Black and dramatic packaging. There isn’t a ton in the box.

You just get the laptop itself, the charger and the power cord, and that’s about it. And some paperwork, too, if you’re into that. The first thing that stood out to me is the bill quality and design. It’s got that modern and clean. Look, the build is all aluminum.

I love the way it feels. It just feels solid. It fits nicely in a backpack. So this could be perfect for both students and for business.

And it has that unique hinge where you open it up. It elevates a laptop at an angle. And combined with that large ventilation area below the display and underneath the laptop, the machine stays nice and cool during use.

I’m digging the port selection on this model on the left. You get a combo headphone and microphone jack USP A annua SB Type C, Gen one port that you can also charge with.

But sorry, no Thunderbolt three support here and a micro SD card slot. I personally am a fan of the full size SD card slots, but it is what it is. On the right side you get a DC charging port, another USB port. So I love that. A fingerprint scanner for secure log in.

It does work well when you get used to it. It does help that the laptop is hinged.

So if it wasn’t, it’d be much harder to get to when it’s on a flat surface. It did take me a little while to get used to, but once you get used to it, it’s not bad. But on a lap, it works perfectly. I wish it was integrated into the power button like I’ve seen on some other laptops I’ve used this year, but it’s nice to have that secure fingerprint scanner.

The display is a thirteen point three inch full HD touch screen, while the hinge does have a little flex to it. It works really well. I feel it’s seamless from the touch screen to the keyboard.

It’s a little top heavy, so you can’t open it with just one hand. But overall, I really enjoy using it so far. I’ve been mostly using it for web browsing, scripting and research. And the display isn’t the brightest in this class.

So outdoor visibility in bright light situations could be a little issue.

But if you’re mostly using it indoors or in a coffee shop or in a classroom, you’re gonna be just fine. The viewing angles are also decent. I even caught up on a few articles on this, and then I was really pleasantly surprised on how nice the Bang and Olafsson speakers sounded here.

The speaker grill expands across the entire top of the laptop and there are also two speakers at the bottom of the laptop.

So when it’s on a flat surface, it gives you a very small surround sound effect. I felt like it was lacking a little base off the bat, so makes you go into the settings and change that. But I think most people be very happy with the audio here.

If you need extra resolution, there is a Fourcade touch panel available so you can look at that option. But if you don’t care about the resolution, you might want to go with the Tenet P version because you can get up to four more hours of battery life on this version.

So HP says you can get up to 14 hours battery life with the 10 ATP and 10 hours with the four K version. But I wasn’t quite hit in that 14 hour.

But you can definitely get between eight to 10 hours easy on this.

So it’s got excellent battery life. So if you’re looking for all day at school or all day at work type of battery life, this is it. You’re not gonna have any problems.

The keyboard is nice. It has great travel and feels soft, but has enough tactility so you can feel it. And it’s backlit, which is nice. But the one thing that I had to get used to is the placement of the keys.

There’s an extra row on the right side that includes a page up and page down, which I found convenient for web browsing and moving through presentations and some documents.

But it does shift the key slightly to the left. So there is a slight adjustment period, but I got used to it pretty quickly and you should get comfortable.

But just be aware of that. The track pad is decent. It is running Synaptics drivers, but it actually is nice and responsive. I do wish it was a little bit larger when it comes to the surface area, but it does get the job done.

There’s plenty of power here too, because it comes standard with the quad core 8th generation intel core ie seven eighty five fifty U with a one point eight gigahertz base clock and turbo.

Up to four gigahertz. This version comes with the Intel 620 integrated graphics.

From my data they use. The performance has been fantastic. It’s been snappy and Windows Ten really runs well on this.

Now for gaming, you could probably play a few like titles, but I wouldn’t use this for a serious gaming. I wish it had a Thunderbird three port because that would have been awesome. So you can hook up in AGP you it, but hopefully we’ll see that on the next version.

It does come with eight gigabytes of RAM standard, which will work, but it is the slower Didi’s or three ram. Even the sixteen gigabytes of RAM upgrade is also DDR three along with the invidia and makes one fifty. So hopefully we’ll see faster DDR for models in the future.

I really like that it comes standard with a fast 256 gigabyte and Vme SSD, the right speeds are quick.

And even though the reach speeds aren’t as fast, it’s nice to have fast storage for everyday use. And you can use that micro SD card to get cheap, easy expansion. You can put all of your movies and photos or whatever else that you want in there.

So it’s always nice to have that option. The icing on the cake for me is that Amazon, Alexa is built in right into the laptop.

You do have the app here, so you can control it through that.

But there is hot we’re triggering. So you can just say Alexa at any time and trigger whatever commands that you want. My entire smart home is connected with the Lexus, so this makes things extremely convenient. You don’t have to use it.

But I love that it’s there for people that are looking for something powerful.

But in a small form factor, I think this machine could be something you can look into if you’re doing some life, photo editing, lots of weird documentation, spreadsheets and presentations or if you’re a student. I think this could be good for you. I even think some I.T. folks might love the long battery life and porch selection at this price point.

And I really like the portability and bill quality of this laptop, even though there are a few short comings like this webcam.

It’s 720 P. It’s not very good, but I really like the direction that HP is going with the N.V. 13. It gets a lot of things right with plenty of power. Nice keyboard. Versatile touchscreen. Great poor selection and great bill quality. So if you’re interested, I will leave a link down below for you so you can pick one up.

I think it’s even on sale on the HP website right now. So standard with the core ie seven. This could be something that you can look into.

BlackBerry The Original Keyone Black

BlackBerry The Original Keyone Black
BlackBerry The Original Keyone Black

This would be bad because like what if someone came to rob him? You know what? I’m going to rob. Dom Esposito right now, because I might as well. I mean. I mean, let’s just get this money.

I mean, dollar bills, bills, bills, bills, quote, ceramic apple watches.

Yeah. Pianta. See what? I mean, if we got a whole G.V. thirties on an apple minus, we’ll get it. Let’s wake him up. Dump a patent to get OSA.

We’ve got his on. Oh, shit. All right. So here is the first thing that I got to see here at HFA, and this is the black condition, black, where a key one. You know, I really like the original key one. I like it a lot.

Actually had a legendary battery life and it was really, really nice. But here is the black one.

I think you might have seen the video on this already from a few people. It was launched in India, but now it’s going to come to the U.S.. So AT&T is going to be the exclusive carrier.

They’ll probably have a giant tramp stamp here on the back. Yuck. But that one will actually have the same specs. The AT&T version, it’ll have three gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigs of storage.

But there is an unlocked version coming and that one is going to have a specked bump with four gigabytes of RAM and it’s going to get 64 gigabytes of storage. So this is pretty much the same awesome BlackBerry key one. But just out in this murdered black version.

I really like it a lot, actually. I think I prefer this over the silver one.

What do you guys think about this? I mean, if you guys were, you know, really interested in a key one or getting a key one, this would be the time to do it in this black color.

So the AT&T version will be called Space Black. And then this one will just be called the black edition. So stay tuned for more coverage on this. I should be getting this in a few weeks.

Let me know. We think about it. I like it if you guys want to see a little bit of behind the scenes.

This is how high May Rivera shoots in the wild. Look at him. This is a fantasy. This is a phone in its natural habitat. Yes. And look at this giant ass screen that he has to shoot on to see himself. I hate that. That is a huge screen. And I need to show.

He’s a pro.. Though. Look at this. He’s a pro. He gets right off the plane and starts shooting right away. What a boss.

Twenty three. Look at that. Let’s see. It’s the battle of the wide angle. The wide angle battle. Wide angle battle. You see everyone here? Sure. It gets the everybody in this way.

I’m going to stop it. Stop it. See, that’s what you have when you don’t have a. I know. Flip screen. That’s what you got. Get. This is. This is a five year old. Camera’s gonna flip off screen.

You can see everyone. Yes. Pretty wide. Three wides. Good. Pretty good.

Not bad. You got boss himy in front, you know, running off. He’s doing the park in our daily right now and in the front seat. True story. I’ve done worse than I get. Cheesy bad on my back. I’m in Germany stepping on people’s houses.

I don’t care about. It’s easy. He can buy another beer. He’s rich. We’ve got this guy right here.

And some other people, too. What a fist bump. Boom.

So my second stop today is Samsung. I’m here checking out the new watches. The gear fit to probe. Look at this cool little setup they got in slo mo. See a full video on this on the channel. But then you got these clouds over here talking and all that is time.

That’s why we don’t get all these people here. Hello. All these people here. Hello.

Tons of people. You’re checking out Samsung. So let’s check out a couple of these new watches. Look what you think about this watch. Of course, pretty cool. I mean, what’s it got? Connectivity or anything. But that’s okay with me. I don’t care about that. That’s all right. But these are it right here. This is the sport.

This is like a mid ranger, I guess, compared to the fake all the gear three is still the flagship.

This is like the mid range thing. I think it’s in the fall, right between like two fifty. It is missing a few things, though. It does have a Samsung pay, but it doesn’t have MSD.

It only works by NFC. So some people might be a little bit bummed by that. But tons of new fans. There’s a ton of bands here. Take a look. I mean, look at the choice of all these bands. I mean, this is insane, right? I want to take all these home right here.

Those are the bands that you’re dealing with. There’s a newer, like, hybrid band, which I don’t mind at all. This is like a leather front with a silicone side.

I’m not sure exactly what they call. They got some kind of marketing name for it.

But this could be interesting. Like all in one band. So this is pretty cool. M. Specked eight. Of course, it’s waterproof. It is also actually sweat proof, I think. But actually that’s what. Sorry. It is salt water. But not that damage.

Also you get the new. Gear icon X. I’m not sure if anybody is actually a fan of these, they had terrible battery life before, but now they’re saying that the battery life could be up to five hours in playback, which would be huge for these, actually, because that was the biggest problem with these things.

And now they are improved and they have some touch functionality here that if you touched outside the year. But I think if you double tap, you can access like Bixby or Google assistant. So that’s kind of cool right there. So those are the new gear icon x 2018.

We got into the Samsung pre briefing. We’ve got to look at the watches.

This is kind of a cool area, man. Look at how artistic this place looks. This is really cool. I guess they picked this venue because they said it kind of represented Berlin best.

I mean, I kind of agree this place is awesome. Look at all the graffiti and stuff. And I mean, Ash Taylor would have a crazy, crazy day in here. I mean, this is like art to the max. So I know that he would love this a lot. I’m missing you over here, buddy, but this is a really cool area here.

But we’re going to now go back to the hotel and chill a little bit. To chop it up with IFJ, because that’s kind of brought us out here. And I’m going to see you guys in the next one.

Laser TV With Alexa And Google

Laser TV With Alexa And Google
Laser TV With Alexa And Google

What’s up, everybody, And there were a ton of new TV’s announced this year, so look out for a full roundup of these amazing TV’s, including AK TV’s.

But right now, I’m here at the Hisense booth taking a look at their incredible lineup for 2018, including this insane hundred and fifty inch Fourcade laser TV.

It was something that you had to see in person to believe. So I want to thank them for sponsoring this experience. If you check out my article, last year, I showed you the 100 inch four K laser TV in a preview, but it’s available right now with an updated design, a Fourcade DLP DMD chip, respectable 3000 lumens of brightness built in tuner, smart TV built in what they call remote to set everything up.

And it comes with built in Amazon, Alexa. So this can be the hub of your entire smart home.

Since this is a laser projection, you’re going to get up to 20000 hours of bulb life, which is awesome. So think about it. That’s eight hundred and thirty three days of continuous movie playback or watching something for about two point two years straight.

So that’s pretty crazy. You can get all of this at a fraction of the price of what the competition is charging for K ultra short arrow systems. It comes with four speakers built in to the base, so no need for a sound bar.

And it also comes with a wireless subwoofer all delivering hundred ten watts of audio powered by Harman Khadem.

This also opens up the possibility with consoles like the PS4 Pro and the X box one x four for K gaming. I hope I get to try this out in the near future. This looks pretty awesome. The 100 inch is available now, so Link is down below if you want to check it out.

There’s also a eighty eight inch and the eighty inch coming soon. Just in case 100 inch is too big or if that’s not big enough.

Hisense showed off a massive one hundred and fifty inch four k laser TV. I got to check it out in a theater setup. The picture was absolutely mind blowing.

It was sharper than I ever thought it would be. Four hundred fifty inches.

The colors were vibrant. The details were there. I didn’t want to leave.

It’s the same laser setup as the 100 inch same audio with wireless subwoofer which filled that entire room, which was surprising. And I’m not sure when this thing will actually come to market. But my guess is that we’ll see a lot more of this in the next year.

I have a feeling with these four ultra short throws over time with their convenient four factors, we’ll make projection more mainstream in the near future.

I’m excited for it. Hisense also announced a logit refresh to their full TV lineup for 2018.

My favorites are the flagship HD 10 E and the H 90 plus models. Of course, you get Fourcade resolution with quantum dot. Why color gamut with their ultra LCD or you led tech with over 1000 backlight zones and full array local dimming.

You get HDR 10. And now you get support for Dobi vision, which I think is a great inclusion.

And the big deal here is that these two will come with Android TV built in. So full support for the Google assistant, which I got to try out here so you can control your entire smart home with your TV if you want to. I got to play some music with voice commands, and I even shamelessly played some of my videos here at their booth.

I hope they didn’t mind. Other notable things are the minimal bezels and the updated designs, the options up to 480 hertz motion rate and the support for Bluetooth audio.

There’s no pricing at this time, but they’ll be available in a variety of screen sizes.

So look out for some reviews when these TVs drop. Hisense also refresh their mid-range lineup with the H 90 and the H 80. These TVs will have the Hisense smart TV software, but will come with Amazon Alexa built in, which is nice.

So you’ll get four K HDR, 10 local Demming Bluetooth audio and they’ll be available in a range of sizes from forty three inches to sixty five inches. There were some budget models announced here as well and some cool concepts like this, a retro TV.

I really enjoyed this. I think they look cool. There was also a ton of AK TV’s here as well.

Seeing all of this really makes me excited for the TV market in 2018. They’re just getting cheaper. More features are getting packed in.

This is a great time to keep your eyes open for a new TV. If you’re in the market for one.

Stay tuned for part two of the best TV show, The 2018. In a round of fashion from here at C. S 2018. And I will see you guys in the next one.

Galaxy Note 8Plus Gear VR Review

Galaxy Note 8Plus Gear VR Review
Galaxy Note 8Plus Gear VR Review

VR is growing. The content is awesome. The gaming is probably the most popular way to use VR. But what about sports? We all love sports, but we can’t make it to every game.

We have life work commitments, and it can get really expensive.

So what if I told you that your smartphone and this could transport you there in the comfort of your own home? So I’ve partnered with Intel to show you how to do this and experience in MLB game with me. This is all done through the Intel, through VR app for Gear VR.

You need this. The true VR app and a compatible Samsung phone that a lot of you probably already own. Today I’m going to use the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note eight. All right, let’s do this.

All right, so here’s what it looks like when you first fire up Gear VR.

It’s actually really awesome. You really need to try this out. But what you need to do is download Intel true VR. This is what actually powers this entire experience.

You can do that right on the Oculus store. Let’s go ahead and fire this up. Obviously, I already preloaded this. I’m using the new gear VR with the remote. Really easy to navigate this way. This is what you’re going to see when you jump into the Intel True VR app. There’s a ton of different choices here. They’re expanding on different sports.

You’re going to be able to see NFL as well. So if you’re a football fan, you’re really going to like this, too. But what I’m going to do is I’m going to jump in to Major League Baseball.

And what you get is a live game every Tuesday. So MLB fans, you have something to be excited about. This is really awesome. It makes you feel like you’re there. All right.

I got to put that. I’ve got to put the remote down for this one. This is absolutely unbelievable. It feels like you’re being transported right there into the game. I’m right behind home plate and I can see everything.

I mean, this is absolutely next level. I can see people holding cameras and people in the stands. And I’m looking right at the dugout. I wish I could show you what I’m seeing.

But, you know, coffee, right. In gameplay footage and all that stuff. But I’m watching the Blue Jays versus the Red Sox right now. And I can actually change the perspective if I want, on where I want to be to actually enjoy this footage.

I mean, this is way better than watching it on TV. I mean, you’re literally in the game.

OK, so what’s awesome is that I can change the perspective on where I’m at. So if I want to be at third base, I can hit that menu right there. And it’s going to switch me to third base, which is absolutely incredible.

I can watch the game directly from there, or I can go from high home and be at the very top of the stadium to where I can see everything. And I think this is probably where you want to be.

But this is this is really, really cool. Like, I’ve never seen sports like this before. So this is still kind of tripping me out. I can’t believe I’m actually experiencing this. But if you look at the top, you can see the score right there.

But if I want extra stats, I can come down here and actually provoke stats so I can see their batting average and everything like that on the fly.

And if I don’t want that to get in my way, I can actually just get rid of that, which is unbelievable. And then there’s a related content, other things that I can do.

And if you don’t catch this game live, you can actually catch it on a replay and then you can kind of skip where you want to go to the game, which is amazing.

So if you want to kind of skip a few things, want to see what happened at the end, then you can catch that on Intel, a true VR app. So if you can’t be there, then this is definitely the next best thing to it. I’m watching players warm up right now. And this is game changing. I mean, this is going to change how you watch sports.

So think about this. This could be your best friend. And when my wife is watching all those reality shows that I absolutely hate and I don’t want to be a part of, I can just plug in my headphones.

Fire up the intel. True VR app. And I can just enjoy the game.

So I’m challenging all sports fanatics out there. If you have a compatible Samsung device with Gear VR, you need to download Intel true VR and try this.

So if you’re interested in this experience, everything you need to know is down in the description section below.

And let me know if you’ve tried this before. Comment below and let me know what you think about this. I think your mind will be blown. And I’ll see you guys in the next one.

iPhone 8 Clone Unboxing

iPhone 8 Clone Unboxing
iPhone 8 Clone Unboxing

This article is brought to you by Squarespace Dot.com. What’s up, everybody?And today I have something interesting for you. And in these boxes could be the closest representation of what the iPhone eight is going to look like before its release.

If you look quick at the boxes, you could be fooled that these are the brand new iPhones that did a crazy good job with the box, the font and everything is on point. But these are clones. Not everything is perfect. So you’ll see on the back of the box is where it starts getting a little thuggish, though. You can see that the fonts not correct.

This is all off center says it’s 2016, but you can’t win them all. Let’s cut into this box real quick.

All right, and let’s lift it out. Why is it can’t even get this on the right way. But it does say designed by Apple in California. Do you get this lovely bubble wrap? Just like how Apple would present it, right. Get this out of here. Oh, wow. Look at that. This is. Wow. Look at that. Look at how close that this is to the leaked renders that.

And it’s very glossy, too, but very weighty as well. Leave this over here. This is the black model.

And then you also get the wall charger and you also get some fake knockoff ear pods here. Man, it’s so, so incredible how close that they actually get these clone models and you get a lightening cord. The first thing you’ll notice is the glossy finish, even on the red model here.

I kind of dig it, actually. So we’ll see if this makes it to this year’s final production model.

But the biggest change that leaked everywhere is the vertical dual camera setup. And this is surprisingly well represented here, even with the flash module. The camera bumped is pretty damn big, though.

So if this makes it to the final build, I’m sure we’re gonna hear tons of complaints about it. I have to admit, after seeing these in person, I don’t think it’s as ugly as it makes it out to be on the benders. It’s always like that, though.

The vendors look ugly. But when you actually get it in the hand, it’s not too bad.

But I do have to say it looks better on the iPhone seven plus. Let’s do some quick comparisons here. Here’s the iPhone seven next to it, and it’s pretty much identical in size.

And when you flip it over, though, you will see that the home button is now gone because it’s rumored that the home button is going to be embedded in the display. And what’s funny is that this clone actually has a capacitive home button to mimic that functionality.

And there’s even a touch I.D. section where you can register your fingerprint.

But I’m sure that doesn’t even work. And I don’t want to try it if it is embedded in a display. That would be awesome, though. I know some companies have already shown this tech off. So hope Apple will pull through.

Also, you’ll notice that the screen is supposed to represent the taller aspect ratio like we have seen on the Galaxy s eight or LG six. But this thuggish clone has black bars on a top and bottom. This looks absolutely terrible, but this is an early clone.

I’m sure later clones will show the displays that are closer to the leaks.

Now with the sensor cut outs at the top. But what is impressive is how close they got this android skin to look like OS. I wish they would have skinned Iowas eleven instead of Iowa’s 10, but we can’t win the mall.

But from the control center to the notifications, this looks pretty good. I love how close the apps look like to the stock. IOW, one’s just going through them all. It’s kind of amusing. But some of them are hilarious, like podcasts opens YouTube.

We really don’t know what resolution we’re going to get with the new iPhone. But I would love to see a quad HD flat panel like the rumors are pointing towards similar to this Galaxy USA. This form factor is just so nice.

Not don’t go out and buy this phone to use buy it for novelty purposes only.

It’s got crappy internals. It’s pretty laggy. The camera does work, but it’s only a single sensor.

The two X really doesn’t do much and I’m not sure how comfortable I am with putting my accounts on this phone. I am impressed on how good the hardware feels, though. It’s plastic, but it feels really solid. If the dimensions are correct on this, it gives me excited about the new iPhone coming up.

Of course, we will see a faster processor with better performance, better camera and possibly new features and IOW 11 that are specific to this iPhone model and maybe better water resistance. It’s all a toss up for now, but this has me hyped up.

I hope you guys enjoy this fun little video. Let me know what you guys think about the iPhone eight in general. Are you hyped? Not hype. You don’t care.

And let me know what you think about this iPhone. A clone. Maybe I should give one of these away. I don’t need them both.

So if this video hits a thousand likes, let’s give it away. So you want to build a Web site, but you’re not sure where to get started.

You should get familiar with Squarespace ICOM Square Spaces and all the one platform. It’s super easy to do. Just jump on the Web site, pick from a ton of beautiful and clean looking templates and from there it’s pretty much drag and drop.

There’s nothing to it. They maintain it all 24/7. Support is always available too.

In fact, I’m building my own Web site on Squarespace, so stay tuned as feature videos for a sneak peak of that. But if you want a free trial, then log on to Squarespace dot com slash Dandi, winge it right now and get 10 percent off your first purchase. Thank you for watching, guys.

New Smart Home Robot Review

New Smart Home Robot Review
New Smart Home Robot Review

I OK, what’s that factor is a vector. Yeah. My favorite. Well, but what’s up, everybody? I’m super excited today because I have Akis Vector robot right here. This is the ultimate smart home robot.

And I did a little preview of that in a different videos, if you to check that out. I will leave that link for you. But I’ve partnered up with Alky to give you an early unboxing of this and kind of show you what Vector can do and kind of how it fits in to my lifestyle here at the house. So I can’t wait to get into it. Let’s go hand on boxes thing. Oh, wow.

This thing is really small. Victor is tiny. Look, it fits in the palm of your hand.

Very, very cool. Stick that to the side here and get a charging block here. So this is the dock. That vector is going to go on. So we’re gonna put this on the floor.

This is going to be Vector’s home. I put that right here. So let’s put all this stuff aside and let’s get vector fired up and get vector on the Wi-Fi network. And I’m gonna show you some of the things that this thing can do. It’s gonna blow your mind.

What makes Vector different than any other tech that’s in my house is that it’s always on and it does its own thing. It will explore and move around the home and will interact with you when you get home and even go home when it needs to reenergize this combo of robotics and A.I. is what gives Vector its personality.

There is a lot of tech happening inside of Vector.

There’s a quad core processor inside made by Qualcomm, which is really nice Snapdragon processor and there is a nice color IPN display on the front. So yes, I’m locking eyes with you right now. There’s that big 120 degree camera on the front so I can actually take a picture with vector a vector.

Take a picture of me in. That picture can be found on the app, which is cool.

There’s is also a laser scanner on board. So Vector is completely aware of the surroundings. Make sure it doesn’t fall off of different countertops and things like that so you can keep vector anywhere. So this six chockful everything. And it’s also cloud connected.

So what I’m going to do is let’s go over some of the things that Vector can do and there’s a ton of things. So let’s ask some questions. Hey, Vector, come here.

Awesome. This is kind of cool because it’s so different than anything that I’ve ever had before. So you can interact with Vector in a lot of different ways. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna start with some questions. A vector.

I have a question.

Who is the president of the United States? It sounds like there is one for one that maybe will ask some math questions. Hey, Victor, I have a question.

What’s the square root of 140 for? Correct. Can I take you to all the math as I wish I had you in school? So you know what it’s like setting a timer on different voice assistance or smartphone stuff. This is a little bit different. Check this out. Hey, Victor, set a timer for five seconds.

It’s counting down on the screen now and you’ll see what happens.

So you’re never gonna miss an alarm like this. Hey, better let’s play a game. So there’s blackjack happening right now on the screen.

Hit me. You can even interact by touching vector. So if you pick up vector, the nose is being picked up, which is cool.

But you can also pet vector right here on the sensors on top. So it’s like petting a cat, like purring. But if you feel like being a bad person, I guess you could punish Vector as well and say bad robot. But I’m not going to do that right vector? No, we’re not doing that. I think I’m going to keep Vector in the kitchen because I can do conversions here. A vector.

I have a question. How many grams in an ounce? You’re a keeper. I have a little five. A vector. Roll your cube. Good job. Hey, Victor. Fist bump.

This thing is a lot of fun. I can’t wait to use this little bit more and see how it integrates in with my family. So let me know what you think of the Ocky Becta robot.

This is available on October 12th for two hundred forty nine dollars in launches in the U.S. and it also launches in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Canada at the same time. So let me know what you think.

Or if you have any questions, leave them in the conversation below and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Come on, Victor.