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Moto z2 force Unboxing

Moto z2 force Unboxing
Moto z2 force Unboxing

What’s up, everybody!And today I have something really exciting for you. And this is the Motos Z2 Force. This is Lenovo Motos flagship phone for twenty seventeen.

And a big shout out to T-Mobile for making this article happen and putting this phone into my hands early. Let’s take a closer look at this. This is everything you need to know about the Moto Z2 force. Here’s what you get in a box. Of course, you get the phone itself.

You get all kinds of paperwork. If you’re into that kind of stuff with the SIM ejector tool, you get a power break with turbocharging USB type Secord and you get a USB B, C, two three point five millimeter headphone jack adapter if you want to use your existing headphones that are not wireless.

A moment of silence for the headphone jack. The biggest feature that hit me right away are the dual twelve megapixel cameras on the back door cameras, I think.

Now officially become a flagship trait and I’m glad to see that here. Is it just me or does this look like a ninja turtle face? Right. It’s got a solid metal build all around. It is significantly thinner than the last generation Z force. And I think it looks and feels better when holding it.

But this thing, this means it has a smaller two thousand seven hundred twenty million power battery compared to the three thousand five hundred million power battery on the last generation. But what these pins on the bottom this means is sports, the motorman’s.

So if you want more battery life, you can always just quickly a test its battery model on the back. And now you have an extra three thousand four hundred and ninety million.

Bower’s just like that. This combo right here give you a total of six thousand two hundred and ten million hours. So when you put these together, I don’t think you have to worry about running out of battery throughout your day. On the front, you have a beautiful 5.5 inch, quite HD amila display. It looks sharp. The colors are vibrant.

The blacks are Anqi. I’d love Amla displays, so I’m glad to see that here in this screen also keeps the Chater shield technology. So if you drop this phone, it won’t crack or shatter.

It’s not scratch proof though. Let’s keep that in mind. If you’re looking for the speaker when you buy this, it’s actually the earpiece that doubles as the single speaker.

I would have loved to see dual speakers here, but thank goodness this one is loud and it sounds good. Below the display is a fingerprint scanner that is superfast. It works perfectly.

And if you want the most screen real estate, you can set it to where the home button area can be used for navigation instead of the on screen buttons left. We’ll take you back. Right. Is multitasking. Or recent apps and holding down the button brings you back home.

The Z2 force has a very powerful Snapdragon eight thirty five processor with four gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of onboard storage with a micro SD card slot. So the performance is blazing fast. The experience is buttery, smooth and playing whatever game you want.

Shouldn’t be a problem at all. Like on previous mobile phones, the software is basically stock android with a few moto enhancements through the Moto app. This keeps everything nice, simple and fast. I love the speed.

I love the clean look and feel of stock android. So props to Moto on the software.

The dual camera system is made up of two twelve megapixel sensors and the software is stacked to take full advantage of them. You have a full manual mode to be able to change whatever you want to get that perfect shot.

You have a true black and white mode to take advantage of that monochrome sensor.

I’m a huge fan of this. I just love the way these pictures come out. You also have a depth mode like you’ve seen on other phones. You can make changes in the depth editor like selecting what parts stay in focus and how much background blurring you want.

And my favorite is selective, black and white, where you can select which part of your photo stays color. And this is an easy way to get a cool artistic shot.

I’m digging this, and if you want to go crazy, you can even replace the entire background.

Other features include Fourcade Video, 120 frames per second Tenny, DP, Slow Motion and of course, the classic Twista. Quick launch the camera. If you’re wondering what this camera is capable of, here’s a few samples from the camera.

Let me know if you want to see a more in-depth look. This is just a sneak peek.

I’ll be posting a lot more on social media. So follow me there if you want to see more and let me know what you guys think about the quality of the front facing camera is five megapixels, and there’s actually a flash here on the front. So this could be a game changer for selfie lovers.

In my opinion, as of right now, Motorola is the only company that’s been able to do modularity on phones. Right.

These pins on the back give this phone and other mobile phones the ability to do some crazy things like turn your phone into a portable projector. My kids absolutely love this.

You can instantly add more battery life to the phone. You can give your phone some style and personalization, make your phone a portable logit Bluetooth speaker. And trust me, this thing is loud. You will not be disappointed.

But the new mod that you might want to get is this 360 camera attachment.

And it’s pretty cool. As soon as you attach it and launch the camera app, everything just works. You can choose and change the view of your video or still camera shots.

You can view your pictures or video right back on the phone. And you can share them, too, on social media and other apps. And you can upload it directly to YouTube.

So be excited for that. I really love the ultra wide angle view. So with this attachment, this could be the perfect flogging setup. I can’t wait to use this more. I can see this being awesome with virtual reality because this phone is daydream compatible. So what do you guys think of the new Moto Z2 force? It’s got a lot to offer.

And with these new moto mods, does it have what it takes to make you want to buy this over a Samsung or an Apple phone?

So let me know in the comments section below and also hit me up on social media and let me know what.

Red iPhone With Black Display

Red iPhone With Black Display
Red iPhone With Black Display

This article is brought to you by audio blog Scum with over one hundred thousand royalty free tracks, loops and sound effects to step up your production game, try for free today with the link in the description below. What’s up, everybody?

I’m sure you’ve seen my crazy articlewhere I’m taking my product Red iPhone seven plus and actually took another iPhone seven plus and took the Black Front and the logic board and the black home button and pretty much transferred it onto the red.

So I can get that black and red combo with the black home button with full functionality.

And while it was an awesome project, it is completely impractical. It takes two iPhones to do. It’s ridiculously expensive. And most people not even try to attempt this with all this assembly. But what if I told you to get a similar look for less than fifteen dollars, no matter color iPhone that you have, if you already have a black iPhone?

The easiest way to do it is to get a red skin for it. And these here are from Dee Brand.

They’re about 10 bucks. So all you need to do is have a little bit of patients and have a hair dryer and follow the instructions. And it can look like this.

This looks really legit. I even like this red color a little bit better. And this will give you the cleanest black and red look that you can get for only 10 bucks.

But what if you bought a product, red iPhone and you still have that white front and white home button? So to get that look, we’re going to use these two products here.

One is a black screen protector that has full frontal coverage. And then we’re also going to use a home button sticker that still allows touch I.D. in black.

But first, I have to bring this up. I’m sure that’s supposed to say glass, not Gall’s.

So, you know, my people have problems spelling. But, yeah, that’s supposed to be glass. So if you’ve ever installed a glass screen protector before, same thing. Dry wipes, wet wipes me. You get all the dust off of there.

Let me see if I can actually install this without screwing up. Not too bad.

So if you can see this is just a small sticker with a black ring around it. So that should cover up silver.

And pretty easy application, and that looks pretty good. OK. So it’s all on there now. The home button actually looks really good on there, the sticker. But if you look really closely, you can actually see the white edges all over the place.

So there is the D brand one and there is the one with the screen protector.

So you can definitely see a white edge all around. Regardless, it doesn’t look bad, though, for 15 dollars at most. The only reason I paid five dollars for home one sticker was to get it faster. But you can get them for about a dollar, dollar and a half, and then you can get the screen protector for about 10 bucks depending on the sale.

But this could be as low as eleven dollars. And you’re getting this look. Yes. You have the white edge, but now you have a product, red iPhone with the Black Front.

So it’s not too bad. What you guys think. But in the end, this is still the ultimate. But you still have to have two iPhones to do it. Way too expensive on a budget.

I think these two are a great option. So to leave those links down below for you.

So let me know what you guys think about this. If you enjoyed this video, make sure give it a thumbs up. Subscribe for more videos like this, and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Thanks for watching.

A lot of people ask me, where do you get your music and sound effects from?

For the background of your videos. And one of my sources is audio blog scum. So when they reached out to me for a collaboration, it was a perfect fit.

No matter if you’re looking for hip hop tracks like I use or you looking for something more upbeat or something more impactful for your cinematic piece, there is over one hundred thousand tracks, sound effects and loops to fit your project.

These are all royalty free. You don’t have to worry about copyright, which can be a major pain.

What’s great is new stuff is being added all the time.

Comparison Between OnePlus 5T vs OnePlus 5

Comparison Between OnePlus 5T vs OnePlus 5
Comparison Between OnePlus 5T vs OnePlus 5

What’s up, everybody?I have here a very special package from one plus. And this is the brand new one plus five T.

There are some notable changes here. So let’s compare it to the one plus five and see what’s changed and see if it’s worth buying.

Opening this special box gives me the reviewers guide, which I’m going to set to the side. And what’s amazing is there a ton of cases here, including the classic sandstone, red, silicone, ebony wood, rosewood and carbon bumper case.

So if you’re interested in seeing these, let me know. Let’s get to what all of you want to see.

Let’s get to the new phone. The box looks pretty much the same. Similar color scheme and quality and in the box. You get the phone, of course. This is the midnight black model. Stealthy looking as usual.

Of course, you get that incredibly fast dash charging brake and the USP type Secord.

This remains one of the fastest charging phones that have ever tested. And in the middle slot, you get a case which is like a glossy smoke, black color. And what I like about it is, is that it’s suddenly raised on the Four Corners.

So when you put it face down, you won’t scratch your screen.

You also get a SIM card removal tool. Some paperwork and of course, some one plus stickers. The first and most notable change is that new six inch eighteen by nine optic amila display.

What’s fantastic is that it’s only slightly taller than the older one plus five, but it gives you a bigger display. So I can’t hate on that. Plus, you get smaller bezels on the top and bottom, so this looks more like it belongs in 2017 and 2018. It’s 10 ATP in resolution, but to be honest, it looks fantastic.

It’s sharp. It’s colorful, nice and bright and has fantastic viewing angles.

This could be the same panel that’s in the walkway May 10 pro. And I love that display as well. And even though that I would like to see a higher resolution panel, if this gives me better battery life and performance, I’m perfectly fine with this to give it its eighty point five percent screen to body ratio.

They move the fingerprint scanner to the back. I have no problem with this for it’s placed well, it’s easy to get to.

And of course it’s lightning fast like all the other one plus phones out there. But there’s an extra way you can unlock your phone. And that is facial recognition. This is not the first to do this, but it is the fastest that I’ve ever seen on a phone to unlock my face.

I literally can’t believe how fast it works. You look away and as soon as you look at it just for a split second, it works. I’m going to test this some more in the dark and different scenarios.

So I will follow up to see how this face on lock holds up over time in the full review when it comes to button placement. Everything looks the same power button on the right hand side.

That’s super handy. Alert slider on the top left, volume up and down below it.

And yes, you still get a three point five millimeter headphone jack. A microphone, USP type C port and a single speaker. The speaker is nice and loud, but I wish there was a dual speaker setup of some sort.

It’s pretty easy to cover up. So I hope they’ll enable the earpiece, at least by software.

Please, one plus if you’re listening, I would love this. Overall, the one plus five T is a little thicker, but that doesn’t bother me. It feels very premium with this all metal build is suddenly curved on the back. It’s a simple but effective design.

There’s still plenty of power underneath the hood. It’s being powered by the Snapdragon eight 35 with either six gigabytes or eight gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes or 128 gigabytes of fast internal USFS two point one storage.

It also has the same battery size of its predecessor at three thousand three hundred million up hours.

The phone remains dual SIM capable, but no upgrades to the connectivity from the one plus five. The software on this right now is Android seven point one point one with Oxygen OS four point seven, but I’m sure Orio is right around the corner.

There are also a few new software features, like a gallery map to group your photos by location. Also parallel apps, which allows you to sign into two different social media accounts at the same time.

So I’ll be using this to sign into both of my Facebook accounts.

Great for both my personal and fan page and all the stuff I love about oxygen. OS is still here. One of the most customizable and usable skins on Android. In my opinion, one of my favorites. You can change the way the icons look.

You can even install third party icon packs, change the homescreen layout and have control over icon sizes and grid tons of gestures.

If gestures is your thing like swiping down on the fingerprint scanner to get your notifications and long pressing on the fingerprint scanner to take a picture. I believe these are new and I love the dark theme. It looks great on this ambulate display.

The dual camera system returns on the five tee ball, you still get the same Sony IMX 398 16 megapixel sensor for the main camera at F one point seven aperture.

The secondary 20 megapixel camera. Now gets an upgrade to the Sony IMX 376 K with an F one point seven aperture also.

So that should help big time with low light. Here are a few samples from the camera. I’m going to be taking a ton of pictures and I’ll also be comparing this camera to many of the flagships out there.

So let me know, which phone do you want to see this phone compared with first?

Let me know in the comments section below and I’ll get to work if you have a one plus five. I say you should hold on to it and wait for the next one. Since these are so similar.

But if you’ve been waiting to buy a one plus phone or maybe you have something like a one plus two or one plus three and you were on the fence, then this is a great time to get one. This is, of course, the best phone that they’ve ever made.

So for the price, the five T is a beast compared to some of the flagships out there.

So save yourself some money and go with the five T.I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Thank you for watching, guys.

The Genius X- AI Devices

The Genius X- AI Devices
The Genius X- AI Devices

A.I. is making its way onto a lot of devices. It’s in our smartphones. It’s in our smart homes and it’s pretty much the biggest buzzword when it comes to future tech.

But I got to spend 48 hours with something that I thought didn’t need A.I.. But after I used it, I am convinced. So I partner with Oral B to share with you my experience of the A.I. powered genius ex.

The genius sex is brand new and it’s so new that it won’t be out until late summer.

But they gave me an opportunity to try it for a couple of days and to get a feel for how it works. And there are some key features that I want to share that separates this from other electric toothbrushes that are on the market right now.

First, it’s really easy to set up the effort. Iowa’s or Android takes you step by step. There are some customization features with the light at the top. But besides that, the design is clean, has a great grip, and it’s comfortable to use.

When I first used the genius sex, I use the mode where it analyzes the way that you brush.

Kind of gives you a breakdown of how well you’re doing and gives you some personalized coaching tips. And I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been missing so many parts of my teeth and I didn’t realize it until I saw it in real time.

Every time I brushed, I was able to get better at it because you’re able to see exactly how you’re brushing your teeth and what parts you’re missing.

The genius ex did this without me doing anything. There are no cameras involved.

There are no Quadron said it restricted me to and I was able to improve it increased my brushing score every time I brush my teeth and my mouth never felt cleaner.

I think some of that also has to do with the round brush head because if you think about it, our teeth are more naturally round. So encapsulate your teeth better when it cleans. And I really felt that I was getting a deeper clean.

I also like the Real-Time feedback you get when you put too much pressure on your teeth. The light ring turns red and it vibrates. And it also shows you the percentage of time that you’re doing this on the app so you can monitor it so you don’t hurt your teeth.

So what Oral B has done is they’ve collected years of information on people’s brushing habits of what works and what doesn’t work. And then they’ve taken that information and combine it with a guy to give the genius X a better power to clean.

And shockingly, Oral B told me that most people only brush their teeth from 30 to 60 seconds, which I think is extremely short, but they’re recommended.

Time is two minutes. And I thought there’s no way that I can get my entire mouth cleaned in two minutes. But using a genius X two to three times combined with the app, I was able to see what teeth that I was missing, what parts that I need to spend more time on.

And pretty much on the third time I was able to cover my entire mouth in two minutes and get it clean.

So I thought I was really impressed. I have to admit, I had zero expectations going into this. I’m not a current electric toothbrush user because I’m one of those that if it’s not broken, then why fix that kind of thing?

But now I can see why people are so passionate about electric toothbrushes.

This might be minor, but that was really cool. Is that you don’t have to use the app every time that you brush your teeth. So let’s say that you brush your teeth for three, four, five days and you haven’t looked at the app yet.

The next time that you’re in Bluetooth range and you go to analyze how your brushing is, syncs all of your previous sessions and it breaks everything down so you can analyze how you’re brushing on your own time.

There’ll be ton of different colors to choose from and also a range of brushes from soft, medium and hard. And there’ll be multiple modes available to help you get the best clean daily from the front of it here. Looks like they’re sensitive, clean gum care, whitening tongue clean. And I’m assuming one of these is a pro mode.

This is the tech that I love. I expected nothing. I got surprised along the way. It improves your health. It makes your life easier. You really can’t ask for more.

I really need more time with this to see exactly how the A.I. works. After a longer period of time, the Genea section launched this summer depending on where you live. It’s a long wait, but I think it will be worth it.

Honestly, I can’t wait to get mine. I’ve never been more excited about an electric toothbrush before, but the experience really changed my mind. So if you have any questions about this, I know it’s a long launch.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro Review

Huawei Mate 10 Pro Review
Huawei Mate 10 Pro Review

What’s up, everybody,I’ve been using the May 10 and Mates 10 pro for a couple of months now, and this is a beautifully designed and powerful phone which is enhanced by Android, a pointer orio, an E.M. UI, a point, though, which has a ton of software features that you probably aren’t even taking advantage of.

Today I’m going to show you 10 features that you can do with E.M. UI. A point, though, on the May 10 and May 10 pro that you probably don’t know about.

Let’s start this thing off with one of the most powerful features and that is p.c mode with just an inexpensive USGBC to HDMI cord. You can turn your May 10 pro into a full desktop experience. We’ve seen this before with Samsung’s decs for the Galaxy s eight.

Well, you had to pay extra for this doc. And with the May 10, you don’t have to.

You get a nice and clean desktop interface. You even have dual Bluetooth supports. You can wirelessly connect both a mouse and a keyboard at the same time. Or you can just use the phone’s display, which I think works really well. If you don’t want to use P.C. mode, you can just mirror your phone’s display and turn it into landscape mode.

This is ideal for playing your mobile games on a bigger screen.

This is very useful for your student on a budget and need to type up some documents and do research on a larger display.

And you don’t have a laptop and great for business if you’re responding lots of email and even using this for presentations in an office setting and was great, is that when this display is being projected, you don’t see notifications pop up on the screen, so your privacy is intact.

So that personal text that just came in doesn’t show up on a screen while you’re sharing.

That can be embarrassing. So this is genius. The second feature is small, but also genius. And this is the smart splitscreen. If you get a text message while you are watching a video and you need to respond, there’s a button at the upper right corner. It creates a quick split screen so it doesn’t interrupt your article.

You can see the full conversation and you can reply to that text message and then go right back to enjoying your article.

I really love this feature and I don’t know why this isn’t on every phone out there.

Number three is the neural processing unit or ENPI you built into the phone. This is a dedicated chip to keep your phone fast by prioritizing your most use apps and without getting too technical.

It’s working hard behind the scenes to make your life easier without you even thinking about it. But what you may not know is that it’s built right into the camera app with a I object and scene detection. You can see it happening right here in real time.

So if you’re taking pictures of your pet, it recognizes that pops up as an icon in the lower right corner and automatically adjusts contrast color saturation and more to give you that ready to share. Look right out of the camera.

It even does the same thing with landscapes. Sunrise, sunset. Food, flowers, plant life and more. And does all of this without mobile data sets is built in right into the pew. Another feature where the A.I. steps in is the accelerated translation feature.

This is one of the fastest and easiest translation solutions that I’ve seen.

You can also do this Off-line, which makes it even more useful. You just take a picture of the text and almost immediately you get a translation.

And this is very helpful for fliers or reading road signs or instruction manuals like this when you’re in another country. You can also do this with voice. So let’s say that you’re traveling and you need some help and you are lost. Hello. I am lost.

Can you help me, please? You can split the translator so you can have a more engaged, No. Two way conversation, this with all find support can be a very powerful tool for traveling, for communication. And it works surprisingly well.

The fifth feature is the navigation dock. The Matsen Pro has a beautiful 18 by nine Amila display.

And if you want to take advantage of all that screen real estate, you can activate the navigation dock right here in the settings and combine that with full screen mode to hide the navigation keys.

You can then move the circle anywhere on the screen that is most convenient. You can tap wants to go back press long to go back to the home screen and swipe across two recent open apps. And this can make navigation much easier for one hand operation.

Number six is the dynamic wallpaper with certain themes. You can get a different wallpaper every time that you turn on your phone.

You’d be surprised how much this livens up your phone experience.

Some wallpapers, you can shake it or move it around to see subtle movements to give it a more realistic effect. And some of them can even change with the time of day. So your wallpaper is always changing while your day goes on. Number seven is the front facing portrait mode.

The pixel to an iPhone 10 have made big splashes with their front facing portrait mode abilities, but they make 10.

And Matsen Pro also has this. Just hit the Porcher button and you will see it work in real time. You can even change the amount of artistic flair that goes into these shots. So that’s nice.

The images come out softer and more artistic than some of the competitors, but I feel like this is the way that Whiteway and Laika intended it to be.

There’s a unique look to the portrait shots. So let me know what you think. Number eight is the two X lossless zoom. And even though that the secondary camera is dedicated to the monochrome sensor, the phone is able to use both of the cameras to give you a two X lossless zoom.

So to activate this, you just pinch out on the display, set your zoom and just snap away.

If you go beyond the to assume, like any other smartphone, you’ll see a loss in quality. But a lot of people probably don’t even realize this is here. So go ahead and give it a try.

Number nine is a personal favorite and this is dark mode. If you don’t like white menus, which I’m not a huge fan of, then you can go into the settings right here.

It’s a little bit hidden away in the battery section, but after you activated, you get a dark menu theme. This makes most sense for the May 10, since it’s great for its ambulate display. And even though this is small, it can maximize your battery life on your May 10 Perreault. Finally, number 10 are the gestures that are built into Eum ui a point?

Oh, they’re a good amount of them here in the settings, but my two favorites involve knuckle gestures. Yes, your knuckles. E.M. UI is smart enough to know the difference between the interaction with the finger versus a knuckle and it sounds really weird at first, but check this out.

You can take your knuckle and run it across the screen to create a quick split screen, which is really easy to do. Just one swipe. It’s really clever.

And my absolute favorite is the double knock for screenshots. It’s one of the fastest ways to trigger a screenshot.

And you can also do scrolling screenshots if you want to save an entire article or a long list. I find myself doing this gesture on other phones. It’s really convenient.

Once you learn it, you can’t go back. So I hope these 10 tips help you enjoy your mate 10. Or make ten pro more. Let me know if you have any tips for me in eum ui eight point no and tell me what your favorite feature of Eum UI is or which features that I missed on this list.